Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Limited MH-17 Search Has Run It's Course- Nothing to do with fighting, it's done

That's right readers- the LIMITED search has run it's course and  investigators are set to leave as early as tomorrow.

The MH-17 investigation seem to be little more then a ruse. A PR show. Or an attempt to gather intel.
What it does not appear to be is a thorough investigation.

I had previously mentioned the fact that Kiev, rather then call off the fighting in the area, took the opportunity to slaughter civilians and try to take  back territory. Odd behaviour for a government that claims to want just such an investigation

Refresh your memory...

MH-17: Ukraine releases unconfirmed, possibly ill gotten flight data- Updated!

Bitty blurb-

"-Just hours after the Malaysian government reached an agreement with Ukrainian separatists on Sunday over access to the crash site -The Ukrainian military launched an operation to recapture the debris fields, again stalling international efforts to secure the site.
The reasoning from Kiev for this action is absurd. The rebels had made an agreement with Malaysia, they secured the site, they got the bodies onto trains. They saved the black boxes without Kiev.
So, any excuse making out of Kiev is pure and utter nonsense"

Bringing this news up to date- The limited search is winding down.

 Search for MH17 victims winds down in Ukraine

 The search for human remains at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine is winding down, with an expectation among the Australian search party here that they will be withdrawn as early as Thursday or Friday.
 A day in the search?
-The convoy took all of three hours to cover the 90 kilometres from their base to Rassypnoe on Wednesday morning, where the searchers mustered for a briefing.
-The Australian and Dutch investigators then milled in the street while OSCE conflict monitors went into the village, distributing Russian-language flyers asking for possessions or information about where the possessions might be.  After a time, people started to emerge.
-At 2:30pm local time, the convoy was attempting to make its way to the smashed cockpit section of the Boeing 777, but gunfire prevented it from continuing.
-A deal struck with the rebels to allow OSCE conflict monitors to approach villagers with fliers seeking information about the flight produced little for investigators.
-Apart from a few small parts of the aircraft, the only personal item handed in was a small silver necklace which a villager said he had found in his potato patch.
-At 3pm, the convoy was allowed to proceed. But instead of continuing to the cockpit site, the convoy headed north to its base at Soledar.
It doesn't seem that the "investigators", so called, had any real interest in seeing the cockpit!
At 3 pm the convoy was allowed to proceed to site where the cockpit lay... and they instead headed north to their base.

Why? Because they don't want to address the fact that, oh dear, the Ukies shot the plane down in the air?

The Australian government made a big show of concern for the Australians killed when the plane came down
Reality, being, well reality makes clear the Australian government isn't concerned about Australians or proper investigations. WHY!?

'We're not looking for teddy bears': MH17 search will be limited, AFP commander says 
Did anyone ask them to look for teddy bears?
Ridicule tactic. Disgraceful. Disgusting.

There will not be a traditional field-by-field search of all 50 square kilometres of the MH17 crash site in Eastern Ukraine, despite Canberra's "bring them home'' undertakings to repatriate all human remains and all personal effects.
 And even the search now under way in the villages and fields east of the regional centre Donetsk is far narrower than official statements might have led Australians to believe.

Like I said, Australian government made a big show. They put on their game face and they lied through their teeth. They and other NATO affiliated players have no interest in evidence that may be garnered from a real and thorough search of the area. Kiev has helped make this search more difficult. That said it does appear the Australians undertook a "far narrower" search then all their official statements mislead  the Australian citizens into believing............

"Instead of that traditional style search, the MH17 site was being subjected to a "more sophisticated" going-over, in which areas were targeted selectively, not speculatively, by smaller numbers of highly-trained specialists than the numbers of beat cops that might be mustered for a traditional search.
The search team are armed with maps on which the debris field is marked by yellow dots - the more dense the dots, the greater likelihood of remains and debris.
"We don't have to do a literal search of every field," he explained. "And using fewer numbers, we're covering a greater area than a traditional search would."

Yes, I am aware there is shooting going on. But I am also aware that the anti fascist fighters, on their own got the bodies on the train- recovered the black boxes and cooperated with the investigators.
It was Kiev that took this opportunity to up the ante and destroy evidence at the scene.

Cui Bono?


  1. The thing that I am curious about is no one has said a single thing about the damage to the rear section of the plane. I see damage consistent with a IR guided missile targeting the exhaust port of the APU(turbine generator) at the port side on the very rear tip of the fuselage. Major blast damage to the underside of the port horizontal stabilizer and to the fuselage in that area. Where is the APU in the debris field on the ground?

    Something else I see is the damage to the flight deck is not from 30mm cannon fire as so many seem to think. The majority of the holes are 15-20 mm in size. There are way too many smaller impact points on the exterior from fragmentation. Also the interior of the cockpit it full of the same fragmentation damage. The exterior damage is consistent with blast fragmentation warheads. The interior damage could be from either warhead or frag. rounds from the cannon. But head on closure rate would leave only a few seconds to get a shot off and the impact pattern is way too tight so I am doubtful of any cannon use.

    The flight deck damage can not be from a R60 missile as it uses a continuous rod warhead similar to the SA11. So both these are ruled out. Also, you would not shoot an IR missile in a head on situation, they usually miss as they can not see the exhaust to lock on to. I also have to question how an IR seeker would guide the missile into the cockpit??? So this limits the possibility it was an SU25 aircraft as IR is the only AA missile it can carry.

    Where is the APU and what aircraft was actually used for the attack?????????

    1. Gordon Duff at Veteranstoday has alluded to an F-16 fitted with AWACs gear which took off in the window, from an Israeli-controlled field in Azerbaijan. This plane would be more than capable of shooting down MH17. Also, the boots-and-braces MO of the usual false flag to be expected here would likely involve an onboard bomb loaded by our Israeli ICTS friends known to be at Schipol. A debris field of 30 miles' diameter, and witness statements as made to the BBC reporter whose clip was 'lost' points to a massive in-air destruction.

  2. Alex G. @Alex_d_Grosse 27m
    @AndersFoghR just landed in Kiev.
    Same time madian goes up in flames again.
    Not even the best conspiracy writer can make this up...
    AndersFogh RasmussenVerified account
    Just landed in Kiev. I'm here to offer ‪#‎NATO‬'s political support to ‪#‎Ukraine‬ and President Poroshenko

    i tweeted Fogh this:
    does @AndersFoghR know Kievs junta are fascists?

  3. 'US thinks rules are for inferior nations, it's in their blood'- ex Aussie PM @MalcolmFraser12