Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ukraine- Updates from Anthony & Attack on Ukraine Naval Vessel in Azov Sea

Anthony has updated myself and readers on the situation in Ukraine-
Excerpts from his comments are below. There is also a news item I thought interesting and am not sure what to make of it?
The latest from the Donbass and it's as confused as ever. Here are some of the main points to note.

The militia are still holding on to the recently acquired territory in the south and have Mariupol surrounded. Mariupol would be a fantastic prize to win before the winter sets in. A sea port and apparently has large stocks of food, although the Russians have pledged to send more humanitarian aid and the roads are now pretty much clear of Ukranian forces.
I did notice that Mariupol was surrounded by militia. Kiev has forces stationed in the city. (Resource in sidebar)

The latest BBC article still persists in showing an isolated pocket of militia gains on the south coast next to the Russian order so as to further the Russian invasion meme. Even the wiki page is better and shows a corridor connecting the south coast to militia territory in the north, although wiki still vastly underplays the actual militia position.

The militia have been focussing on reducing the boilers, but they have stated that phase two of the counter offensive is planned, with lots of newly acquired equipment to play with. Ukranian soldiers have been surrendering in their hundreds. The militia are splitting conscripts from national guard, right sector and the various nazi leaning paramilitaries. My understanding is that tank crews and artillery men are also being sorted out, partly because they are guilty of massacring the civilian population, but also I think to prevent trained men returning to fight.

There was some confusion and reports of large numers of Ukranians dead and wounded when, depending on which reports you believe: 1: The Ukranians were cynically butchered by the militia who reneged on their promise of a humanitarian corridor or 2: The Ukranian soldiers were slaughtered as they cynically abused the offer of escape without weapons y regrouping and trying to power their way out with equipment, in respone to which the milita blasted them.
Could a 3rd scenario be that the neonazi's slaughtered the 'cowardly' soldiers? 
Framing the separatists and putting the fear into other Ukie troops? Is that plausible?

Highly significantly, Poroshenko has been quoted as saying that there is no military solution to the conflict. Which, translated, means that there is no chance of a Ukranian victory.

Putin has been emphasizing the need for recognition of statehood for the Donbass. The milita have all the cards right now and they can continue to fight to regain all of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics if Poroshenko plays hard ball.
Some good news on the ground.

The strategically important town of Litugino, south of Lugansk on the H21 highway, is now showing as militia controlled. A couple of small towns / villages south of Litugino are also showing as militia controlled as the boiler gets squeezed back to the Lugansk airport.

There is fighting at Donetsk airport. Ukrainian troops there are becoming increasingly isolated as the militia slowly pushes out of Donetsk.

The Ukranian flag on Debalcevo at the crossroads of the M03 and M04 highways has gone. There were reports of a Ukranian withdrawal to prevent another boiler. Are they finally learning? Thankfully, far too late.

Less positive is the Ukranian flag showing at Volnohava on the H20 highway south of Donetsk to Mariupol. The militia line here looks wafer thin, but the Ukranians to the east of the H20 are under attack from different directions and who knows the qulaity of Ukranian forces to the east.

Last comment and thanks Anthony!
In addition to the attack on Donetsk airport, the militia have also launched an atttack on Lugansk airport. Some reports claim that it has been taken.

These airports were thorns in the side of the militia and would represent decisive steps towards restoring normality in the two cities and of course free resources for other campaigns.

Curious news item- Separatists Claim Attack on Ukrainian Naval Ship 
Was Kiev attempting to move on the rebels via the Azov Sea?
Separatist rebels attacked a Ukrainian naval vessel in the Azov Sea on Sunday by firing artillery from the shore, and a Ukrainian military spokesman said a rescue operation was under way.
Spokesman Andriy Lysenko said the vessel was a naval cutter. There was no information on the number of people on board.
The pro-Russian rebels claimed responsibility for the attack near the city of Mariupol, located about 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the Russian border and about 35 kilometres from Novoazovsk, which was overtaken by pro-Russian rebels over the weekend.


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    Why the good guys are moving so fast.

  3. Looks like Putin is putting on an unexpected and major gambit to see how badly Porky, NATO and the rest of the US/ZIO crowd want to push back.

  4. Lugansk airport has been taken by the militia. The Ukranian soldiers pulled out. I'm not sure exactly where to. Most certainly into a boiler / pocket.

    Apparently the difficulty in taking the airports at Lugansk and Donetsk is that they have massive tunnel complexes beneath them. The tunnels beneath Lugansk airport were flooded so the defenders had to head elsewhere.

    Donetsk airport is expected to be taken in the coming days.

    The militia claim to have shot down (or at least hit) an SU-27 air superiority fighter aircraft. The SU-25s are ground attack aircraft.

    The militia continue to wear down and reduce the boilers / pockets (I've grown to love the "boiler" translation from Russian).

    One key area at the moment is the H20 highway from Donetsk to Mariupol. The militia are looking to seal another mass of Ukranian soldiers in the boiler to the east of the road, but the Ukranians are continually pushing to ensure that no pocket is formed.


  5. (I've grown to love the "boiler" translation from Russian).

    Germans use also that analogy for a pocket: ein Kessel.
    Der Kessel von Stalingrad.
    Kessel means literally cauldron (Hexenkessel=witch cauldron) but is used also for boiler (Dampfkessel=steam boiler).

    Thank you for listening to my 10 seconds of useless trivia.

    1. gallier2: I know the background, but it seems that the Ukranian military have forgotten their history. The Russian campaign in world war two was on a massively larger scale, and both sides fell into the trap, but the same principles apply in the current conflict.

      The militia certainly haven't forgotten! They have served up a master class of military strategy. There is potential for another boiler around Debalcevo. The Ukranians seems to stuck in the Hitleresque "We will not surrender an inch of territory" which leaves them at the mercy of the vastly more flexile militia.


    2. Bonjour Gallier2 !
      10 seconds of useless trivia- I didn't find it useless
      I thought the cauldron was just a Russian term?

  6. The BBC and other western media are peddling the latest Ukranian lies and anti-Russian propaganda.

    I mentioned recently that the Ukranians recently switched from referring to the milita as terrorists in favour of Russians.

    Today they claim that a Russian tank batallion forced the brave and freedom loving Ukranian soldiers from Lugansk airport from which they had been indiscriminately bombing civilian areas (although they didn't mention that).

    The Ukranian defence minister claims that Europe must wake up to the fact that we are now in a war that could cost the lives of tens of thousands and is the greatest danger to peace since world war two, etc.

    There are reports that Putin told an EU official by telephone that if he wanted to, he could take Kiev in two weeks, which is ridiculous because Russia would need only one week.

    It is clear that Putin was speaking hypothetically to rubbish reports that Russia sent it's forces into Ukraine.

    The BBC is reporting on the unfolding military catastrophe, but if they read ack through reports on Russia news sites, this site and many others, then they would have seen the gradual development instead of the shock, horror BS of Russia diving into the fray which simply isn't true.

    The only saving grace is that the west seems to be all mouth and no trousers.


    1. thanks for all the updates today Anthony
      hope you didnt' mind me using your previous ones for the post above?
      just wanted to be sure they weren't missed
      My husband read the news this morning that the airport had been taken
      Did the ukies flee, they had been holed up there for some time and it must have been miserable, particularly if they were unsupplied?

      "The only saving grace is that the west seems to be all mouth and no trousers"

      I have never heard that saying before, but, I like it
      I see the news today also includes NATO forming some type of strike force?

      spearhead is the buzz word they have been tossing around

      NATO leaders this week will be asked to approve creation of a high-readiness force and the stockpiling of military equipment and supplies in Eastern Europe

      Wondering if they are prepping some type of 'left behind" army?

      "At its core: a proposed new force that Rasmussen said could be composed of several thousand troops contributed on a rotating basis by the 28 NATO countries.

      Backed by air and naval assets, the unit would be a "spearhead" that could be deployed at very short notice to help NATO members defend themselves, Rasmussen said"

      etc., Russian aggression,blather blather, fear mongering
      NATO is the global tyranny army- shakes head in disgust

  7. The militia have been hammering Donetsk airport and some reports claim that they have taken it.

    To the south west and west of Lugansk it seems that the militia are making good progress clearing the remaining Ukrainian forces.

    Around Gorlivka to the north east of Donetsk there was a lot of Ukranian activity, but it remains to be seen whether they make any progress, perhaps trying to link up to the Ukranian troops isolated in the pocket south of Gorlivka.

    On the strategic H20 highway between Donetsk and Mariupol it seems that the Ukranians made another big push, but ionce again the militia responded calmly and are close to bagging another Ukranian horde.

    The other boilers are being squeezed (hammered with artillery).

    I saw a video of a handful of Ukranian women trying to block the path of half a dozen bus loads of young soldiers. The women were swept out of the way by bullying military policemen and the young soldiers smiled and waved as they drove out to their death and dismemberment.

    There are reports of Polish mercenaries being captured by the militia, and Americans. No confirmation of this.