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Italy to arm Iraqis with previously seized weapons- Gladio Flashback

This recent news story is a ‘blast from the past’ fast forwarded to the future.
Past or present, where shall we begin?
For today, let’s read the present day news- “Italy to arm Iraqis with weapons seized during Yugoslavia’s break up” This story certainly rang a bell!

Italy intends to use a stockpile of weapons it seized during the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia two decades ago to help supply Iraq with machine guns and tank-destroying rockets to combat Islamic State militants. 
The Italian government was granted broad authority over the use of the confiscated weapons under a 2009 law. 
The confiscated weapons were seized in the Mediterranean Sea in 1994 as part of moves to cut off the clandestine supply of arms to factions fighting in the ex-Yugoslavia, according to a parliamentary motion presented by lawmaker Guido Calvisi in 2011. The hoard includes 30,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles that Ms Pinotti said today aren't immediately destined for Iraq.
"We're not talking about the famous 30,000 Kalashnikovs, but we'll consider those too," Ms Pinotti said.”
“The confiscated weapons were seized in the Mediterranean Sea in 1994 as part of moves to cut off the clandestine supply of arms to factions fighting in the ex-Yugoslavia”

Cutting off fighting factions in Yugoslavia?  Is that truly why these were confiscated? Clandestine arms to ‘factions? Which factions? That is not mentioned. I'm extremely doubtful that these weapons had anything to do with the government of the time. The factions mentioned, at that time, would have surely included the KLA. If you have been paying attention you will be aware KLA affilliates are present in northern Iraq.
 The more likely scenario is that the “confiscation” of these weapons was cover for a pretty standard “gladio style” cache of weapons for future use.

An Italian policeman of the DIA (Anti-mafia Investigation Department) holds up two Katyusha rockets from the huge cache or arms found on board the Jadran Express

Let’s go back to 2011 when it was reported that these same weapons had made there way to Libya

 Enough weapons 'to start and win a small war' go missing from Italian navy yard
This article tells us that the confiscated weapons went missing, but, somehow got to Libya? And yet, these are the very same confiscated/missing weapons mentioned in the weapons to Iraq article (highlighted and italicized) So, somehow the weapons were found? Or were they never missing at all? Or are the weapons destined for the Iraqi kurds, different or new weapons  then the ones claimed to be previously confiscated?  The missing or maybe not really missing at all weapons? Whichever may be the case, this is fishy. Very fishy.
The haul, which was described by one military expert as ‘enough to start and win a small war,’ included 400 missiles, 30,000 AK47’s, 5,000 Katuscha rockets, 11,000 anti-tank rockets and 32million rounds.

All of the Russian-made weapons had been seized in 1994 by the Italian navy acting on intelligence from British intelligence who had been tracking the vessel they were on following undercover work by a spy.

Following the trial an order was signed for the weapons to be destroyed but it has now emerged that they were shipped to a secret naval bunker on the Italian island of Sardinia, which was formerly used by the American navy.
Two months ago the weapons were shipped to the Italian mainland on commercial passenger ferries – a massive risk – with the final destination rumoured to be Libyan rebels

"Following the trial"- in which all eight persons tried were cleared, including......

Prosecutors opened a criminal investigation and eight people were put on trial in Turin accused of arms trafficking but they were eventually cleared – among them was Russian oligarch Alexander Zhukov whose daughter Dasha is the partner of Chelsea supremo Roman Abramovich.
How could all 8 of them have been cleared?
“Today a spokesman for Sardinia-based prosecutor Riccardo Rossi said: ‘All attempts to get any information from the Ministry of Defence in Rome have proved fruitless as we have been told the episode is covered by State Secret”

The Italian government covered up for the arms dealers, which is why they were all cleared of charges.
I smell the overwhelming stink of a NATO op. NATO gladio style terror, arms and journalist spooks
My initial coverage of this started with the help of an intrepid Italian individual named Nikola who tipped me off to this intriguing tale. Two posts took shape around this arms movement .
Nikola if you are still around, I would love to hear from you! 
Whet your whistle with these 2 flashbacks! -

Cristiano Tinazzi the spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Croatia to Syria

Pt.2: Cristiano Tinazzi: A spook that ties Libya to Syria and arms from Italy via Croatia

And pay particular attention where it was Mr Tinazzi was heading to– because he connects us to present day Iraq- As do these weapons. Excerpting from previous post-
Nikola : “Tinazzi, is a nazi reporter who works with military branch of Italian intelligence. In Lybia, he's try to kidnap and kill, by his new friends of ragtag of the TNC, a jamahiriyan member who hosted him for four months. In Syria, he travel from Hatay to Aleppo, alongside with the salafi-taqfirist terrorists killers of the FSA.”

You can only imagine how this disclosure took hold of my interest? Cristiano reminded me of another so called journalist. More aptly a journalist/spook”
At that time, I referred to Marie (the pirate) Colvin- However, Mr( lost his head) Foley comes to mind presently- Journalist spooks involved, deeply involved, with the NATO state destruction machine.
Mr Tinazzi fits that mold In the previous post, I had included Mr Tinazzi’s itinerary 
Let’s look at Cristiano's itinerary?
08/03/12     Aleppo , Syria
07/28/12     Rome , Italy
06/20/12     Tunisi , Tunisia
06/15/12     Tripoli , Libya
10/14/11     Tunisi , Tunisia
08/21/11     Tripoli , Libya
03/30/11     Tripoli , Libya
08/03/10     Baghdad , Iraq
07/08/10     Baghdad , Iraq
03/29/09     Rome , Italy
03/23/09     Tripoli , Libya

Take particular notice of the fact that Mr Tinazzi is heading for Iraq

    11/07/13     Bassora , Iraq

From his current location:

    cristiano tinazzi is currently in Aleppo , Syria
Cristiano is going to Iraq. Bassora, Iraq
Is Bassora, the same as Basrah? Looks to be. Basrah Iraq. Quite near the Iranian border.
Why Basrah?
What could soon be going on in Basrah, Iraq that will require the presence of the spooky “journalist”  arms smuggler, Cristiano Tinazzi.?

Perhaps a separatist movement. An ‘autonomous’ region wanting to break away from the alleged tyranny of Maliki... Is NATO looking to get  a divisive destabilization campaign going in Iraq?!
How correct did I call that one?! Geez, I even shocked myself when reviewing that!

Curious and Curiouser?!

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Because humanity's survival is paramount to humans


  1. A Cargo Ship stopped at Geneva. This cargo is loaded by 27 abrams tank and 77 containers of ammo and guns.


    1. from Nikola'a first link-

      Genoa - Ben 27 tanks stowed on board a merchant vessel, and no document authorizing the transportation. A true mystery of the one on which the police are investigating after the discovery, on board the merchant Hofuf, cargo of weapons of unknown origin and destination.
      Officially, we only know that the ship belongs to the Saudi company Bahri and has landed a bridge Eritrea in early July.
      From the documents on board you will discover that the ship sailed from Halifax, Canada, and which is directed in the Arabian Peninsula, but the burden of death and there is no trace triggered a sort of alarm related to the fear of terrorism, arms trafficking funded by internationally.
      Of course a load such as this, with 27 Abrams tanks class, 6 military trucks Taurus model, and more than 70 containers containing weapons and ammunition, can not travel without the necessary permissions but, above all, with due escort.

    2. 2nd link

      Ship in port with tanks and weapons from the USA to Saudi Arabia

      Twenty-seven class Abrams Battle Tanks, 6 military trucks Taurus model, a mobile unit of telecommunications and radar and 77 container crammed with military equipment of all kinds. It's not the weapons found in the Middle East, but it is the ship's cargo Hofuf, Saudi company Bahri, landed in the port of Genoa, the bridge Eritrea, last July 1, as revealed by the nineteenth century.

      Destination Saudi Arabia, departing from Canada, Halifax. The incredible load of war material was found by chance by the Coast Guard in port intent in carrying out the normal checks on ships calling in Genoa. Nobody had informed them, we risk chaos diplomat.

      The captain dell'Hofuf, a 51 year-old Croatian, risk arrest, you make all the necessary controls. Then someone unlocks everything, says that the port of Genoa was authorized. Who? The United States. United States who had, according to them, the load is received and carried out of the maintenance. The Prefecture authorizes all the load and depart for the Arabian Peninsula. Story a few weeks ago, leaving out only now. Story that you think about it, it makes a little 'fear.

    3. Hey Gallier

      How's it going?! And yes the port is at Genoa.
      Whaddaya think -gladio today
      sure looks that way!

    4. Fine, fine. Recovering quite well from my stroke, lost 20 pounds.

      Whaddaya think -gladio today

      Do bears crap in the wood? ;-)

    5. Yes, bears do crap in the woods!

      Glad you are still on the right path after your stroke!
      Any after affects?

  2. PS. Cargo directed from Canada, Halifax, to Arabian Peninsula.

    1. Nikola- you are still around!!!!
      glad to know it
      and imagine that Canada shipping weapons clandestinely to the Arabian peninsula- for the purpose of making war and killing people
      In Italian-so I will use the translate and read after, but, isn't it amazing how the dots continue to connect?
      Thanks to your tip off!

    2. Nice find Nikola,

      here is another story on it

      the shipment was US owned!!!!!!

      tanks, missiles, mortars, radar, communication equip., etc.

    3. I should also note that it was stated the tanks were not export versions but US versions. this would hint that this shipment was moving supplies for the US military covertly and move the people later for quick deployment.

    4. thanks Orig Paul
      very interesting- Don't think I am reading this wrong, but, the NATO war machine is readying itself for a vastly larger war

    5. I get the same feeling. I hope we are wrong.

      Looked a little deeper into the weapons shipment. Saudi ordered more tanks from the US. These are M1A2S due to be delivered no later than July 31. So it is possible this is part of that shipment. The main difference in the export version and the US tank is the armour. The US version has far better armour. The M1A1 for Iraq have armour equivelent to a Russian T72 and the Saudi M1A2S would shred them like butter.

      Now if the tanks on that ship were not part of the order, then there are all kinds of possible purposes for them. Such as secretly giving them to Saudi to use since they would be seen as just some of their new tanks. This would be a huge advantage over the Iraqi tank as the US model armour is much greater than even the M1A2S shipped to Saudi. Iraqi tanks would have no chance against them but a lot of that would have to do with the level of training of crews.

      Another possibility is they just get left somewhere for ISIS to stumble upon them... ?!

      But given the other equipment that was shipping with the tanks, I would put my money on this is just hidden forward deployed equipment for US troops. The big tell is if we can find out what type of radar and what type of missiles were in that shipment. I can't help thinking about if one shipment was found out, how many others are not known about.

  3. Nice catch Penny... again.

    Here is something interesting. Check out this video claiming to be an airstrike on a gun.

    Now at just a quick glance it looks to be an airstrike as claimed. But on close inspection I think it is quite different.

    First of all the camera operator was clearly filming the gun waiting for something to happen. Also notice the person walking in front of the camera just before the explosion. At 0:23 you can clearly see he is covering his ears. They both were expecting something to happen.

    Second, look at the explosion itself. This is way too small of a blast for that bomb. Also the blast pattern is not omni-directional that you would see from that bomb. The shock wave is way too small and slow. The large flame clearly comes out of the barrel of the gun. The black smoke and dispersment pattern is typical of a failed breech. Also notice part of the breech flying upwards at 0:30.

    The bomb itself is just photoshopped into a couple frames.

    At 0:09 you can see several people at the rear of the gun which looks to be preparing it for firing. Also notice everyone has evacuated the area around the gun just prior to the blast. This is nothing but a filming of a firing of the gun and the gun failed. There is no airstrike.

    In fact, I have not see any footage of airstikes on ISIS by western assets that show any real effect other than things that could just be staged for publicity or made to look like airstrikes as this video has.

    1. thanks Orig. Paul
      I will check the video out asap
      I have a large pile of home grown, organic, heirloom, our saved seed tomatoes on my counter and they are saying blanche me, freeze me, so I am going to be tied up for a bit
      but, your description certainly has my interest piqued!

    2. Hi Paul- hubby and I looked at it and he agreed with your description.
      I thought so too, but, wanted to look at it with him

      "Second, look at the explosion itself. This is way too small of a blast for that bomb. Also the blast pattern is not omni-directional that you would see from that bomb. The shock wave is way too small and slow. The large flame clearly comes out of the barrel of the gun. The black smoke and dispersment pattern is typical of a failed breech. Also notice part of the breech flying upwards at 0:30"

      Information on airstrikes is very scarce.

  4. Egypt and UAE have been conducting secret air strikes on Libya

    So, Egypt did actually step up to the plate... UAE surprised me though, will have to look into their motivation a little more.

    Both Egypt and the UAE launched the strikes without informing the US or seeking its consent, the officials told the New York Times.

    what narcissism to think another country has to ask permission from banker central to do what is in their best interest.

    Special Forces team based in Egypt destroyed an Islamist camp in Libya’s east. UAE personnel were also thought to have been involved.

    expected that but good to see it finally happening. I bet that really pissed off somebody's intel agency...

    “We believe outside interference in Libya exacerbates current divisions and undermines Libya’s democratic transition,” said the statement issued by the US State Department.

    ... and no-fly zones, bombing of infrastructure, and assasinating their leaders is not outside interference??? laughable