Thursday, August 28, 2014

UN Security Council meeting at Lithuania's request- Separatists take strategic town!


The UN Security Council is preparing to meet in emergency session on the growing crisis in Ukraine.
Diplomats said Thursday that the council will meet at 2 p.m. at the request of Lithuania.

Lithuania, of course, brings to mind F the EU Nuland and her neocon husband Robert Kagan

Why this sudden concern?
Strategic town taken by Separatists was the original headline.... as sent to me

This advance connects Crimea to the Eastern separatist region- hence the concern  of Lithuania

Novoazovsk, which lies along the road connecting Russia to the Russia-annexed Crimea
The new southeastern front raised fears that the separatists are seeking to create a land link between Russia and Crimea. If successful, it could give them or Russia control over the entire Sea of Azov and the gas and mineral riches that energy experts believe it contains.
Ukraine already lost roughly half its coastline, several major ports and significant Black Sea mineral rights in March when Russia annexed Crimea.
 National Guard reinforcements were taking up positions in Mariupol.
"The positions are being strengthened," the spokesman said. "The road from Novoazovsk to Mariupol is under the control of Ukrainian troops."

Check the location of these latest advances using the resource top/sidebar to the right.
Novorossiya has just taken a big step forward- I get the frantic Lithuanian request


Ukraine leader, after key loss to separatists, says situation 'difficult but controllable'

 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, speaking on Thursday after the army lost a key town to separatists, said the situation in the conflict zone in the east was "extraordinarily difficult ... but controllable"
 The loss of Novoazovsk, Ukraine's most southeasterly point, after a two-day assault by Russian-backed separatists in an armoured column, is a blow to government forces since it leaves vulnerable the big port city of Mariupol, further west along the coast.
Yup, the NATO panic is palpable!


  1. Mariupol is now surrounded.

    From the map, however, it does look as if the militia have so far halted at the borders of the Donetsk republic in the south west.

    I don't see the militia getting carried away and pushing to unite the whole of the south into a Novorussia. Only massive local uprisings would trigger that in my opinion.

    NATO is certainly panicking and Porkyschenko has cried Bear yet again, with new claims that Russian troops have crossed the border and supported the militia. The Americans and western media are parroting the claims, but OSCE observers have denied any large scale Russian incursion.

    In addition to many dead and wounded, several hundred Ukranian soldiers have apparently surrendered in the past few days, more have fled from the boilers without their equipment; often breaking out of one pocket only to land in the next.

    There is no sign yet of a determined Ukranian counter offensive and I would expect the militia who have reached the south western border of the Donetsk Republic to dig in. The big question is do the Ukranians have any decent reserves capable of launching a successful counter offensive.

    And assuming they don't, I assume we can expect the Zionazi pyschopaths to call for military assistance. Hopefully the Ukranian people will rise up again. There are reports of new protests in Kiev and anti-war protests in Mariupol.


  2. I think the New Russia shown in the graphic above is pure fantasy.

    Ukranian regions are called Oblasts. The neighbouring Oblasts to Donetsk in the direction of the Crimea are Zaporizhia (70% Ukranians and 24% Russians) and Kherson (82% Ukranians and 14% Russians). The number of Russian first language speakers is greater, nearly 50% Russian in Zoporizhia and 33% in Kherson.

    It's a similar picture in some of the other southern and eastern Oblasts.


    1. "I think the New Russia shown in the graphic above is pure fantasy"

      Could well be, the future can't be called, yet.

      It's just a reference pic so readers understand what is being referenced
      same as the Middle East remake maps- may or may not happen exactly as illustrated

    2. Hmmm. Fantasy just became a distinct possibility:

      I just found this on

      "08/28/14. 23:33. Posted by bloggers. "militia cut Mariupol from the west, with the assistance of Zaporozhye guerrilla militia came to the sea from the Zaporozhye region. With the release of the militia in the Zaporozhye region war for the liberation of the DNI and LC turned into a war for the liberation of all of historic New Russia."


    3. "I think the New Russia shown in the graphic above is pure fantasy."
      "Could well be, the future can't be called, yet."

      I think Antony & Penny you miss the point - that map is not a fantasy of the future but is the reality of the past!

      BTW Tineye Firefox plugin can be useful for finding the source of unattributed pics like that map.

    4. thank you for the tip freethinker
      glad to see you have come out of hibernation for this brief period of time ;-)

  3. Hi Penny,

    The graphic and the concept of a New Russia are very valid and I'm sure that there will be some Russians who like the idea. I just don't think that modern demographics make this a possibility (which is what I wanted to emphasize in the comment above) and I don't expect the militia to get swept away on a flight of fantasy.

    I did read reports, however, that one of the oligarchs in Dnepropetrovsk was getting nervous.

    I also read one report from the militia earlier that confirmed my feeling that they would start to dig in on the border.

    Who can tell though in the current chaos!


    1. Well, well. No sooner do I guess that the militia will dig in at the border, then they take the village of Osipenko in the bordering Zaporizhia Oblast, just north of the coastal town of Berdyansk.

      I wonder if there are concentrations of ethnic Russians in the border zone of Zaporizhia? Will the militia head on to Melitopol in the direction of the Crimea?

      The Nazi's in the Ukranian government get a lot of support from the west of the Ukraine, which was once Poland. I don't know how strong the government opposition might be amongst the eastern Ukranians of Russian and Ukranian ethnicities.

      This could be relevant. The 2012 electoral results for the Party of the Regions. Lugansk 57%, Donetsk 60%, Crimea 52%, Zaporizhia 41%.

      Also, the votes for the Presidential elections in 2010. The east voted for Janukovych. Could this be an indication of possible Novorussian support?

      Again, note the east west divide as Tymoschenko dominated western Ukraine.,_2010#mediaviewer/File:%D0%94%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B3%D0%B8%D0%B9_%D1%82%D1%83%D1%80_2010_%D0%BF%D0%BE_%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%80%D1%83%D0%B3%D0%B0%D1%85-en.png


    2. Last link didn't work.

      You can see the map I meant (and more) here:,_2010

    3. The question of whether and where the militia counter offensive could take place is one that raises a host of considerations. The following article considers some of the options, basically south to the Crimea, north to Kharkov and / or west to Dnepropetrovsk,

      Each option has many pros, contras and various uncertainties. Additionally, of course, Donetsk and Lugansk are still not free of Ukranian bombardment, there is plenty of fighting to be done to contain the currently trapped Ukranian soldiers and retake numerous towns where the Ukranians are still resisting fiercely, Lutigino, for example.

      It is a long article.and basically comes to the conclusion that anything is possible. We'll just have to wait to see what happens.

      ** in other news, Putin has stated that the militia should create humanitarian corridors for Ukranian soldiers to exit the combat zone into Russia, from where they would be repatriated,

      The militia have agreed to this. Basically, they have had this approach for a while now. The only condition is that the Ukranians leave behind all of their equipment. Hundreds of Ukranians have done just that in recent weeks.

      I assume, but I'm not sure, that the militia offer would apply only to regular army, especially conscripts. I can't see them letting the right sector, and various neonazi outfits get away. They would be more likely taken prisoner and exchanged for militia captives.

      Although freed Ukranian soldiers have been subsequently sent back to the front line, some of them to be trapped in new boilers, the advantages for the militia are clear. Every pocket closed frees up valuable resources and it will be a massive bonus to finally have large areas of the Donbass free of Ukranian soldiers for the first time since the conflict began.

      It is also questionable how keen the Ukranian soldiers will be to return to the front, and they might just poison the morale of fresh recruits. Recently a unit of four hundred Ukranians simply drove away from the front line back into the Ukraine and refused to fight.

      The 5th Battalion of territorial defense were allowed to leave militia territory with their weapons because they feared that they would be branded as deserters if they returned without weapons. The militia pragmatically agreed to the request. Most likely for the reasons I mentioned above. Better the enemy in front of you than behind.


    4. There are reports of 4 SU 25 planes being hit / shot down today.

      There is no confirmation as yet that any planes have been shot down, but there were reports of increased air activity and the loss of more aircraft could put a stop to that very quickly.

      The lack of Ukranian air superiority in recent weeks has been critical to the militia comeback.


    5. The 4 SU-25s have been added to Military Marker, plus an AN something, transport aircraft.

      The SU-25s are shown in pairs, two south of Donetsk near Novokaterinovka and two more a little further south. The AN transport plane was shot down close to Ilovaisk.

      If you can't find them, change the period to today's date.

      Poroshenko had stated that there was secret plan for the release of the boilers. Apparently this consisted of increased air support.

      So much for that then.


    6. From this comment at an excellent The Vineyard of the Saker post from Tuesday explaining the cauldrons, What is the deal with the Ukie "cauldrons"?:

      To answer the question properly- the so-called 'cauldrons' occur because the methods of modern armies like that of Ukraine EXPECT and DEMAND air superiority when fighting against what is supposed to be 'primitive' military opponents.

      The neo-Nazi forces are trained in fighting methods that fall apart when 19th Century ground based supply routes become essential.

      Perhaps in their desperation to avoid being pushed out of range of being able to terrorize the civilian populations with artillery attacks on homes, hospitals, and schools, the Orcs were hoping that the Novorossiya Armed Forces had run out of MANPADS.

    7. john I am going to point out all the great comments posted here in the newest post- thanks so much

  4. Unbelievable NATO and BBC anti-Russian propaganda.

    NATO shows satellite photos of Russian self propelled artillery inside Ukraine.

    What proof is there that these are Russian guns and not captured guns being driven by the militia?

    By the way, the Ukranian government used to refer to the militia as terrorists to fit the global anti-terror meme. Recently, however, they switched to calling them Russians. Very telling.

    Scroll down to the end of the article and compare the BBC map with those we've been referring to in Military Marker.

    The BBC make it look as though Novoazovsk has been taken by an assault across the border and completely fails to show the militia advances of recent days.

    Look at the BBC map and then read this:

    "Earlier, rebels opened a new front in the south by seizing the coastal town of Novoazovsk."

    Not much of a second front judging by the BBC map. Just an isolated town. If it were true, which it is not.

    "He told the BBC there had been a "significant escalation in the level and sophistication of Russia's military interference in Ukraine" over the past two weeks.

    "[Nato has] detected large quantities of advanced weapons, including air defence systems, artillery, tanks, and armoured personnel carriers being transferred to separatist forces in eastern Ukraine," he said."

    Blatant lies. The militia has been capturing masses of hardware from the Ukranian army.

    Lies, lies, more lies, bullshit, more lies and propaganda. Unbelievable. And they think they will get away with this?

    "Ukraine confirmed reports that Novoazovsk had been captured by the rebels, whom they described as "Russian troops".

    It said it had withdrawn its armed forces to save lives, and that Ukrainian soldiers were now reinforcing the defences of the strategic port city of Mariupol.

    The port has until now been peaceful and cut off from rebel positions.

    Pro-Russian fighters have been trying for weeks to break out of an area further north in the Donetsk region where they are almost encircled.

    Analysts say the separatists could also be seeking a land link between Russia and Crimea, which would give them control over the entire Sea of Azov."


  5. I just watched the UNSC meeting and it just about made me sick. Majority of the members made bogus statements and/or outright lies against Russia. Argentina and China which should have called them on their lies said nothing of substance. The only member that had the guts to say anything substancial or truthful was Russia. The UNSC is a complete waist of time.

    Kharkov is on the verge of going hot as well. Things are getting organized. So Ukr. response is to enforce a full mobilization of all able bodied males. Forced conscription of the entire oblast. That is how you put out fires with gasoline. Piss them off further and give them guns.

    Penny, I said this from the beginning that the plan was to break up Ukr. Everything they do is just to destroy that country and make it so they hate each other and can not live under that same set of rules. Everything south and including Kharkov and east of the river will never again want to be associated with the other side of the river. Odessa will split off as well and may merge with Transnistria, Novorussia or may even stand alone. The far west part of Ukr. called Transcarpathian Ruthenia has already started to split off as well. They have recalled all their members home from the Ukr. military, have allowed some now to join the NAF forces, and signed agreements with Hungary and others in the works.

    Right now there is a large protest in Kiev demanding porky and others step down. Ukraine is finished. Economic, military, social. All will be destroyed. Once they have completed the destruction, it will be abandoned by the west and left for Russia to fix. This was the plan all along. Just to create a festoring sore that can not be fixed right on Russias face. This is just punishment and distraction for Syria.

    1. I just think it's part of Full Spectrum Dominance and US led NATO positioning itself for the ultimate showdown toe to toe with the Rooskies.

      The Russian Aggression Prevention Act”, introduced to Congress by U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), will set the US on a path towards direct military conflict with Russia in Ukraine.

      Any US-Russian war is likely to quickly escalate into a nuclear war, since neither the US nor Russia would be willing to admit defeat, both have many thousands of nuclear weapons ready for instant use, and both rely upon Counterforce military doctrine that tasks their military, in the event of war, to preemptively destroy the nuclear forces of the enemy.

      RAPA provides de facto NATO membership for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova via RAPA

      The Russian Aggression Prevention Act, or RAPA, “Provides major non-NATO ally status for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova for purposes of the transfer or possible transfer of defense articles or defense services.” Major non-NATO ally status would for practical purposes give NATO membership to these nations, as it would allow the US to move large amounts of military equipment and forces to them without the need for approval of other NATO member states. Thus RAPA would effectively bypass long-standing German opposition to the US request to make Ukraine and Georgia part of NATO.


    2. No war with Russia. This is just a scare to keep EU populus under the thumb. The war is in the middle east. Iran has to go before Russia.

    3. Do you anthony and o paul think that part of the agenda is to keep Russia occupied at the border as NATO moves in the ME
      Cause it sure looks that way-

    4. Hi Penny,

      I think the Russians are too clever by far to be sidetracked by the Ukranian conflict.

      Russia already realized several years ago that the neo cons had opted to push for a first strike nuclear strategy. For years now, we've seen the Americans and NATO push closer to Russia wherever they could and set up military bases in an absolute provocation of Russian goodwill.

      Russia changed it's nuclear policy a few years back and is, I believe fully aware of the maniacal tendencies of the American led NATO alliance. It really is Doctor Strangelove time.

      It is also, however, in my opinion, Armaggeddon time. Not that it must come to pass, but simply that there are high placed people who want it to happen, and, as I think even the most hard headed skeptic would have to admit, it is more than a little bizarre that an obscure Middle East tribe should be the focal point of the modern world and apparently dictating American, ie. NATO policy.

      To add to the bizarreness we have those who call themselves Jews but are not. And when we consider that the fighting in the Ukraine is in Khazar heartland territory then the bizarreness takes another leap.

      Therefore, on different levels, the Middle Eastern situation and the Ukraine / Russia situation, can not, in my opinion, be separated. They are part of the extremely long term strategy of an obscure tribe who now have the fate of the world in their hands.

      Add to all this, the undisputable fact that our Western leadership appears to be up it's neck in Satanism and in thrall to the call for a new world order.

      I long ago decided that there is an off world / spiritual element to all of this. It is just to bizarre by far and too obvious in it's nature.

      Jesus basically said that this is Satan's playground and the more I learn, the more it really seems to be that way. I certainly believe that there is far more to us and the world than 5 sense existence and materiality.

      For some reason, we few awake souls are here observing the collective madness as outsiders while the masses not only don't see the impending global car crash, but many of them actually demand it. I'm shocked by the ignorance of people I know with regard to Putin and Russia. "SOMETHING MUST BE DONE" is the cry.

      I do feel, however, that the bad guys plan for global destruction has gone off the rails. I don't think that the majority of players have any clue as to the whole picture, but surely Syria should have been mopped up long ago, Iran should have been brought to it's knees, the west should have blinded the world with it's 21st Century propaganda machine.

      There are bad guys out there (in the spiritual sense) so therefore there must also be good guys, otherwise the world would be a far worse place.

      My wife died of cancer on June 3rd this year. She died at home, peacefully, finally released from pain and holding my hand. She was very clear in her head until the final hours when she said herself that she was confused and seeing things. She was free of churchianity, but was spiritual and prayed to Jesus and Mary. Just hours before here death she asked us "Can you also see Yeheshuah?". She never used that way of referring to Jesus before.

      I have no proof, but my life experience so far tells me that this world is truly a kind of prison planet. All we can do is keep searching for truth, always root for the good guys and live as decent human beings.

      Best wishes,

    5. Anthony- I am very sorry for your loss. It brought tears to my eyes just to read that recount

      " All we can do is keep searching for truth, always root for the good guys and live as decent human beings"

      I agree 100 percent with that sentiment Anthony
      it is in fact what keeps me going, every day
      Thanks for sharing that :)

      I have left this comment section unmoderated for a bit longer-changed blog setting and will come back to respond concerning Russia, be sure to read my latest post- I was going to address Syria, but, Henry Kissinger has published an op ed that begs to be read, please do.

    6. Thanks Penny.

      She was just 48 years old. The adoring mother of 3 young children under 12.

      She fought for life when she was ill with cancer of the lymphatic system, but especially towards the end when it was clear that only a miracle could save her, she gradually, consciously, released herself from this world to make room for passage to the next.

      That is something that I feel we should all do, even without the spectre of cancer hanging over us. Don't cling on to anything in this world and live each day as if it were the last in a spiritual sense, that is, with love, in love and for love.


  6. Greatest PR move ever...

    1. President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed Novorossiya militia
      August 29, 2014, 01:10
      Full text of address

      "It is clear the militia has achieved a major success in intercepting Kiev’s military operation, which represents a grave danger to the population of Donbass and which has already led to the loss of many lives among peaceful residents.

      As a result of the militia’s actions, a large number of Ukrainian service members who did not participate in the military operation of their own volition but while following orders have been surrounded.

      I call on the militia groups to open a humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian service members who have been surrounded, so as to avoid any needless loss of life, giving them the opportunity to leave the combat area unimpeded and reunite with their families, to return them to their mothers, wives and children, and to quickly provide medical assistance to those who were injured in the course of the military operation.

      For its part, the Russian side is ready and willing to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Donbass, who have been affected by this humanitarian catastrophe.

      I once again call on the Ukrainian authorities to immediately stop military actions, cease fire, sit down at the negotiating table with Donbass representatives and resolve all the accumulated problems exclusively via peaceful means"

      Definitely. But, then Kiev and company make it so easy by being so murderous

  7. oh and great comments and thanks for ignoring the trolling comments

    1. The latest from the Donbass and it's as confused as ever. Here are some of the main points to note.

      The militia are still holding on to the recently acquired territory in the south and have Mariupol surrounded. Mariupol would be a fantastic prize to win before the winter sets in. A sea port and apparently has large stocks of food, although the Russians have pledged to send more humanitarian aid and the roads are now pretty much clear of Ukranian forces.

      The latest BBC article still persists in showing an isolated pocket of militia gains on the south coast next to the Russian order so as to further the Russian invasion meme. Even the wiki page is better and shows a corridor connecting the south coast to militia territory in the north, although wiki still vastly underplays the actual militia position.

      The militia have been focussing on reducing the boilers, but they have stated that phase two of the counter offensive is planned, with lots of newly acquired equipment to play with. Ukranian soldiers have been surrendering in their hundreds. The militia are splitting conscripts from national guard, right sector and the various nazi leaning paramilitaries. My understanding is that tank crews and artillery men are also being sorted out, partly because they are guilty of massacring the civilian population, but also I think to prevent trained men returning to fight.

      There was some confusion and reports of large numers of Ukranians dead and wounded when, depending on which reports you believe: 1: The Ukranians were cynically butchered by the militia who reneged on their promise of a humanitarian corridor or 2: The Ukranian soldiers were slaughtered as they cynically abused the offer of escape without weapons y regrouping and trying to power their way out with equipment, in respone to which the milita blasted them.

      Highly significantly, Poroshenko has been quoted as saying that there is no military solution to the conflict. Which, translated, means that there is no chance of a Ukranian victory.

      Putin has been emphasizing the need for recognition of statehood for the Donbass. The milita have all the cards right now and they can continue to fight to regain all of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics if Poroshenko plays hard ball.

      Various talking heads from the west have said that there will be no NATO intervention.

      There are reports of a 10,000 strong NATO rapid deployment force to be created for use in Eastern Europe if required.

      To the bright spark who thinks that 10,000 NATO soldiers will achieve anything against Russia I suggest that you get in touch with the spirits of Napoleon and Hitler.


  8. Some good news on the ground.

    The strategically important town of Litugino, south of Lugansk on the H21 highway, is now showing as militia controlled. A couple of small towns / villages south of Litugino are also showing as militia controlled as the boiler gets squeezed back to the Lugansk airport.

    There is fighting at Donetsk airport. Ukrainian troops there are becoming increasingly isolated as the militia slowly pushes out of Donetsk.

    The Ukranian flag on Debalcevo at the crossroads of the M03 and M04 highways has gone. There were reports of a Ukranian withdrawal to prevent another boiler. Are they finally learning? Thankfully, far too late.

    Less positive is the Ukranian flag showing at Volnohava on the H20 highway south of Donetsk to Mariupol. The militia line here looks wafer thin, but the Ukranians to the east of the H20 are under attack from different directions and who knows the qulaity of Ukranian forces to the east.

    There was a story a couple of days ago that the Ukranian government had raised a unit of 150 men from police departments, ministry of the interior which really sounded like scraping the barrel as in death of Nazi Germany days. There was also mention of calling up students to fight, but I assume the response will be negligible.

    Poreshenko and his cronies display every trait of vicious pyschopaths. Surely there days are numbered and the Ukranians will revolt.


    1. In addition to the attack on Donetsk airport, the militia have also launched an atttack on Lugansk airport. Some reports claim that it has been taken.

      These airports were thorns in the side of the militia and would represent decisive steps towards restoring normality in the two cities and of course free resources for other campaigns.