Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mahdi al-Harati (CIA/AQ/ MB) Selected mayor of Libyan capital Tripoli ?

What a fortuitous turn of events for the NATO global war machine!!
To have their man in place in Tripoli, the Libyan capital..... WOW!

AQ/CIA/Mossad/NATO- Mahdi is their man

The 'rebel warrior' Mr al Harati Mayor of Tripoli. Not really elected. Mahdi al Harati was S-elected.

“An Irishman who commanded rebel groups in both Libya and Syria has been elected as the mayor of Tripoli, it has been reported.
Mahdi al-Harati, an Irish citizen from Firhouse in Dublin, was chosen as the city head by the Libyan capital’s new municipal council on Wednesday, state news agency Lana said.

Recall Mahdi with spooky Paul Conroy?

41-year-old Al-Harati, who lived in Ireland for 20 years and also married an Irishwoman, returned to the war-torn North African in 2011 and was part of the armed revolt that overthrew dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

He is said to have founded a brigade that fought its way into the capital that year in a series of gun battles”

He founded a brigade eh? Yah, sure.

Mr al-Harati then became a deputy military chief in Tripoli, before leaving for Syria to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad's forces.
Mahdi & his brigade of terorists in Syria
You know the very same terrorists that the "US will NOT work with Assad to fight AQ/ISIS aka Nato's Islamist mercs"

Yup Mahdi and the NATO backed terror crew destroyed Libya, then onto Syria and now Mahdi is rewarded. Mayor of Tripoli.  One question I have?  What' s Mahdi's connection to the killing of the Ambassador in Libya?

Then there is the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010
Mr al-Harati was also one of those seized after an Israeli attack on a Gaza flotilla ship, the Mavi Marmara, in April 2010.

And fortunately for him he had a ‘seizure’ on a plane and had to be taken to Turkey

“Al Mahdi Al Harati suffered a diabetes-related seizure on the plane and this, on top of a severe attack he received on board the Mavi Marmara, meant he had to be brought to hospital in Ankara”.

And from Turkey in 2010, he showed up in Libya, with his brigade, to overthrow Ghadaffi then onto Syria and now back to Libya. To be mayor of Tripoli.

Uprooted Palestinian tells it like it is

Al Harati Jack of All Trades

Flashback! :Turkey, IHH and tables being turned
UPDATE: This piece pretty much covers my take on the Turkish/Israeli false flag  on the Mavi Marmara

  Was the Gaza Flotilla Massacre a Turkish-Israeli False Flag and Precursor to the War on Syria?

 All that killing of innocents and destruction of nations paid off for old Mahdi!

Been a fast moving 24 hours- got to get all the news out when time allows for it

3-US will NOT work with Assad to fight AQ/ISIS aka Nato's Islamist mercs

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  1. What if he kurdish and isis fight is a ruse
    What if maliki called he bluff by sending in the air support for he kurds fight (or is it russian)
    What if the us is being forced to respond to the bluff
    Why ate he saudis calling in egypt and pakistan. Did he saudis get 2x in syria.....

  2. An Irishman? A migrant to Ireland maybe .. But Irish he is not

  3. Harati, the al-Qaeda LIFG scumbag, made Tripoli mayor! Can you credit it?
    And the dumb Irish police kindly arrested thieves who stole 200,000 euros from his Co Limerick home - it was doubtless Yank money!