Monday, August 25, 2014

Smartphones hampering kids' human emotion reading skills

First, no less an important story then the ongoing situation in the ME. I often say humanity is in dire straights
Though there are a large number of us- we are an endangered species.
And many willingly participate in the destruction of our humanity as we are increasingly corralled.
Does destroying the ability of children, future generations, to develop emotional  reading skills benefit the human family? Or the powers that shouldn't be?
Clearly the answer is this hampering of human development emotional and otherwise benefits the elite classes of tyrannical assess. So, you can keep moving along or you can break away from the herd? Which choice are you making? Keep in mind, your choice as an individuals affects us all as a group. Choose well.
Hampering emotional development/hampers social skills and makes children less human
The increase use of digital media now days and less time spent for face-to-face interaction have led to decline in social skills among kids.
UCLA study mentioned that the implications of the research are that people need more face-to-face interaction, and that even when people use digital media for social interaction, they're spending less time developing social skills and learning to read nonverbal cues.
Patricia Greenfield, a distinguished professor of psychology in the UCLA College, said that many people are looking at the benefits of digital media in education, and not many are looking at the costs like decreased sensitivity to emotional cues, losing the ability to understand the emotions of other people and the displacement of in-person social interaction by screen interaction seems to be reducing social skills.
Yalda Uhls, a senior researcher with the UCLA's Children's Digital Media Center, said that people can't learn nonverbal emotional cues from a screen in the way they can learn it from face-to-face communication.
The research will be in the October print edition of Computers in Human Behavior.

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