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Baghdad Coup attempt? Kerry dictates to Maliki & the Iraqis- Comply or else!

I am going to begin this post by reminding everyone, because it needs to be kept in mind, that Nouri al Maliki won the Iraqi election. Fair and square. And overwhelmingly so.  
This was the first election not held under full US occupation.
And, Maliki won.  The US/UK/Israeli/NATO war machine then wound up their Islamist jihadi soldiers and began to destabilize with the plan of wielding those final death blows to the nation of Iraq as we know it. With the goal of it being Iraq in name only.

Regime Change

If the regime change agenda is new to you reread this post from two months ago- Obama delivered an ULTIMATUM to Maliki via ISIS- Comply or.....

Blurby bit: Obama's babbling about Iraqis needing to resolve their conflict is a message to Maliki to either 'choose' the right people, the approved people, or their will be repercussions.
Including the possibility of Maliki  being pushed out! Despite his big win.
 I am not sure what Obama is aiming for? But am now certain the election win by Maliki triggered the use of ISIS to help bring about the Obama administrations desired results.

Nouri al-Maliki coalition biggest winner in Iraqi elections
A coalition led by Iraq's Shia prime minister has emerged as the biggest winner in the country's first parliamentary elections since the US military withdrawal in 2011, electoral officials said.
Fact: Nouri al-Maliki won the election!

Of course regime change isn’t the only morsel on the plate

h/t Spinworthy who is saving me some typing

spinworthyAugust 9, 2014 at 4:32 PM

The US always tries to play/exploit multiplier effects. Besides their track record of betraying so many of their useful idiots, there are several ways they can make hay out of this mess.
Their actions serve to redeem the anti-infidel/imperial/zionist branding of the jihadists on the surface (a great recruiting device!) while muddying the narrative about covert US support for the trouble-makers, while simultaneously forcing the lunatics to retreat into Syria, while simultaneously being able to offer a safety cordon for the Kurds, while simultaneously making Maliki out to be powerless and a patsy, while simultaneously giving the Iranians cause to pause. I'm sure there are several others, but I think you get the point.
The Empire and it's minions are up to something again and again and again - let's see how the mainstream mind control media is going to spin this!? 
As always there are a number of agendas at play.

An attempted coup?

H/t original Paul
the original PaulAugust 10, 2014 at 3:25 PM
Things are getting interesting. Hearing stuff about a possible coup in Bagdad. Maliki locked the city down. Green zone is surrounded. US consulate in Erbil closed. Large bombs going off in Bagdad.


It appears most likely a coup was attempted in Baghdad, yesterday It was not successful. We know that because of the murderous,despicable arrogance and contempt John Kerry is displaying today for the Iraqi people. First the coup then the words of Mr Kerry.

I put these news stories into the comment section yesterday-1
1- Massive Security around Green Zone
"There is a huge security presence, police and army, especially around the Green Zone," the highly-protected district that houses Iraq's key institutions, a high-ranking police officer told AFP.

He said the deployment started at around 10:30 pm (1930 GMT), just 90 minutes before Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced on state television he would file a complaint against the president for violating the constitution.

"There is security everywhere in Baghdad, these are very unusual measures that look like those we impose for a state of emergency," the police official said. "Several streets have been closed ... as well as some key bridges," said an official at the interior ministry. "It's all linked to the political situation."
Iraqi PM launches complaint against President
"Today I will file a formal complaint to the federal court against the president," he said, in a televised speech likely to deepen political tensions in the country.
In his speech, he also indicated that he would not drop his bid for a third term in office.
Faud Masum was not elected by the people of Iraq. He was selected/named by the Iraqi parliament, please keep that in mind. It's important. Please also keep in mind that Iraq has had a 'power sharing' government for some time now. This too is important because the spin is exactly opposite that fact.

Fuad Masum named Iraq's new president
Parliament elected Masum, who served as the first prime minister of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region more than two decades ago, by an overwhelming majority of 211 votes to 17.
He had been almost guaranteed the job after Kurdish parties struck a late-night deal to support him.
Under an unofficial power-sharing deal, Iraq's Kurds traditionally get the post of president.
Global dictator Kerry speaks

Today it is being reported that John Kerry is admonishing the elected leader of Baghdad and threatening all Iraqis. Yes, that’s right he is threatening all Iraqis!

Quoting the warmonger, tyrant and mass murder directly. And this is some unbelievable stuff, seriously

"The government formation process is critical in terms of sustaining stability and calm in Iraq, and our hope is that Mr Maliki will not stir those waters," Kerry told reporters in Sydney ahead of annual Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations (AUSMIN).

"One thing all Iraqis need to know, that there will be little international support of any kind whatsoever for anything that deviates from the legitimate constitution process that is in place and being worked on now."

"What we urge the people of Iraq to do is to be calm, there should be no use of force, no introduction of troops or militias in this moment of democracy for Iraq," Kerry said.
If it is not clear to you what Kerry is saying, I'll translate into plain talk:

Kerry is telling Maliki- don't put up a fuss, to hell with your election win, just step aside.
 Do what we dictate! We want regime change and we are going to get it!

Kerry is telling the Iraqis- If you don't comply with our edicts- there will be no international support for you!
which means we will unleash ISIS and worse on you all

Kerry is further telling the Iraqis- Don't bother to fight back, (no troops, no militias) Just lie down and take it!

Con't into next post-

Baghdad- New PM picked/Maliki ousted?/ Biden calls Kurdish Prez for 'attaboy'

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