Monday, September 29, 2014

35 (or more) Turkish tanks lineup for their move into Syria

It sure looks as if an official invasion from the Turkish border is being prepped.
I suspect that the tanks will support all the fighters that are entering from the hill tops of Turkey, overlooking Syria. Ya know the ones the mainstream media lies about? The "spectators" baloney
I saw a video on some network news outlet where the spectator/fighters just can't take it anymore and stream over the border as "ISIS" shoots at them and amazingly misses every single one of them?!?! Amazing? Really amazing, that ISIS, which is 'fighting Kurds' missed every single PKK fighter What are the odds?

 Also fortuitous was how nice the whole show presented for the American news media.

Here's one tale of such heroics

Ahmed, 41, is one of the seasoned combatants who want to take up arms against Isis. Originally from Siirt, he has been with the PKK in Turkey since 1991, but for the past two years he has been fighting against Islamist militants in Iraq. Six days ago he decided to join the battle against Isis in Kobani province.
After several brief visits with PYD fighters across the border he is ready to go. He is waiting for nightfall in a small village close to Kobani. “PYD fighters will come to the border fence to help us cross,” he explains. “They know the safe spots.”

Turkey's military on Monday deployed 35 tanks in a border town near Syria 

 Turkey's military on Monday deployed 35 tanks in a border town near Syria
Or AlJaz

 Turkish tanks have been sent to hills overlooking the Syrian border town of Ain al-Arab besieged by ISIL, while a US-led coalition intensified its bombing of the group in northern and eastern Syria.

 Yes, ISIS is chock full of Kurds, IMO. ( I have said it before and I will state it again.
Kurdish fighters make up some percentage of "ISIS".
Along with assorted NATO special operatives. US. UK. Canadian. French and so forth and so on
Imported fighters.- Chechen, Uighur, Pakistanis- European imports.
Turks and Israeli boots definitely on the ground too!

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  1. Now you understand why they want to have a no fly zone in the North of Syria due to the fact that these tanks won't be attacked.

    Kind regards, Dutchie

    1. Hi Dutchie

      Yup, and not just to protect the tanks- also to protect Turkish troops that are getting ready too!