Tuesday, September 16, 2014

AGGRESSOR Obama vows strikes on Syrian Air DEFENCES

Notice I capitalized the words aggressor and defences?
That's because Obomba is an aggressor. A war pig. He intends to attack a sovereign nation and if it dares to protect itself he will simply kill a slew of civilians while he hits their nations defensive capabilities

War Pig
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The Obama administration has threatened to destroy the Syrian government's air defenses if US warplanes flying missions to attack militants in Syria are targeted over the country's air space
The Associated Press reports:
Officials said the U.S. has a good sense of where the Syrian air defenses, along with their command and control centers, are located. If Assad were to use those capabilities to threaten U.S. forces, it would put his air defenses at risk, according to the officials, who insisted on anonymity in order to discuss the administration's thinking on the matter.
... U.S. officials have ruled out direct coordination with Assad and insist that a campaign against the Islamic State will not strengthen the Syrian dictator's hold on power.

Flashback August 28- The ruse was clear then!

ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria

 We have to realize that ISIS is the smoke and mirrors to the ME reshape.
ISIS is the deception. The distraction. While we are spoon fed the ISIS soma, NATO headed by the US, in cahoots with Israel and the GCC nations reorder the globe to suit their agenda

When I have more time I will update this post, meanwhile.........

Regarding a posting made here yesterday- Syrian Army destroys ISIS-controlled bridge

"I am informed that the decision to blow up the Al-Siyaasiyya was a difficult one because the government in Damascus wants to maintain and preserve infrastructure; however, drone surveillance and Intel from allies indicated clearly that the ISIS rats were planning a huge military operation at night to push thousands of their rodents into the west bank for the assault on the D.Z. Army base and airbase.  This cannot happen any longer.
The destruction of the bridge to trap the ISIS terrorists on the east bank was also motivated by a fear that the U.S. would bomb SAA positions in order to help ISIS to assault the DZ airbase and, especially,  Syria’s dense anti-aircraft missile network around the base"

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  1. Penny,
    It appears the push to pin the entirety of 9/11 - and ISIS - on the Saudis is really underway in the fake left blogosphere. As a follow up to the laughable Cockburn piece from the other day James Ridgeway chimes in to back up his claims about how we should all look NO FURTHER - cough Israel cough - than the KSA.

    Terrible propaganda.

    1. Sorry, Penny, don't want to hijack the thread but I've just seen the 28 pages website linked to on antiwar.com. Man, this shit is getting serious as the campaign is being pitched into high gear.

      At the right of the site you'll see how many MSM sources - ones remember that wouldn't TOUCH a story about 9/11 truth for more than a decade - have run stories on this diversion.

      Stinks stinks stinks.

      They are really pushing for a new Saudi angle on this ISIS nonsense.

  2. Hi J Sorrentine- No worries about the thread-

    Just a question? Do you find this a bit of distraction at this time
    It makes me curious, like why now?
    You are correct about the news sites never touching anything other then the state sanctioned conspiracy theory.
    But it's not like the Saudi connection hasn't been mentioned before
    You know how the bin ladens were allowed to fly out and all the incestuous ties between the house of saud and the house of bush
    Pics of GW holding hands- That whole Michael Moore movie- It feels like a rehash in many ways--- I expect the 28 pages that were allegedly left out of the report and who knows if they really were, are going to end up being much adieu about nothing.
    My other thought? Did someone just concoct this crap out of thin air?
    I am thinking about that fellow that did the entire timeline- he had a ton of stuff on that topic Paul Thompson- 9/11 Terror Timeline

    You can find much of the info


    Years back I recall reading lots of this timeline- I used to really dig into this subject
    I don't know how serious this is going to get, but, right now it looks as if the fans are being flamed, but, will they just be extinguished?

    1. That's just it. The Saudis have ALWAYS been part and parcel of the official 9/11 fairy tale so why then the need to bring up them again?

      Because even thought the "hijackers" were supposedly Saudis they weren't acting as agents of the KSA but Al-CIAda. I think drawing the KSA into the mix officially will give the Zionists/US cover if they need to go after "ISIS" inside of the KSA. Remember, the KSA is also slated for partition a la the Yinon Plan etc. This way the war criminals are laying the ground/propaganda for the US et al turning their sights on the KSA as they are the reason we are - nudge wink - fighting ISIS in the first place vis a vis 9/11.

      Some people - like Raimondo - think that this missing info might be implicating the Israelis but I have a really really hard time swallowing that given that we have US Congresspersons and the Zionist MSM joining in this call to release the redacted information.

      Someone high up the echelon of power KNOWS what's in that report and since we know the echelon of power in the US is tried and true Zionist I don't think there's ANY way that they would be clamoring for the release of info that could potentially put the Israelis in a bad light. No way.

    2. "I think drawing the KSA into the mix officially will give the Zionists/US cover if they need to go after "ISIS" inside of the KSA."

      There is someone else here who believe KSA is set to be or already being targeted
      OK, I can see how this 9/11 connection would start the narrative creation?
      You always have to have the story/narrative ready to go- It provides the backdrop - planning for every contingency

  3. He intends to attack a sovereign nation and if it dares to protect itself he will simply kill a slew of civilians while he hits their nations defensive capabilities

    Not to be nit picky or anything but shouldn't this read.

    He intends to attack another sovereign nation

    just saying;) cycle-0-paths.

    1. you are correct jo, it is yet another sovereign nation

  4. URGENT: UNDOF Abandoned Positions in Syrian Golan and are Stationed on the Israeli Side [Link]
    Israeli-backed al-Nusrah ousts UN Peacekeepers from Syrian Golan [Link]
    Israel’s Cue: Syrian ‘Rebels’ Occupy Golan Heights, Seize UN Weapons and Vehicles [Link]

    1. thanks anonymous- I found a news story that covers all those bases
      but am going to put your comment in the post too