Wednesday, August 27, 2014

No breakthrought at Minsk- Second front opens as Ukie forces flounder

Still being dam short on time and want to get to yet more on Syria & Ukraine, but this tidbit is going to have to do. Hopefully some great commenters will leave some more info!!
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Janes- Opening of second front as peace talks flounder indicates a military stalemate is developing in eastern Ukraine

Key Points

  • Peace talks were held between Russia and Ukraine in Minsk on 26 August, although little progress was made in finding a solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, as separatist fighters apparently launched a new offensive towards the city of Mariupol.
  • The poor organisation, logistics, and training of Ukrainian government forces make it highly unlikely they will achieve a military victory over the rebels in eastern Ukraine before the onset of winter, while Russia's direct but unofficial military support to the separatists is likely to intensify, with the aim of forcing the Ukrainian leadership into talks with the insurgents.
Minsk summit produces no breakthrough for Ukraine

While describing the talks as "positive," Russian President Vladimir Putin said the details of truce terms are the internal matter for Kiev.
"Russia can't substantively discuss conditions of a ceasefire...That is not our business, it's up to Ukraine itself," Putin told reporters in Minsk, Belarus early on Wednesday.
Ukraine must talk to separatists
"We can only contribute to creating a situation of trust for a possible, and in my view, extremely necessary, negotiation process," he added.
Ukraine must talk to separatists

For Ukraine, the largely Russian-speaking region is where the country's economic foundation lies.
Rich in deposits of coal and iron ore, the eastern part of Ukraine holds almost the entire industry of Ukraine, making the cession of this region unacceptable for Kiev.
Kiev now urgently wants the rebels to hand back the territory they have captured in eastern Ukraine

The EU is very concerned with trade. Read entire article at above link

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James Foley: Fake tape = No beheading. Spooks and spies, oh my!


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  2. Hi Penny,

    Cross fingers, almost nothing but good news today, although the sheer scale of the militia's recent advances clearly leaves them open to a counterstrike, if the Ukranian army still has the quality of troops to pull that off.

    The most exciting picture is again in the south. The militia have virtually encircled Mariupol, a city of about half a million, with approximately 50% Ukranians, 45% Russians and a Greek minority of 4%. Interestingly 90% of the population speak Russian and only around 10% speak Ukranian. The Ukranian government called on Mariupol citizens to defend the city, but it would seem that they are more likely to rise up against than fight for the government.

    North of Mariupol is pretty chaotic, but the militia still have the initiative but they will want to be squeezing and splitting the isolated pockets of Ukranian soldiers to prevent any large scale organized resistance. Control of the main highways is clearly important and the militia appear to control the entirety of the H20 running north of Mariupol to Donetsk which would be vital to retain flexibility in case of a Ukranian counter offensive in the south.

    Close to the recaptured heights of Saur Grave, the militia have taken the town / village of Saurovka. If they take Rams, then they will have neatly sealed off the last remnants of a small pocket in the south that has been holding out for a couple of weeks now. Cleaning up the pockets will release militia forces to fight elsewhere.

    Fighting in Ilovask has been hard, with numerous Ukranian forces there, but the militia have the highly successfull Motorola unit and seem close to clearing the town.

    The central pocket of Zhdanovka, east of Donetsk is well isolated and being squeezed. The breakout west and north of Donetsk is slow, but the militia will be looking to push Ukranian artillery out of harm's way. The Donetsk airport is still occupied.

    ** The courage of the Ukranian soldiers is without question. Various units have held out under appalling conditions, cut off from supplies and without hope of relief, which their political masters in Kiev don't seem to care about. **

    Debalcevo, on the strategically vital crossroads between the M04 highway linking Donetsk and Lugansk and the north south M03 highway, is being squeezed from three sides.

    Lutugino, south of Lugansk on the H21 highway is being squeezed. This would free another strategic highway and further isolate the pockets around Lugansk airport, which again, are still holding out heroically.

    To the south east of Lugansk, the militia have retaken Novosvetlovka on the M04 highway from Lugansk to the Russian border. The Ukranians recently took this town in a sadistic effort to block the Russian aid transports. Now the road is free for additional relief convoys!

    To the north of Lugansk it is still hard going. The push north to Severodonetsk and Lisicansk is making slow progess.

    That's about it on the military front. The militia are quite euphoric, but they have mixed caution with bravado in the past, which reminds me that apparently militia recruitment has quadrupled, unfortunately I don't know the figures involved, but clearly they we will need as many troops as possible to keep this going and cover the pockets. The recruits are getting younger. Initially the average age was reckoned to be about 40, which showed in many of the videos.

    The Ukranians meanwhile are starting wave 4 of conscription, but as John observed earlier, there were reports of mass desertions on the way to the front. The Ukranian government have lied repeatedly to their own people, but the truth is surely now impossile to suppress. A military coup in Kiev? Wishful thinking, but well deserved. One of the latest stories I heard was that they plan to call up women. I don't know if this is true, but it would highlight the disregard of the Khazar leadership for it's Slavic vassals.


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