Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ukraine (Kiev) suffers heavy losses in counter attack

This article is very, very contrary to many of the main stream media news items from today
It simply begged to have more attention paid to it.
More at the link below
Heavy Losses suffered in counter attack
MOSCOW--Ukraine suffered heavy losses Thursday in a counterattack along a key supply route to the separatist capital of Donetsk, signaling that despite steady advances by government forces pro-Russian rebel fighters still pose a significant threat.

Losses have mounted recently and the fierce fighting adds more pressure on Kiev to seek a compromise at peace talks next week in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, where Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Russian leader Vladimir Putin are scheduled to meet face-to-face for the first time in two months.
If Kiev was doing well, would they even consider seeking a compromise?
The attack in the town of Ilovaisk left 19 fighters from pro-Kiev volunteer battalions dead and 42 wounded, said senior Interior Ministry aide Anton Gerashchenko, without giving a time frame. The government has been steadily eating away at rebel-controlled territory and had said it regained control of Ilovaisk on Wednesday.
Col. Andriy Lysenko, spokesman for Ukraine'sNational Security and Defense Council, said the government had repulsed the insurgent counterattacks and that reinforcements had been sent to help bolster the town's defenses. Separatist leaders, however, said they had surrounded Ukrainian units in the town and prevented reinforcements from getting there.

The losses in Ilovaisk, "shows how fierce the fighting is there," Mr. Gerashchenko wrote in a post on his Facebook page. The four battalions fighting in Ilovaisk are from four volunteer units, and Mr. Gerashchenko said they were acting effectively as army units but without heavy weaponry.

Kiev forces have increasingly relied on the committed but poorly trained volunteer units in recent weeks. Mr. Gerashchenko wrote in his post Thursday that a problem in the operation was a lack of coordination with the army, which provides artillery support for operations.

The months long conflict has begun to weigh heavily on Ukraine's already weakened economy. On Thursday, Economy Minister Pavlo Sheremeta said he had submitted his resignation because he was unhappy with the pace of reforms and the appointment of a trade representative without his approval.

Mr. Sheremeta's departed with a broadside at the government's attempts to overhaul its moribund economy, which is forecast to contract by more than 6% this year.

"We need to change this whole paradigm: The system, the people, the processes," Mr. Sheremeta said Thursday.

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, an economist who threatened to quit last month over the slow pace of reform, has warned that restoring infrastructure in eastern Ukraine could cost billions of dollars and that the conflict was hamstringing much-needed economic overhauls.

At the same time, Col. Lysenko pointed to government progress in the battle for control of the rebel's easternmost stronghold of Luhansk. Over the weekend, Ukraine took control of a district police station not far from the city and on Wednesday, Col. Lysenko claimed troops had taken control of "a significant part" of the city," without specifying what additional gains had been made.

The rebels deny that the government has made any serious advances into the city. On Thursday, Col. Lysenko said that fierce fighting continues to take place there and that soldiers working in small mobile groups were moving to take out rebel units and checkpoints.
Interesting, no?


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  2. Dust Off Plans for Mig3 or Typhoon/Tempest. A Small Cheap Strafing Machine never loses validity. Russian Winter Looms Large. Stupid Western Meddling and Carpetbagging Prove Pandoras Box ain't no Kitten. It's a Rabid Lion, sending Unintended Consequences flung Willy-Nilly far and Wide. Enough Lies. Reparations for those made Homeless. Money Now, Liberal. WELFARE CUTS IN YOUR Reptilian Scrooge FACE.

    1. I am really not sure what you are saying,so.................

  3. The self-defense forces are using deep defense tactics; the reports of captured territory by the western media are as asinine as were the same reports during the Vietnam war. The junta/mercenary/oligarch private army forces, when they're not busy deliberately shelling and incendiary bombing residential areas and civilian infrastructure, send a lumbering armor force to the edge of a town or city and plant a flag. That gets reported; what doesn't get reported is that these forces usually don't survive the night against the highly-mobile small unit self-defense forces.

    Also, those casualty figures seem extremely low compared to everything I've been reading; one recent analysis suggested adding a zero to any reported figures for the illegally-installed neo-Nazi junta would be more accurate.

    Two Combat Analyses, 21 August

    Novorossiya Military Briefing – Situation by 12:00, August 19, 2014

    [includes large Map of Operations + six detail maps of specific areas]

    …it has now been over a month that the city of Donetsk continues confidently to repulse the Kiev Junta’s offensive, which it is pursuing with maximum possible effort. This, unquestionable, is the achievement of Strelkov, who saved the capital of the DPR from being surrendered to the Junta when he timely withdrew from Slavyansk to Donetsk and organized the defense on the approaches to the city.

    "Essentially, the fact that for over a month now Donetsk has been fettering the enormous forces of the Junta once again demonstrates how correct Strelkov’s decision was. He made it possible not only for the DPR to be saved, but also for the first Southern Cauldron to be created. And it is the Southern Cauldron that now is one of the main suppliers of armoured vehicles and military hardware to the Militia.

    "In general, the Militia at this time needs to drive the Junta out of Novosvetlovka, retain Yasinovataya, Ilovaisk and the corridor to Gorlovka, and also to knock the enemy out of Zhdanovka. At the same time, it will also need to find the troops to complete the liquidation of the two surrounded enemy brigades located to the south of Krasniy Luch…


    Ukraine is preparing for the defense on the line Slavyansk – Mariupol
    Colonel Cassad

    "According to the data of "Russian Vesti", the leadership of the Ukrainian army has a pessimistic outlook on the perspectives of the ATO. Already now the generals close to the minister of defense Valery Geletey are preparing plans for the autumn-winter campaign and the possible retreat from under Donetsk and Luhansk. The leadership in the Ministry of Defense believes that the main goal of the Ukrainian army in the case of a retreat will be fortifying on the line Slavyansk–Mariupol and preventing the breakthrough of DPR militia fighters into Kharkov region…"

    The problem here is that because the junta was advancing using its advantage in forces and, without paying attention to flanks, wedged into militia combat formations, then if the latter will transition to counter-offensives, these wedges will inevitably turn into cauldrons, which we already saw during the fighting for the South Cauldron, Miusinsk, and Krasnyi Luch. Given the increase of militia forces, the current configuration of the front lines provides opportunities not only for unimpeded advance in those places where the junta has no military (like this happened with the breakthrough of the reconnaissance and sabotage groups to the "Uspenka" checkpoint) but also for the attacks that cut the numerous protrusions and wedges, which, keeping in mind the low quality of the junta's infantry, may lead to new defeats…

    1. thank you for that explantion and all the maps, admitttedly this is a bit over my head, - military strategy and the like, but it's dam interesting to be sure!

      Deep defense tactics- who knew? If you wish to explain that more I am interested in understanding what is meant by that

      Many points you initially raise are exactly that which caught my eye with the above news article- sure it spins on the usual points but it gave some important info away which I highlighted

  4. Here is one of the maps from the article provided by John above. This helps to get an idea of the current situation plus I'll add a bit of background below.

    To the left you see Donetsk, Gorlivka and to the right Lugansk. The Russian border is marked green.The various blue circles within militia territory (pink) are Ukranian troops cut off in pockets referred to as boilers in the Russian language websites.

    Now the first thing to note is that the massive southern boiler that existed several weeks ago was completely finished off, with hundreds of Ukranians flleeing into Russia and the rest either killed or fled to Ukranian lines leaving ehind much of their equipment. The end of the massive southern boiler not only freed militia forces to fight elsewhere but also provided dozens of tanks, armoured vehicles, GRAD rockets, artillery, anti-aircraft etc.

    The small blue circle to the south is the remains of a second boiler, which was cut off after a Ukranian advance a couple of weeks ago. Again, many Ukranian soldiers fled to their own lines leaving behind their equipment, while the blue circle we see has been edging slowly towards Russia, probably with the aim of surrendering to the Russians.

    In the north, under Lugansk, we see a large blue circle made up of Ukranian forces that tried to encircle Lugansk, the Ukranian soldiers trapped in the airport and to the right, a recent move to cut off the road to Lugansk and block the aid convoy.

    We can see other small pockets of isolated Ukranians, plus some potential new ones, see the red arrows north of Lugansk trying to close the large pocket there.

    There has been heavy fighting in the past weeks as the Ukranian army tried to provide the necessary results for the victory parade planned for August 24th. There seems to be massive dicontent in the Ukranian army and amongst their families back home. There is due to start yet another enlistment drive.

    The Ukranian air force is a spent force. In the past week they lost a Mig 29, SU 24 and one MI 24 destroyed and one damaged.

    To compensate, the Ukranians called up more heavy artillery, rockets and reportedly even short range ballistic missiles.

    After being on the ropes, the militia is now buzzing with enthusiasm as they enjoy excellent leadership while the Ukranian army is apparently at the whim of the politicians, who as John said above, repeatedly make the same error of launching armoured columns into enemy territory without adequate infantry support, The militia simply allow the thrusts to pass through their lines when it is clear that they can not stop them, then they close up the lines and hey presto, another boiler!

    The militia have also been using guerilla (partisan) tactics to inflict losses on Ukranian forces behind the lines, destroying equipment and ammunition dumps, sometimes capturing equipment and generally putting the fear of God into the Ukranian army and ensuring that they need to invest even more troops in protecting their lines.

    The militia seem to have learned well from World War two while Poroshenko and his team make a good impression of Adolf with the shakes in early 1945.


    1. Hi Anthony
      I wondered where you had gotten to?
      Thanks for taking the time to explain all that. It certainly helped clarify and expand on what John had said

      I wonder if much of the problem with the Ukraine military is simply, they don't want to fight against there own.
      I must be hard- one day these are your countrymen and now your killing them?
      How does one reconcile this in the conscience?
      My husband says this type of action is obscene- I'm not talking sex
      I am talking moral obscenity, like this

      " a statement or act which strongly offends human morality"
      and killing your own is a morally offensive act- it runs counter intuitive to humanity and human survival

    2. Thanks, Anthony, I benefitted from your explanation — and especially enjoyed your final sentence.

      Regarding a few of your points, you (and others) might enjoy these tweets I selected today from a half-dozen or so accounts I follow:

      Retweeted by Gracchus Babeuf
      Unconfirmed source from inside Ukr MoD: in the last 3 weeks we lost half of our 200 artillery, and worse yet - the enemy captured 1/3 of it.

      Retweeted by Gracchus Babeuf
      MoD source: UAF has lost, "almost everything that flies... we can say that the Ukrainian Air Force is no more."

      Rock Solid Politics @BradCabana
      #Ukraine forces in the 2 pockets by #Luhansk city - North and South,South West are being destroyed as we speak by #NAF . #cdnpoli

      tony_hartin @tony_hartin
      #DNR will hold its own independence day parade in #Donetsk Lenin square on Aug 24 [Sunday] with captured #Ukie equipment. Ha!

      Rock Solid Politics @BradCabana
      minimum 6 #Ukraine army brigades either encircled or being encircled now - potential Ukraine losses of 24-26,000 men. #cdnpoli

      Retweeted by Gracchus Babeuf
      #Ukraine 20 fuel tanks did not reach the the Ukrainian Army. Some sources claims #NAF sabotage in #Cherkassy region [much closer to Kiev than to LPR/DPR].

    3. Hi Penny,

      I was on holiday in France at the beginning of August with no alternative media and only a little mainstream, which was painting a bleak picture. I was relieved to find out that things weren't quite as bad as made out, ut the situation was desperate as the Ukranian government launched attacks across the region which the militia only just held off.

      The combined brilliance of the militia and stupidity of the Ukranian leadership saved the day.

      The latest news is even more promising. I call up the Military Marker site with Google Chrome and it translates into English. The militia not only continue to hold Donetsk, Gorlivka, Lugansk and Iovaisk (in the south), ut they have pushed forward around Lugansk, towards Severodonetsk in the north and are even harassing the Ukranians southwards to the coast. Note the flames and crossed rifles which often indicate partisan activity.

      The latest from the militia is that away from the concentrations of Ukranian forces attacking the targets I mentioned above, the militia are amazed how weak the reserves are in many areas, and only a lack of numbers is preventing the militia from retaking some of the larger towns they lost in July and as I mentioned yesterday, there are several new boilers in the making.

      The Ukranian soldiers in the southern boiler 2 apparently have been offered safe passage to Russia if they lay down their arms, which woul mean lots more booty for the militia.


    4. Today the militia confirmed that they have launched a counter offensive in various directions. The timing of the offensive is very likely to have been chosen to coincide with Kiev's victory parade today,

      The militia are really pushing to control the order region down to the coast. They have reportedly taken the town of Telmanovo and have launched attacks on the coastal towns. This is a bold and seemingly risky move, but it apparently sowed panic amongst the Ukranian army in the city of Mariupol which is a potential rebel stronghold with a sizeale Russian population.

      Less risky is the push to the south of Mospina and Ilovaysk, also in the south. The milita have seized many small towns in a rapid offensive which threatens to cut off a large number of Ukranian troops which could e a disaster for the Ukranians if the militia have the manpower to close the gap and hold it.

      But if the Ukranians want to launch a counter offensive in the south, they have to be capable of holding their lines in the north where the militia are also advancing towards Severodonetsk and Lisicansk.

      The militia are also attacking the massively important town of Debalcevo on the highway between Donetsk and Lugansk. This would also close off two more Ukranian pockets (boilers).

      The militia are also attacking Litugino south west of Lugansk. Litugino is already cut off from resupply, but taking it would split Ukranian forces into smaller, more vulnerable groups. To the south and south east of Lugansk it looks like the Ukranian offensive has been fended off and the militia will be looking to recapture Novosvetlovka which lies on the highway to the Russian border.


    5. Just posted by Colonel Cassad — small arms street fighting in Ilovaysk (from Anthony's third paragraph):

      [VIDEO - 07:57] Motorola's squad sweeps Ilovaysk*

      *To locate Ilovaysk, copy and paste it into the upper right search box of War Marker - Ukraine, then press enter/return.

      War Marker - Ukraine is crowd-sourced, infinitely zoomable, and interactive. If you view it using the Google Chrome browser, the Markers, Settings, and the detail information that pops up when clicking on an icon will appear in English.

    6. It looks like the Ukranian army is in complete disarray in the south of the Donbass. The militia have reached the coast and reportedly taken the coastal town of Sedov. On Military Marker you can see that they have taken control of portions of both main highways to the south.

      Small and large pockets of Ukranian soldiers are being trapped across the region. Some of them are fleeing without their equipment. Still more booty for the militia.

      There are reports of panic in the large southern port of Mariupol. The militia have announced that they do intend to take Mariupol.

      The initiative in the south is completely with the militia. The only question is whether they have enough troops to pull this off as they simultaneously push forward in the north of Donetsk and Lugansk where they face greater resistance.

      However, if the morale of the Ukranian army collapses acrosse the board then we may be witnessing one of the greatest military episodes ever. That's a phrase I've been thinking to myself for weeks now, but the latest development justify it. This is an absolute classic example of a smaller, weaker, but highly motivated force, starting from numerous disadvantages, for example the Ukranian army to the south of the militia territory, but keeping their heads, avoiding unnecessary combat (Slovyansk), wearing down the enemy with continuous small scale attacks and making the most of the enemy leadership's repeated arrogance and strategic blunders.

      Glory to Novorussia.


    7. Hi Anthony,

      thanks for the updates and that does sound like the greatest military episode from your description

      and yes, I see they have taken the coastal town. That Military Marker is pretty neat and interesting!

    8. John, I am going to put Military marker in the sidebar as a resource for readers. could come in handy

    9. ;-)

      To supplement Anthony's latest update, excerpted from a comment I posted a few hours ago at The Vineyard of the Saker (I came over here via a comment there, a site I have no connection with, but that I strongly recommend for Ukraine analysis; a recent sample: You wanna be Uncle Sam's bitch? Pay the price!):

      SELECT TWEETS - 25 August
      (arranged in chronological order)

      tweet of the day:
      Gleb Bazov ‏@gbazov
      #FLASH Karma - #NazGuard throw elderly out of a cellar in #Amvrosievka. By chance, shell hits it DIRECTLY. All 14 Nazis dead, elderly alive.

      Gleb Bazov ‏@gbazov
      #ALL - Another point that should be made. Russia liked being assertive with its convoy. Enough to start PLANNING more SERIOUS actions.

      tony_hartin ‏@tony_hartin
      #NAF report elimination of the #Amvrosievka - #Kuteynikova - #Ilovajsk cauldron with several 100s #Ukie prisoners & dozens armour trophies

      Rock Solid Politics ‏@BradCabana
      SIT REP: By my count there are now 11 Pockets of #Ukraine troops trapped without resupply - approx 15-19,000 UKR troops trapped. #cdnpoli

      Retweeted by Alex Bukovsky
      City administration of #Mariupol fled to Dnepropetrovsk. The pro-Kiev regime puppet government of Donetsk that worked in Mariupol also fled.

    10. Hi John
      thanks for the updates- much appreciated.

      Saker's blog is linked in the sidebar and I do read there when I can, but, can't get to it everyday- time constraints
      I do hope you will keep sharing info- I added the military marker to the sidebar here so people can check it for what looks to be very up to date info

      As Anthony mentioned yesterday the separatists had moved into the coastal town of Sedov and what do I see this morning,exactly that news

      So, it's there as a resource
      thanks again

    11. "...the [self-defense forces] had moved into the coastal town..."

      Excellent map (in English) just posted showing this southern extension to the Sea of Azov (northern extension of the Black Sea):

      Novorossiya Map of Hostilities – August 10-25, 2014

      Zoom in for 20 explanatory notes keyed to the map.

      Nine white areas are trapped Ukrainian forces; @BradCabana estimated numbers yesterday:

      By my count there are now 11 Pockets of #Ukraine troops trapped without resupply - approx 15-19,000... #cdnpoli

    12. Having taken in the map quoted by John above, take a look at the map offered by the BBC in this recent article.

      This map illustrates just how bad things looked for the militia at the eginning of the conflict, but they cleared the strip of brown zones close to the Russian border in the south a couple of weeks ago.

      The wiki article for the Donbass conflict also uses massively out of date maps and basically quotes the Ukranian government verbatim.


    13. I forgot to mention. Even John's map of August 25th fails to show quite significant militia gains on the highways north and east of Mariupol.

      Military Marker does show them.

      The militia also confrimed that they have retaken the strategic heights of Saur Grave which is an excellent observation post.

      And last of all. August is drawing to a close. Autumn is approaching and General Winter is putting on his white coat. Therefore, any gains made in the coming days and weeks could be significant for the coming months.

      The Ukranian soldiers will not want to be cut off from supplies in a Russian winter.


    14. "...The Ukranian soldiers will not want to be cut off from supplies in a Russian winter..."

      Already apparently they can't even transport unwilling conscripts for a few hours — even several hundred kilometers distant from the conflict area — without losing 30%:

      The participants of the Kiev "parade" fled on the way to the front
      (yandex computer-translated)

      …Not reaching even to Kharkov, from the column "disappeared" up to 30 percent of the personnel Kiev punishers. Military frightened bleak for Kiev reports from the front South-East.

      First escaped those who have had bad experiences in the war without ammunition, food and support from the outside. Rampant desertion guards began when members of the "parade" got in touch with their colleagues, are on the leading edge.

      Those, in turn, reported the occurrence of the militia of the South-East and about the hellish situation in which he found himself punishers.

  5. Penny, I long time reader, but first time commenter.
    Therefore I come to you with a nice ice bucket challenge lol probably you're still scratching your head trying to understand what the heck is the deal behind this bullshit.

    I hope this video will clear up your ebola concerns as well.
    The only meaningful thing that charlatan plagiarist louis pasteur said ....
    "Bernard was correct. I was wrong. The microbe (germ) is nothing. The terrain (milieu) is everything."

    keep it up spreading the truthful bits n bytes
    Cheers ;)

    1. HI EYA
      one of the many quiet ones- that's ok
      thanks for commenting, I appreciate it
      Yah, the Ebola thing has been a head scratcher and I simply haven't had any time to dig into it
      I look forward to viewing the video, thanks for leaving it

      btw: I did hear something about some type of connection between ebola and the aids virus- which I thought odd

      from an old article stored at Rense

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The viruses that cause AIDS and Ebola, two deadly, contagious and highly feared diseases, spread through the body using the same mechanism, U.S.-based researchers said on Friday.

      The researchers, led by Dr. Paul Bieniasz of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at New York's Rockefeller University, said they hoped their finding might lead to the discovery of new drugs to help treat HIV and Ebola infections.

      Their study, published in the December issue of the journal Nature Medicine, shows HIV and Ebola use a protein called Tsg101 to bud from the cells they infect.

      Both viruses hijack cells, inject their genetic material, and turn the cells into little virus factories. New copies of the virus "bud" from the cells in one of the steps of this process, before going in search of new cells to infect.

      As both HIV and Ebola bud, Tsg101 attaches to the virus and helps it to emerge from the cell, the researchers reported.

      They said it might be possible to design a drug that interferes with this process. That would presumably prevent the spread of the virus in an infected person.

      "It's remarkable to see two such different viruses share a common budding mechanism," Bieniasz said in a statement.

      "This may present a new target for drugs to treat HIV and Ebola infection, and our research team has begun working on drug discovery based on this research."

      To confirm the study findings, the researchers genetically engineered a hybrid of HIV and Ebola, and a hybrid of HIV and the Tsg101 protein.

      Both engineered viruses were able to infect new cells, they said.

      There is no cure for either HIV or Ebola infection. Ebola causes a hemorrhagic disease that kills 70 percent of its victims within days.

      so, there is some strange shit goin' on!

  6. an odd confusing piece by RT, which seems to be asking why celebritt activists arent supporting the Kiev Junta or the people suffering...however this on Milla Jovovich is very interesting:
    'Milla’s only other intervention thus far has been to lend support to two Russian journalists detained by pro-Kiev forces in May - the #saveourguys campaign. With that photo, the screen siren broke the hearts of Ukrainian Nationalists who believed she just might have been one of them.
    Milla had earlier tweeted in response to ‘patriotic’ trolls: “I’m Russian and Montenegrin! But have been living in the US since I was 5!” – pretty much clarifying where her sympathies lie'
    so Milla identifies as...,,wait for it...a russian! that would really send maidanites around the twist!

  7. Same here, thanks everyone for the comments
    I truly look forward to catching the updates on Ukriane!
    Be back..... :)