Saturday, August 30, 2014

Syrian "rebels" despite strengthening their hold at Golan pose NO security threat to Israel

Of course they don't. Why would they? They are on Israel's team. They are NATO/US/Israel's Islamist fighters- They will terrorize Syrians. They will terrorize Iraqis. Because they are paid to do just that.
But, they will not threaten Israel.
Mentioned this blatantly obvious fact, not for the first time, just the other day in this post
 ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

Of course, Israel, has nothing to fear because the NATO/US/Israeli Islamist fighters aren’t interested in fighting against Israel - Jihadists in Syria not likely to open a new front against Israel
Not now, not ever

Haaretz-  And here is Israel, today, making it very clear they remain completely unconcerned 

Senior Israeli official says rebels currently don't pose a threat to Israeli security.

Syrian rebel groups strengthened their hold over the Syrian side of the Quneitra Crossing — located on the frontier between Syrian and Israeli controlled parts of the Golan Heights – over the weekend and managed to repel attacks by Syrian forces.
Some 300 members from different groups participated in the taking of the Quneitra Crossing. This varied force was led by the Free Syria Army and with only a small number of Nusra Front members. The government forces that held the crossing before sustained losses in life and retreated to the north to areas controlled by the government. Over the weekend the Syrian army conducted several artillery barrages on the crossing area and tried to retake the area unsuccessfully. Israeli security officials characterized this attempt as "pathetic.”
300 members from different groups? Brand FSA. Brand Nusra. Brand ISIS. Makes no difference the brand name for selling the narrative- At the pinnacle the leadership and direction is purely NATO. And the goal  is the same, no matter which brand 'rebel' is working to attain that goal.

A senior Israeli official told Haaretz Saturday that the new circumstances in the Quneitra region don't not pose an immediate danger to Israel and that the area near the Israeli border is held by the Free Syria Army, which has reasonable relations with Israel.
According to the official, except for the raising of an Al-Qaida flag on the Syrian side of the crossing by members of the Nusra Front, there were no provocations against Israel. The official assessed that in the short run the moderate Free Syria Army would restrain the more radical Nusra Front from taking any action against Israel fearing a severe Israeli response. "For now, no one on the Syrian side is pointing their guns at us, because they know that they will sustain a powerful blow if they try anything." He said, though he admitted that this may turn out to be temporary and that the frequent changes in Syria may have an effect on Israeli security in the future.
Yes, changes in Syria may have an effect on Israeli security, but, that has nothing to do with whichever brand 'rebel' doing the dirty work to benefit NATO/Israel and destroy Syria

Recall this news?

NATO's killers in Syria: Will Trade Golan in exchange for no fly zone enforcement

Can it be anymore clear that the 'opposition' is not Syrian? Not that I need to remind regular readers here. Can it be anymore clear that the so called opposition has been supported by, cooperated with and continues to collude with Israel. Israel is not afraid of Islamists for the simple reason they are on the same team.
That fact is abundantly clear!

Haaretz- Syrian Opposition willing to trade Golan claims for Israeli Military support
And still today, Israel has no fear from these so called rebels- 
This is blatant stuff readers. Israel and the rebels are on the same team!


  1. Back during the Iraq-Iran War, the lunatics then in charge of Israel were besides themselves, as they had, along with the USA, had managed to trick Iraq and Iran into fighting a war against each other.

    They loved the thought of Muslims killing each other and still do.

  2. "They loved the thought of Muslims killing each other and still do"

    It really works so well for Israel, though doesn't it?
    Sell the fear
    Play the victim
    All the while actively fanning the flames
    Wish more Israeli's had a clue what their government was up to
    However it is more beneficial to the Israeli gov same as American gov
    same as Canadian gov to keep people in fear and stupid!

  3. America has an incurable sickness that cannot be dismissed by any means, and they will fail in Syria if they go ahead with their evil plan as they have done with all other sovereign, independent non threatening nations since World War II. The Syrian Army and Air Force are far more superior than America's trained jokers in their corrupt and criminal military they have not a chance in hell to win this one either. America is the destroyer and evil to the world and it must be stopped IMMEDIATELY we cannot have anymore dire consequences where this United States is concerned. As for their lap dogs they need to re think seriously who they have ties with because they are playing a VERY dangerous game of Russian Roulette. America along with its permanent ally Fake Isreal is a lethal cocktail of abject criminality and poison. Foreign Policy needs to change and kick out America and Isreal altogether it will be better for it.