Monday, August 11, 2014

Baghdad- New PM picked/Maliki ousted?/ Biden calls Kurdish Prez for 'attaboy'

Following up on Baghdad Coup attempt? Kerry dictates to Maliki & the Iraqis- Comply or else!

Attaboy defined- The US is definitely trying their hardest. The pressure is on!
It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Kurdish president: not elected, but selected, has handpicked this man for the office of Prime Minister despite Maliki winning an actual election in Iraq.
the link is not the story, quoted. Sadly, I lost my link :(
As the U.S. tries to pressure Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki to step aside, Vice President Joe Biden called Maliki's disputed successor Monday to urge him to form a new government.
And what about the election? What about what the people of Iraq chose?
In a statement released Monday here, where President Obama is vacationing, the White House said Biden called Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi to pass along his and Obama’s congratulations and restated the U.S. “commitment to fully support a new and inclusive Iraqi government.”
An inclusive government for who? Because Iraq's government was set up in such a way that it was inclusive to all concerned and actually detrimental to the Shiite majority
"National security advisor Susan Rice and her deputy, Ben Rhodes, briefed Obama on Monday morning concerning the latest developments in Iraq, the White House said.
Abadi was named to the post Monday by President Fouad Massoum. Maliki and Abadi are both Shiites and belong to the same political party, but Maliki has not recognized Abadi's claim to power. He said Massoum does not have to authority to make the nomination and has appealed the matter to the country's highest court, putting Iraq's already troubled political system in a dangerous limbo.
 Over the weekend, U.S. officials had released several statements supportive of Massoum, and diplomats in Washington and Baghdad encouraged Iraqi politicians to cull the field of potential prime ministers to select an alternative to Maliki. Abadi, the deputy speaker of parliament, was selected early Monday"
So, the US is supportive of the Kurdish president, but, still wants Maliki out of the government.
Clearly Abadi has the US stamp of approval and is likely the US approved stooge.

Interesting language from Harf (rhymes with barf)

The state department is using the coup word but in the wrong context, associating it with the elected Maliki, as opposed to what the US is promoting. The US is promoting a coup.
  Reporter- special forces deployed to support Maliki and that's a Maliki coup?- Harf denied it but there it is.

Here's what your supposed to take from this word game...

Maliki the military tyrant, the dictator using "his army" to stay in power. Does that at all sound familiar to readers here? Let me remind you of that oh so familiar refrain after we read the state department spin.
"Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s decision to deploy special forces  loyal to him around Baghdad does not amount to a coup, State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said Monday.
“That seems a strange word to use,” Harf said when a reporter asked if the United States would describe the deployment on Sunday as part of a coup.
Al-Maliki “is still the prime minister,” Harf added. “So by definition, coup would not be it.”
Harf said she couldn’t speak for al-Maliki and his intentions for the deployment, but added that the Iraqi government does face a security challenge from militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)"
 I could see this coming earlier today with some of the news items I read through for the previous post

Familiar refrain:

The meme/ plant of Maliki deploying his army to stay in power will remind readers of Bashar Assad. Another leader, elected. And elected in a big way by his constituents. Another leader the NATO global tyranny has their sites set on. Take out the leadership and destroy the nations, while killing and displacing as many people as possible!

Check this meme implanting headline out!

FP's Situation Report: Maliki becomes the new Assad; U.S. promises support for the Kurds
  Maliki becomes the new Assad and the Kurds take back some cities.  Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is digging in, refusing to get out of the way, even as the U.S. has not-so-quietly hinted that it is prepared to take its support to help the Iraqis to the next level if the Shiite leader steps aside. But he's starting to sound a lot like another leader Washington has wanted out, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria.
Assad: His people want him out, peaceful uprising, blah, blah, arm the moderates for freedom 
Lies such as that   = Maliki: His people want him out. And, oh yah there are Islamists.  Arm the Kurds, offer air support and free the people.....same = same.

Guilt by association - Now the bloodthirsty dumb asses in North America will start up with their 'oh we must save these people" because we, in the west, are always righteous.

The narrative has moved straight into this-

Morphing the two nations, Iraq and Syria, together in the minds of the gullible masses. Join the two leaders together via guilt by association. Then sell necessity for  action on the two situations with a simplistic R2P agenda. This become obvious when the Yazidi "genocide" became a cause celebre.

More coming..... sadly. 

What is going on in Baghdad is no different then what we have witnessed in Syria
Where the US and co. created the parallel government. No different from what went on in Ukraine. Each situation may have unique quirks but in the end, it's all the same. Serving big oil, petro dollar, Israel and global multinationals.


  1. Guilt by association- Now the bloodthirsty dumb asses in North America will start up with their 'oh we must save these people" because we, in the west, are always righteous.

    Then we north Amerika don't need a open elections to place the next puppet in place.

    Yep more troops aren't far behind. Then that little thing about 0 admitting today there really no such thing as moderate rebels, that startling he just figured that out. Then again he just a puppet doing what his master want.

    Here's a clip of senator 0 in 2006 check out who is in the room and what he says to his soon to be new masters.

    1. Hi Jo

      we don't really have open elections anyway, just the illusion of selection that keeps us involved in the delusion

      In Canada the 3 parties never deviate from walking the NATO global tyranny path
      bomb Libya- check
      destroy Syria- check
      run as fast as we can to Ukraine- check
      kiss Israel's ass- check
      Libs, Cons or NDP's - makes no diff
      sure these parties throw the masses a bone now and then, but, anything meaningful they are thick as thieves

  2. I hate that meme that globalization is the only way- It's bull
    It does not HAVE to be that way
    It is the way the elites wish it to be or have wanted it to be
    As if it is written in stone, what garbage