Monday, August 11, 2014

The Yazidi genocide narrative strains credulity- No fly zone by stealth

I want to finish up with some of the other information concerning Iraq

Start here Baghdad Coup attempt? Kerry dictates to Maliki & the Iraqis- Comply or else!

Go here Baghdad- New PM picked/Maliki ousted?/ Biden calls Kurdish Prez for 'attaboy'

And then below .......

I’m going to be straight up- The Yazidi narrative? I don’t find it credible. I find it convenient. But, not credible. 
*Why on earth would the Yazidi’s who are Kurds, however that is defined, head up to some mountain top on the border of Syria, when Kurdish territory is heavily guarded and virtually untouched?

 The tale seems implausible.

There are numerous news items telling us all how the Kurds, rescued the Kurds, known as the Yazidi's
after Escaping the Jihadist horde, and  the threat of genocide-

"Stranded Yazidis rescued by Kurdish peshmerga after escaping Jihadist horde threatening genocide"
So did the Kurds escape? Were they rescued? Or is this just another lie of war?

What do the images below really show us? Do they appear to be daring mountain rescues?
I'll include a few images

Everyone pile into a big machine and someone will take a picture?- No dust being turned up, indicating movement?

Yet another Toyota pick up truck- the vehicle of ISIS jihadis and Kurds? So, is this ISIS on the move or Kurds?

Lady escaping on donkey?
Donkey riding lady reclining somewhere?

If there are so many refugees it would seem odd that the same woman would appear in more then one  image used to bolster a  narrative? I also didn't get a mountain rescue vibe from the pictures. In fact I didn't get a rescue vibe- period So, I have some serious doubts about the Yazidi/Sinjar mountain/genocide story

What seems more plausible under cover of a genocide narrative?

 -We do know that the US dropped quite an amount of 'humanitarian aid' One drop had contained:

 The U.S. Defence Department said planes dropped 72 bundles of supplies, including 8,000 ready-to-eat meals and thousands of gallons of drinking water, for threatened civilians near Sinjar.
There have been more drops-
France was supposed to have delivered some humanitarian aid
We know Britain did the same thing? Along with increasing "personnel" to Irbil. Oh, let me guess what or who the personnel being sent to Irbil might be? Special ops? More of NATO Islamist fighters?

As well as stepping up air drops of essential aid to the north of the troubled country, Downing Street said the number of UK personnel in Irbil would be increased to help deal with the developing crisis.
 “The first UK aid drop took place over Mount Sinjar last night, with the RAF delivering bundles that included 1,200 reusable water containers providing 6,000 litres in total and 240 solar lanterns that can also be used to recharge mobile phones.
Wow, solar lanterns that can be used to recharge mobile phones!
Let me say that again-  240 solar lanterns that can also be used to recharge mobile phones.
So, genocide be damned as long as the Kurds known as Yazidi's can charge their mobile phones?

Not credible!

I do however believe that Islamist rebels are ensconced in refugee camps built by Turkey in that area and that the US and France and UK are dropping supplies to them. Supplies in the form of weapons, lots of weapons. Food. Water. Communications devices. Based on the information at hand, I suspect these ISIS troops are prepping for a push into Syria. And they will have air cover thanks to the USA
A no fly zone, by stealth
Hope I am wrong. I certainly want to be. I hate to think of the situation in Syria worsening.
I want Syria to remain the independent nation it has shown itself to be.

The follow up post, that I am a day late on has just been posted

So, if you have the time...

Air Corridors & Bogus Humanitariansim as cover for wider war in the Middle East?


  1. there was just too much info for one post
    It's lots, I know

  2. I believe you are right here. Everything I have seen or heard so far backs up the idea the air drops are for ISIS.

    1. thanks original Paul :)
      It sure looks to me as if the drops are not going to save the Kurds from their allies in ISIS

  3. Take a look at the evolving sri lanka narrative re human rights and mass graves. US pressing investigation as china expands the port. Dial back to the us merc ship picked up back in oct 13 timeframe off the south east coast

    Scmp the nyt of asia is running headline isis is coming to indonesia and malaysia - convicted ex premiere linked to mh370 pilot - after hotly contested elections of late. Indonesia kept the nickel ore bans in place as the nationslist promote local processing over extraction and offshoring.
    All this as china and us exchange warnings over scs.

    Surely russia is dying to know what happened to that superjet...first the general must be defeated in yet another recount circus.

    in pakistan the mysterious imran kahn is leading protests that sharif says are trying to topple govt. Saudi troop and nuke blowback...

    1. I have seen some of those stories of ISIS heading to those countries
      I also saw a news article about Philippinos being involved with and fighting alongside ISIS

      Which caught my attention because I was thinking about all those philippino's at the golan border? Recall that? The ones that were allegedly affiliated with the UN?
      It made me go hmmmm....

      "A document from the Foreign Ministry in Manila pegged the number of Filipinos who have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) at "close to 200", according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer report yesterday"

      The Philippine Army is sending off 336 peacekeepers to Golan Heights to join the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF). It's the first batch to leave for the volatile region after the Philippines threatened to pull out the troops because of the security situation there.

      I thought no military was supposed to be there?
      I suspect so

    2. Philippines to Asia, Israel to MENA, Colombia to Latam

    3. Did the US/Israel and Iran strike a deal: Iran is allegedly backing the Maliki ouster?

    4. and the wsj story just hits: Syrian Forces Advance on Aleppo; Rebels Fear Another Siege

    5. I saw the news claiming Iran supports the ouster, but, haven't had time to look at them- leave a link or two to any you might find interesting

      Interesting about Aleppo

    6. NATO said yesterday it would intervene to protect Turkey if ISIS rolled in. With air assets in the region and Assad on the march is this the MO

    7. Russians rolling into Ukraine is the perfect opening to move on Syria

    8. Russians are not rolling into Ukraine , much as NATO and US wish they would

    9. Anonymous : 'rebels ' ? What 'rebels '?

    10. Article on presstv talking about iran re engaging on nabucco via turkey....

    11. Russians are rolling into Ukraine or attempting to under their own R2P. Why is it that NATO is beating the drum so hard? Because the US has a problem in Kurdistan called Crimea referendum and recognition. What are the majors to do?

  4. EU to urge Latin America not to export food to Russia - report fat chance..,but EUs leadership shows its repressive nature more and more....note by EU is meat not the people but the politicians that have gained power..what do the EU people think? we arent told

  5. shame on Facebook : deletes posts of and bans a formerf US presidential;candidate!

    Cynthia McKinney
    21 mins ·
    Well, well, well. FaceBook DELETED my post about President Obama's allies in Libya killing Black Libyans again and BANNED me from posting. That's what I get for using someone else's platform. I'll definitely get my own after this episode so I can continue to provide the evidence for my policy positions

    1. thanks brian
      Cynthia still trying to get her point of view out there?
      her persistence is admirable

  6. UK deploys Tornado jets in Iraq to assist in Sinjar aid drops..fficials made it clear that the Tornadoes, whose actual deployment over Iraq has yet to be agreed by ministers, would be used solely for surveillance to avoid a repeat of Sunday night,

    Sounds about right...

    1. yes, because you wouldn't want to not be able to drop supplies, right?

    2. Did a bit of study on what Tornados were sent. They are stationed in Cyprus. All stories say it is the GR4 variant. No story mentions GR4A which is the recon. variant. The GR4 is the ground attack and limited air to air variant.

      Almost all the stories mention they are equiped with the Lightning III pods and the stories call them reconnaissance pods.

      The pods are not recon. sensors but actually are israeli built ground attack targeting pods.

      These aircraft are not there to watch. There are plenty of recon. assets already in the area and no more are needed. These things are there to do damage and they are good at it.

      Note: Being stationed in Cyprus, they are able to also reach Libya which Egypt is contemplating attacking.

    3. thanks original paul
      would you mind if I shortened that?
      Really interesting stuff regarding the Tornados
      I had an article from Janes bookmarked to use today,but, sadly, I haven't had the time to post today :(
      Definitely will tomorrow, though, had to play catch up with work after all those posts yesterday...

      As for Egypt attacking Libya- why?
      Other then to rein it in?

    4. In short, Sisi hates ISIS. He is a military man and views mercs as an insult to honor. Libya is a recruiting/training ground run by mossad/cia. Remember the rumors of that airbase of israel's in Libya? Plus the overall lack of stability on anyones borders is a threat and bad for business. Algeria is in the same position as Egypt. Both are teaming up to combat this situation in Libya and military force is an option they are seriously considering together.

      and, to point out why I still believe Sisi may turn out to be more than originally thought.

      we need each others email.

    5. Paul
      if you wish me to have your email, leave yours here in an older post where I will have to moderate it, but, won't publish it
      I am notified of comments pending
      I can get it that way without you putting it into the public domain
      be aware- I am horrid with email- it takes all my time to keep this blog going- I do check it and will always reply but, let's put it this way, I haven't checked the email associated with this blog for about a week now and actually now that you have reminded me I will do so

      If you can live with that then, do leave your email address and I will drop you a line. Yes, others here have my email so I don't have an issue with that at all

    6. Three British RAF surveillance Tornado jets landed at an air base in Cyprus on Tuesday to help in supply drops to Iraqi refugees on a mountain top.

      The planes landed at Akrotiri air force base after dusk, a source at the base said on condition of anonymity.

      A statement issued on Monday by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s office in London said the Tornados could, if required, “use their excellent surveillance capacity to gather better situational awareness to help with humanitarian efforts.” Xinhau

      So the Tornadoes landed in Cyprus not from Cyprus. Still interesting observations...

    7. Also keep in mind that Sis touched down in KSA a day before going to see Putin.

      Qatar has been in KSA 2x trying allegedly to mend fences.

      UAE this am said to be exploring joint weapons production with Russia

      Is Russia/Putin playing back channel between Saudi and Iran as the US tries to break the Iran/Russia nexus in spite of failed nuke talks? The nabucco talk? the Boeing spare parts deal?

      Algeria is in the corsshairs (Herc crash, insurgent attacks, Russia port rumors etc) as Spain recently called for NATO deployments to the Sahel to protect energy routes. As pointed out somewhere a few posts ago the bleed over of Boko into Cameroon and the Uganda complaint weeks ago about western backed youth insurgency groups followed by the anti gay bill and US canceling exercises (remember the KONY incident and subsequent advisers) fill out the narrative. Kenya slipping into the China orbit also seeing insurgent rise in coastal towns - Kenya just gave China a big slice of the LAMU port project where the Uganda central africa pipelines are set to exit.. Egypt and Morocco (Sisi-Saudi nexus) just skipped the US backed Africa confab

    8. and apparently sisi is not comfortable flying over turkish airspace
      Egypt’s el-Sisi avoids Turkish airspace with huge U-turn

    9. talk about taking the long way home!

    10. I will look at the other links later- time limits
      but, much, much appreciated

  7. July 3, 2014
    Israel Backs “Kurdish Independence” in Iraq

  8. @Penny, I’m afraid I can’t help you much.

    “Turkey is constructing a 'refugee' camp. This is familiar, except they are building them in cooperation with the Kurds”

    I have no knowledge of this. Nor have I come across this before. Even if they did not have sinister motives their obvious inhuman ones are appalling. The official reason given by Turkey to build these camps on Iraqi Territory is “Our policy is that suffering Iraqi citizens take shelter in secure regions within Iraq and maintain their life there.”

    Regular commentator Michael Collins is very well informed about Turkey and may know more.

    “ISIS to my knowledge has no air force of any sort

    Have you any info to the contrary?”

    There were reports of Daash having captured a few Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopters in Mosul. There were also reports on the 10th or the 11th of June of them attempting to fly one of these to ferry supplies. However, nothing since then has been reported of Daash flying anything, not even paper kites.

    But your question is to do with the no-fly zone. There is obviously no need for any such a no-fly zone over Kurdish territory to protect them from Daash. Completely illogical and suspect. But if others start questioning this, I won’t be surprised at Daash suddenly developing air capabilities. They seem to be doing everything that helps US interests. Including scaring everybody to do exactly as the US asks while the US behaves aloof of the one region it covets the most.

    "The Kurds have also requested military assistance from the US, I believe they are attempting to create a back door for US/Israeli entry into Iraq, against the wishes of Baghdad"

    The Kurds are not part of the resistance arc. They have no bones to pick with the US or Israel. On the contrary their relations with both are excellent. The Daash threat could have been built up to make the Kurds dependent on the US and become instruments of the latter’s policies.

    "FWIW: I believe the Kurdish Pashmerga and ISIS to be joined at the hip to the American/Israeli evil twins"

    If the Peshmergas are a part of/joined to the evil twin Daash, then they are definitely clueless about this. They will be unwitting pawns.
    The video by Daash of Abu Bakr Baghdadi in the mosque in Mosul and the mental capacity of its fighters makes it look a lot like Jundullah, and hence an American patsy.

    kind regards


    1. thanks mindfriedo, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply
      and of course I will continue to read your SITREP because you provide information that I cannot always access

      for readers Mindfriedo does the Iraq SITREP's at Saker's
      Vital reading!

    2. Hi Penny, this might be interesting for you:
      Al’eddin Boroujerdi talks about collusion between Daash and the Kurds

      warm regards


    3. thanks mindfriedo, much appreciated
      I did read the article
      he does confirm the Kurds and ISIS cooperating
      He suggests they will end up regretting that error

  9. here is an interesting video released by the US claiming to be part of the air drop.

    I do not see refugees. I see ISIS and humvees. Can't really tell though as they blurred the video.

    1. most interesting and thanks Orig Paul
      Is that ok?

      The people looked to be mostly men and did I count about 5 vehicles

  10. The elderly lady in the above picture is not the same as the one in the lower picture. The shoes are a different color, and the headscarves also differ.
    Please keep you information accurate, Penny.

    1. Are you for real? or a troll? I will check my hit counter, BUT
      Since when do different shoes and headscarf make for a different person?
      As if the same person couldn't just change their shoes/scarf/dress/dye their hair whatever and look slightly different?
      Look at facial features and body type, ok?

  11. media propaganda Reuters calls neonazis Right Sector, ..ukrainian nationalist fighters'! no wonder people are confused
    normally i dont read this stuff, but i was curious what they meant by 'ukraninian nationalist fighters! note lack of use of word ;'fascist'

  12. guess what: france says its OK for russia to arm novorossiya rebels....
    FRANCE 24 @FRANCE24 1h
    #BREAKING - #Iraq : France to supply weapons to #Kurds 'in coming hours' (French presidency) #ISIS

  13. ISIS Now A Commodity "Trading" Powerhouse: Islamic States Steals Iraq's Grain Then Sells It Back To Iraq Government

    It is no secret that the crack al-Qaeda "spin-off" ISIS is well-versed in the ways of the modern world: from quickly taking control of (i.e., robbing) a central bank, to capturing the latest and greatest in US military equipment, to staging an amazing blitz-campaign that has resulted in the creation of a caliphate and captured the bulk of northern Iraq and a third of Syria including all of the former country's oil fields, to even having glossy year end annual reports, one would almost be forgiven in assuming that some vastly more strategic minds are behind what on paper at least would be a far more disorganized force. Now, judging by the latest revelation from Reuters, showcasing ISIS as a consummate commodity trader, one could even assume that a major Wall Street bank (or Swiss-based "independent" commodity trader) is behind the effort.


    1. see here

    2. Sunni Muslims see no problem with stealing murdering extorting raping etcetera and then wonder any there is islamophobia

    3. brian; I am surprised at that comment, you know, of all people, to not tar everyone with the same brush.
      could you be in need of a stress break- it get's tough tryin' to get truth out.
      I know