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Expanding US Drone Facility- Egyptian/Pakistan/Saudi Troops at Iraqi border

Starting from early July and bringing this right up to date

 Drone Facility Irbil, Iraq

The presence of this drone facility tells me there was no way in hell that the ISIS "surprise" invasion of  Mosul went unnoticed and unaided by the US/Israel/UK/NATO global tyranny. The presence of this ever expanding drone base verifies that my disbelief in the spin was correct and that the US is prepping for a wider war.

Check our Irbil- In Kurdish run territory- Check out Mosul- Location?
I will highlight the interesting bits-
A supposedly secret but locally well-known CIA station on the outskirts of Irbil’s airport is undergoing rapid expansion as the United States considers whether to engage in a war against Islamist militants who’ve seized control of half of Iraq in the past month.
Western contractors hired to expand the facility and a local intelligence official confirmed the construction project, which is visible from the main highway linking Irbil to Mosul, the city whose fall June 9 triggered the Islamic State’s sweep through northern and central Iraq. Residents around the airport say they can hear daily what they suspect are American drones taking off and landing at the facility.
Really? So the drone facility is right there along the main highway linking Mosul to Irbil and the ISIS take over of Mosul was a surprise? Completely unexpected ? Coming out of nowhere? No! No! And, no way in hell!
Expansion of the facility comes as it seems all but certain that the autonomous Kurdish regional government and the central government in Baghdad, never easy partners, are headed for an irrevocable split _ complicating any U.S. military hopes of coordinating the two entities’ efforts against the Islamic State.
Against ISIS. I laugh.

Expanding the facility
Within a week of the fall of Mosul we were being told to double or even triple our capacities,” said one Western logistics contractor who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he’d signed nondisclosure agreements with the U.S. government on the matter.
“They needed everything from warehouse space to refrigeration capacity, because they operate under a different logistics command than the normal military or embassy structures,” the contractor said. “The expansion was aggressive and immediate.”
Getting ready for what?
Other contractors who deal extensively with moving heavy equipment through Irbil’s airport, which has supported a rapidly expanding oil and gas drilling industry, said they were aware of the expansion. One British oil executive said he’d detected a “low-key but steady stream of men, equipment and supplies for an obvious expansion of the facility.” The local Kurdish intelligence official described what was taking place as a “long-term relationship with the Americans.”
In a statement July 3, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that Irbil would host such a center, in addition to one being set up in Baghdad, and suggested that it had already begun operating.
“We have personnel on the ground in Irbil, where our second joint operations center has achieved initial operating capability,” he said then.
“It’s no secret that the American special forces and CIA have a close relationship with the peshmerga,” said the Kurdish official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he was discussing covert military operations. He added that the facility had operated even “after the Americans were forced out of Iraq by Maliki,” a reference to the 2011 U.S. troop withdrawal after the Obama administration and the Iraqi government couldn’t agree on a framework for U.S. forces remaining in the country.
Recall a post from June when I mentioned exactly that?  The US Departure from Iraq was all Illusion!
Refresh your memory then keep on reading below
“Most of our ‘mukhabarat’ worked directly alongside both the CIA and JSOC throughout the war in Iraq because of our language ability and long experience battling both Saddam and radical terrorists,” he said, using the Arabic term for “information office,” usually ascribed to local intelligence.
“Peshmerga fighters fought closely alongside the American Green Berets throughout northern Iraq in places like Mosul, Tal Afar and Kirkuk because we are very professional and trusted,” he said. “And many of our men would work directly with the most secret units as interpreters and Iraqi experts.”
During a recent visit to the site, extensive construction of new roads off the main highway could be seen, as well as what appeared to be construction of a fortified gate complex to protect access, which previously had been controlled by a simple dirt road and checkpoint flanked by two bunkers guarded by men in peshmerga uniforms.
Armored sport utility vehicles driven by military-appearing Westerners in civilian clothes were seen entering and exiting the facility in convoy fashion.
“Irbil is a very friendly place for people in the intelligence business,” a Western military attache said on the condition he not be identified because of the diplomatic sensitivity of the matter. “So many locals worked with the Americans and remember them fondly, that you didn’t need the hardened defenses that you’d find normally this close to a battlefield.”
A retired American special forces officer said it would be a relatively simple matter for the United States to work with peshmerga forces. “A lot of those pesh guys were known and respected for their training and trustworthiness by ODA, OGA and the Secret Squirrels long before the 2003 invasion,” he said, using the acronyms for “Operational Detachment Alpha,” the official designation of the Green Berets, and “other government agency,” a common slang term for the CIA. “Secret Squirrels” is a term soldiers use to describe Joint Special Operations Command units that usually don’t have an obvious unit designation.
A special operations officer, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity because he’s legally bound not to publicly discuss his career without specific Defense Department permission, said working with the Kurds would overcome a number of difficult issues that would be present as U.S. advisers worked with the Iraqi army.
He also noted there are advantages to working with Kurdish forces if the United States decides to launch airstrikes against Islamic State positions. “Airstrikes are close to useless without good intelligence and targeting, and that’s going to be hard to come by on the Baghdad side of things,” he said. “To me it’s a no-brainer. The only real way you can do that is with the Kurds.”
 We know with certainty the US does not want to take out their ISIS stooges. I am sure they can sacrifice a few of them to make it all look good, but, the real target will be Iraq, itself. 
Delivering the final blows.

Expanded drone facility at Irbil airport- Kurdish troops at the ready, for what reason?
Perhaps to expanding into Syria? ........ The coming storm in the Middle East
As al-Baghdadi advanced through Syria and Iraq, his men looted financial institutions and imposed punitive taxes on Christians and other groups. Through Iraqi middlemen, he has been selling stolen oil, which has forced the Iranians to close their frontier to the truck loads of crude.
Saudi Arabia has positioned 30,000 troops on its border with Iraq, (as reported also  @VOA as linked ) but is ignoring appeals from the Iranians to join efforts to stop the advance of IS(IS). Instead, the Saudis are warning Iran not to intervene to support Iraqi Shiites. Tribes linked to Saudi Arabia are fighting alongside ISIS (big surprise, right?) and the Saudis do not want to provoke a rift with their related tribes that they have been financing by taking a strong position against the Sunni group.
Of course they don't because the Saudis/ISIS/US/Israel are all working together. But it get's even scarier!
So far, IS(IS) has avoided direct confrontations with the Kurds, which has created a false sense of security among investors. The Kurdish Peshmerga is too well organized and directed to be easily defeated, and there is nothing at this time to gain from a conflict. The foremost objective of the IS is to acquire oil fields in Iraq and beyond. 
ISIS has avoided direct confrontation with the Kurds for the simple and obvious reason that they are part of the same team!
One development that would raise a red flag that serious trouble in the oil fields is pending is the arrival of Egyptian troops in Saudi Arabia to defend the borders.
Related digression-
Egyptian troops in Saudi Arabia- entirely possible
Gen. Talaat Mosallam, on the other hand, does not rule out the possibility of intervention by the Egyptian army to defend the security of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, despite the presence of US troops in both countries.
 Despite the presence of US troops? Or to join in with US troops?

Then there is this- Pakistan troops to 'defend jittery Saudis"
Saudi Arabia has deployed thousands of troops from Egypt and Pakistan along its frontier with Iraq, amid fears of invasion by the al-Qaeda splinter group that has declared a radical Islamic state across the border.
Panicked by the advance of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (Isis), Riyadh has taken the drastic step of calling in military assistance from its close allies to shore up the porous 500-mile border, Gulf security sources said.
Riyadh is not panicked by the advance of ISIS! I have to be honest this is worrisome to me.

Digression ends- back to the coming storm in the ME
In spite of having the most modern equipment available, the Saudi Army is scarcely a real fighting force. They relied in the past upon Pakistani troops and now they will have to depend upon Egyptian forces to protect the oil fields.
 Isn't this the perfect timing, from a warmongering point of view,  for Israel to start a bombing campaign in Gaza that could be moved into Syria. I don't like this at all.

Israeli ground operation "unintended escalation" with Syria & Hezbollah?

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  2. Dumb ass Saudias. After ISIS gives part of Iraq and Syria to Israel, in the Zionist quest for an Eretz Israel, guess where all hells going to break loose next...In Saudi Arabia, so Israel can steal most of that nation on their way to their land promised to them by their lunatic G-d.

    But ISIS was going to the rescue of the Palestinians, even claiming to have access to a nuke....What a crock of shit.

    1. ISIS was going to rescue the Palestinians - HA
      I never saw that? What a bunch of baloney that is, eh Greg?
      The Saudis are very very complicit in all this remaking of the ME, and I don't get why?
      Look at Turkey? They are about to get 'remade' too.
      And Erdogan has gone along to get along this whole time... but it does appear the NATO war machine will eat him up and spit him out too

  3. Penny, my gut feeling is this story by Thomlinson is not true and the source is actually debka. Every news outlet with this story is just a repeat of these two which neither can be trusted. It just does not make sense for Egypt to send troops to saudi who does not need it and they are much needed at home.

    I read about that drone base a couple weeks ago and it looks like it is more that just for drones. If ISIS is what the west claimed it to be you would think that would be a primary target. But with the lack security there that sort of tells the whole story of the relationship between ISIS and Langley.

    I hear rumors of shooting between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Anyone here anything?

    1. Hi original Paul

      But ISIS was never what the west claimed they were. They are as I stated western tools, always have been. Same as AQ.

      As for the story about the Egyptian troops- I did include more then one source for the news- Is it correct or not? time will tell us all soon enough?
      As for Armenia and Azerbaijan? Have read or heard a thing?

  4. Paul and all regarding Armenia and Azerbaijan
    Yes, there is shooting- Is Armenia acting as a NATO proxy?
    Is Azerbaijan being targeted for a "spring"
    some things make me very suspicious

    "Hovannisian denied Baku's claim that Armenian "sabotage groups" attempted to break into Azerbaijani territory overnight.

    James Warlick, the U.S. co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, which is trying to mediate a settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, has expressed concerns over "the upsurge in violence" near the region.

    Warlick wrote on his Twitter account on August 1, "the cease-fire needs to be respected."

    1. the original PaulAugust 3, 2014 at 4:46 PM

      Azerbaijan is about as close to being under NATO control as you can get without an official contract. Not to mention israel/mossad runs a lot of ops out of there.

      Armenia is close to Russia. Several Russian military bases and a defense pact between them.

      looks like at least 15 dead so far on Armenia's side. Shelling and artillary rockets being used. Tanks rolling.

      I see this is another effort to get Russia envolved in a hot war.

  5. Mystery Bombing Runs Over Ukraine
    Fighter bombers attacking civilian targets in Eastern Ukraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan, armed and some perhaps piloted by Poles and even Israelis.
    Canadian journalist, Geoffrey West, working with online “plane spotting” groups has identified combat aircraft flying “packages” over Ukrainian air space as taking off from NATO and other facilities. “What I discovered on Thursday evening using the tracking website… that a number of ‘no call sign’ flights were detected in the Ukraine/Black Sea region. My friend observed one that appeared to land in Bucharest. I observed one that appeared to land in Chisinau, Moldova.”

  6. swedens answer to McCain?
    Russian Market ‏@russian_market 7m
    This is what I call #Propaganda when @carlbildt tweets the same in English, Ukrainian & Russian. How about Moldavian?

  7. the original PaulAugust 3, 2014 at 8:14 AM

    many good points made by Arevordi in his latest...

    Driving a Sunni wedge in the Shiite Arc - June, 2014

  8. Simply superb. Balistino Chilean club replaces the number one shirt with a map of Palestine (Translated by Bing)

    Posted by: brian | Aug 3, 2014 8:24:43 AM | 38