Thursday, September 18, 2014

A Monroe Doctrine for NATO

The 19th-century strategy provides a model for how to protect Ukraine and other vulnerable states

Uncle Sam carrying his big stick- for head bashin'
Took some time to read up on the Monroe doctrine- which by all appearances looked to be a way the US controlled/dominated all of South America-
 Using NATO as a very big stick, a global tyrannical army, this "Monroe Doctrine" looks to be an agenda for controlling/dominating just about the entire globe- Frightful stuff

Speaking in Tallinn, Estonia, President Barack Obama earlier this month affirmed America's commitment to defend NATO allies in Eastern Europe. The reassurance was welcomed, particularly by the Baltic republics, which have been feeling the heat from Russia's invasion of Ukraine. (you know the invasion that didn't happen)
Yet Mr. Obama's speech telegraphed an unintended message to Moscow: Keep Crimea and continue violating Ukraine's sovereignty—just don't cross the line west into NATO territory.

Ukraine and several other strategically important sates aren't NATO members and therefore not covered by Article 5 of the Atlantic Charter, under which an attack on one member is considered an attack on all. How can Washington forestall further Russian encroachments in such regions? (Russian encroachment?) American history provides an instructive precedent for how to prevent foreign meddling in vulnerable states: the Monroe Doctrine.
Preventing foreign meddling? Or controlling & completely dominating?
Formulated by Secretary of State John Quincy Adams in 1823 during the presidency of James Monroe, the doctrine stipulated that the U.S. would view attempts by European colonial powers to interfere in the affairs of the newly independent countries of Latin America as acts of aggression.

Ever since Monroe enunciated it in his State of the Union address that year, historians and leftist Latin American politicians have besmirched the doctrine as the ideological essence of Yanqui imperialism. (which it did)
The spin in this next paragraph is vomit inducing, but, it gives us all the idea of how this new Monroe doctrine of dominance and control is going to be foisted on the unwashed masses
But by declaring itself hegemon of the Western hemisphere, the U.S. was doing precisely the opposite: creating space for Latin American nations to choose their own destiny, free of foreign intervention. And the doctrine worked: Latin America didn't face nearly as much colonial aggression as before.
Yup, free of intervention from anyone but the US! No colonial aggression from anyone but the US.
NATO today should apply something like the Monroe Doctrine to European states that geographic misfortune has placed outside the Alliance but whose sovereignty is essential to a Continent "whole, free and at peace." One way to formulate the principle would be to announce that attempts by outside powers to subvert the sovereignty of these states will be considered, in Monroe's words, "as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition" toward the Western Alliance.
A Continent "whole, free and at peace" ? While completely dominated and subjugated by the US via the big, big NATO tyranny
Practically, this would offer everything just short of an Article 5 commitment to put NATO forces on the ground to defend against attack. Had such a policy been in place before Vladimir Putin launched his Ukrainian adventure, it would have meant immediate and crushing sanctions on Russia, full-scale diplomatic isolation and the supply of lethal aid to Kiev.

Had the West made clear early in Russia's attempt to dismember Ukraine that such moves would come at a prohibitively high cost, then the entire crisis might have been averted. By contrast, likening the borders of NATO territory to a "trip wire" has the perverse effect of emboldening bad behavior on the other side.

The countries caught between NATO and Russia—Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, all of which have sought, to varying degrees, membership in NATO—exist within a dangerous gray area, zones of contestation between East and West. They deserve something better than to be told "Good luck, you're on your own."

Leaving these countries outside the West's defense architecture invites Russian aggression. With 20% of Georgia, the breakaway Republic of Transnistria, and the Crimean Peninsula all under its belt, Russia has indefinitely forestalled these nations' progress toward NATO membership, since the Alliance doesn't accept new members with open border disputes.

While extending NATO in the near future may not be in the cards, there should exist a strategic framework for candidate states, short of full membership, which would help reduce the ambiguity inherent in their security environment. It would go beyond the current Membership Action Plan mechanism, which provides a path of reform to aspirant nations but does little to ensure their security against attack.

At stake is Western credibility.
While not a treaty commitment, the 1994 Budapest Memorandum signed by the U.S., U.K. and Russia did offer security guarantees to Ukraine in exchange for Kiev giving up its nuclear weapons stockpile to Moscow. The evident worthlessness of those guarantees will not only make it more difficult to convince other nations to dispense of their nuclear arsenals, but signals that Western governments aren't serious about enforcing agreements.

Last year, in a speech before the Organization of American States, Secretary of State John Kerry proclaimed that the "era of the Monroe Doctrine is over." In so doing, he broke with every administration since Monroe, which all viewed the Western hemisphere as off-limits to rival powers. It was of a piece with Mr. Kerry's characterization of Moscow's actions as belonging to the 19th century. Yet in resisting Russia's neo-imperialism, Washington would do well to resuscitate a 19th-century doctrine of its own.
 Reading this article from WSJ is Orwellian. Black is white. Up is down. Lies are truth.

If you didn't read this post from earlier this year, today, could be a very good day to do so!

NATO global dominance

"Toward a Europe Whole & Free" Via NATO global dominance

Catch the video. Read the links. Contemplate the agenda the US is pushing.


  1. An update from the Ukraine.

    A 3rd humanitarian aid convoy arrived from Russia in Donetsk. When you consider that the route to Donetsk and Lugansk was blocked just a couple of months ago, this is a good indicator of increased stability and the clearing of Ukranian army from the hinterland of militia held territory.

    Some of the pockets are still holding out incredibly after many weeks of isolation. The militia admit that they just don't have the manpower to finish off all of the boilers.

    There just might be a new and very large boiler in and around Debalcevo to the south east of Gorlivka. I read that this could be the largest group of Ukranian soldiers cut off so far with perhaps up to 3000 or even more. I've been following MilitaryMaps rather than MilitaryMarker because the latter seems to have got somewhat stagnant in recent weeks. MilitaryMaps sometimes appears to get hacked with some bizarre comments on it, but expecially on a big screen it gives a good overview.

    Despite the fact that fighting is underway in many places, and the Ukranians are stil launching indiscriminate rocket attacks on civilian areas. the truce officially still holds and there was an exchange of prisoners today. 38 for 38, which means that 38 pro Russian militia are spared the torture and mistreatment at the hands of the Ukranians. Recently there was a report of a militia prisoner who was branded with a swastika.


    1. Hi Anthony
      I haven't forgot about Ukraine, however it appears Syria is getting closer to being attacked

      There is news of a demilitarized zone being established in Ukraine
      15 km buffer zone?

      sorry 30 km buffer zone- yikes

      KIEV: Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian militias were due today to pull back their troops from a demilitarised zone created under a new peace plan agreed in marathon overnight talks.

      A nine-point agreement thrashed out in the early hours of today in the Belarussian capital Minsk also requires the withdrawal of all "mercenaries" from the conflict zone and an immediate end to hostilities.

      all 'mercenaries' isn't that interesting?

      "But Russia appeared ready to keep up the pressure on its westward-leaning neighbour by sending in a new 30-truck convoy it said was carrying aid for the rebel-held city of Donetsk, but that Ukraine never approved.

      Former Ukrainian president Leonid Kuchma - who is representing Kiev in the stuttering efforts to resolve the five-month conflict - said the agreement rested on the creation of a 30-kilometre (19-mile) buffer zone.

      Forces from both sides are required to retreat 15 kilometres from current frontlines within 24 hours of the signing of the accord and allow monitors from the OSCE pan-European security organisation into the area to make sure the truce holds.

      The areas under rebel control would be left open to their administration under a temporary self-rule plan adopted by lawmakers in Kiev on Tuesday.

      The Minsk pact - also signed by Moscow's ambassador to Kiev and the self-proclaimed "prime ministers" of the rebel-run regions of Donetsk and Lugansk - aims to shore up a ceasefire deal agreed two weeks ago.

      The agreement crucially requires both sides to immediately withdraw "foreign mercenaries" from the conflict zone in industrial eastern Ukraine.

      Kiev and Western allies accuse Russia of clandestinely slipping at least 1,000 paratroopers into east Ukraine to help the guerrillas mount a surprise counter-offensive late last month.

      The Kremlin denies ordering soldiers into Ukraine. But Moscow's Kiev envoy Mikhail Zurabov told Russian media after the signing of the Minsk deal that both sides appeared to have hired foreign mercenaries.

      The sides agreed to leave the most divisive political issues for future negotiation in order to get the terms of the truce worked out first.

      Donetsk separatist leader Alexander Zakharchenko stressed that the explosive question of the status of rebel-held Donetsk and Lugansk was not discussed in Minsk by mutual consent.

      "We each have our own understanding of (Kiev's) law on special status," Russian media quoted Zakharchenko as saying."

      I hate this concept- but..... I am not negotiating
      thanks for the updates Anthony :)

  2. Poroshenko admits to over 60% losses of military hardware, but goes on to say that the losses have been made good by foreign sources. How much of the following is bluster and how much truth will be interesting as it will indicate the level of western military support for the Ukraine.

    Ex soviet era hardware from former warsaw pact nations is one thing. Possible supplies of modern NATO hardware would be another, especially as it might involve the use of NATO personnel and/or western mercenaries to run and maintain them.

    "The loss of military hardware, over 60% of which were destroyed in the fighting in Donbas, has now been compensated for, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said in an interview with Ukrainian television channels aired on September 21 night. .

    There are daily supplies of military hardware to restore the combat preparedness of units, the president said.The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been provided with non-lethal weapons by their foreign partners, and Ukraine has sufficient quantities of lethal armaments, he noted. "We needed and we received everything we need - reconnaissance, radar, surveillance and other defensive systems which will improve the effectiveness of our weaponry dozens of times and modernize them," Petro Poroshenko said. He said those systems were supplied not only by the United States."

    In other news, the Ukranian army is pulling back from around Debalcevo. If this continues, it would bring advantages to both sides as it would considerably reduce the front lines in the area. The bigger advantage would be to the militia in my opinion as aside from several small pockets still needing to be mopped up, they would be getting close for the first time to having no Ukranians behind their lines.


  3. As the Ukranian army pulls back from some areas, the militia are discovering evidence of the torture, rape and murder of civilians (including the rape and murder of a pregnant woman). There is also widespread looting of civilian homes.


    1. Oh my goodness- how truly awful
      Anthony there are times I simply have no words for how I feel about these situations- it's so heartbreaking