Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Beheading" video- ISIS beheads UK "hostage" David Haines

Ok, I can't pass this shit up- It's way toooo theatre of the absurd
Another beheading video- but, nothing is shown. Went back to get it off of You Tube and it's gone!!
(if you see it, leave a link?)
This video is  so formulaic. But, not credible. Other then from a catapulting the propaganda point of view?
The first video I viewed didn't show the decapitated head prop at the end. And, like all the beheading videos prior, there is no beheading actually shown
You know what else was interesting? The "ISIS" actor says that David Haines served with the Royal Air Force... Curious? Or not really? Just another spook masquerading as a humanitarian!

The video below is the closest to the taken down one. Look at the logo in the right hand corner!
SITE- pretty much guarantees this is yet another psyop

ISIS militants fighting in Iraq and Syria released a video on Saturday which purported to show the beheading of British aid worker David Haines.

Reuters could not immediately verify the footage. Two U.S. journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, have been executed by ISIS.
Haines, a 44-year-old father of two from Perth in Scotland, was kidnapped last year while working for the French agency ACTED.


 Took a few minutes to check out ACTED- Just another No Good Organization- Check out their partners and the countries they 'work' in- Think NATO/UN/OWO/ creepy intertwined organizations that exploit populations for psychopathic elites. Making it a non surprise that Mr Haines was military

A few other news outlets reporting on this story

  Islamic State terrorist purportedly beheads British hostage David Haines

 Update 2

Since I  want everyone to realize that this is yet more trauma based perception management reinforcement here again is this post, from September 11/2014. 
Take the time to watch it and consider the information presented, please.

Gnostic Media presents “9/11 & Cyclical, Fear-Based Mind Control in the Media”


Updates aside on the beheading topic, the video and the first two posts of the day are more important, info wise The beheading is just more fear/war porn.

 Obama Buggers Europe: Sanctions Deepen the Recession

Ukrainians call for a Separate State


  1. Here is one with the ending...:

    Kind regards, Dutchie

    1. thanks Dutchie
      really not sure why the do the graphic content warning?
      Movies show way more then that did
      As usual, no beheading. Though the above linked version did show the head on the body-
      Still no beheading, just the allusion to a beheading
      and just like all the other videos- the knife to neck- draws it across the neck and no blood. Mr Haines doesn't make a sound, of course, because their is nothing going on that I can see
      three reruns..

  2. Thanks Kenny!
    And of course everyone else you got two additional videos to view.
    You won't see a beheading take place. so don't believe what isn't there
    I have updated the post and relinked the gnostic media presentation-
    life is for living and learning

  3. Adjust your tin-foil cap, Penny. Your blog is filled with innuendo and conspiracy theories. If you want to retain even a shred of credibility, stop posting lies. It's not that hard, Penny, just provide honest content.
    Enjoy the remainder of your weekend! :)

  4. You may be aware of this writer. If not, I'm sure you will like to read this! Delete as appropriate. Cheers! Marie ;-) (There's more on his blog about this whole ISis propaganda also worth reading!)

    1. thanks marie :)
      glad to see you around

      I see the blogger is making note of the fact that Mr Haines was,(ex) military and definitely not a humanitarian. Noticed his creepy connections via
      ACTED, which I added to the post

      Not sure myself about the ex part, but, jihadi actor confirmed his military status-

      I won't delete it, if anyone else wants to read it they can
      thanks again Marie
      and hope all is well with you?

    2. Thanks Penny. I'm still around and still reading! Watching the world around me going ever more crazy by the day. ;-)

  5. Penny,
    First, I enjoyed your comment on MOA from yesterday, b and the rest of the regulars there seem to have gone off the deep-end and are looking for ways to explain away ISIS so as to lend credence to TPTB's narrative - i.e., unconscious lying? WTF?

    Anyways, Gatekeeper Patrick Cockburn who has been one of the point-men in the fake left press about ISIS has a new article out on Counterpunch interviewing shameless Zionist whore former US Senator Bob Graham about ISIS etc.

    You'll never believe what Graham's conclusion is that Cockburn echoes: it's ALL the Saudis fault ONCE AGAIN!!!!

    Never mind the Zionist neocons and the Israelis, it's really the KSA that is to blame for it all.

    I knew the new attention being drawn to the redacted 28 pages of the 9/11 report was going to come into play I just didn't think they would be so transparently shameless about the whole thing.


    1. Hi J Sorrentine

      Yah, that was some odd reasoning over there? I don't get by there other then every now and then,but, I was perplexed at the theories being put forward

      I notice the downplaying of ISIS and it's western attributes
      But, it is plainly obvious ISIS justified, for the US, the forced regime change in Iraq and the same scenario is being played out (attempting regime change) with Syria
      With again the presence of ISIS as the reason/necessity for the involvement.

      Would you believe I almost never read Patrick Cockburn?
      If I have read more then 5 or 6 of his articles over the course of many, many years it would be an amazement- He's just not interesting to me

    2. Yeah, I really read all of the mainstream fake left stuff - i.e., Cockburn, etc - to get a line on what the major lines of nonsense that are going to be inundating the airwaves in the coming weeks. It's sad to see that instead of opting to reject wholesale the memes of our overlords, writers/analysts will allow themselves to be taken in by certain aspects of the narrative and in doing so they are rendered ineffectual.

      Case in point, there's been A LOT of chatter here in the US - including the involvement of US Congressmen, etc - about the 28 pp. of redactions implicating the Saudis going back a few months and it seemed a bit odd as NO ONE touches the topic of 9/11 without a reason. Now we see the Saudis are going to be left to hang by the rest of the criminals once again.

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