Tuesday, September 23, 2014

David Cameron to recall Parliament- strikes in Iraq? Or mostly Syria

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US/Israel & GCC nations strike Syria- Khorasan and Updates

 David Cameron- strikes on Syria, cause let's face it the strikes in Iraq have been mostly for show. Once the regime change was taken care of in Iraq. Syria was going to be the target.
This news ties in quite nicely with a comment from Marie, earlier today

September 23, 2014 at 8:20 AM
Hi Penny

I am greatly saddened by the news. It was inevitable, as we say. I must tell you that the president of Cyprus (who is by all accounts in the pockets of the US) went to the UK and then on to NY to meet Joe Biden AND John Kerry AND elSisi, then onto the UN for the meeting. It seems obvious he was told (yesterday) that Akrotiri British base was about to be used. We're told that the US Vice President will visit here very soon for the first time ever....this is all bad news..
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Parliament could be recalled as soon as Friday to authorise Britain’s participation in air strikes against Isis militants in Iraq, it has emerged.
David Cameron is due to meet the new Iraqi Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, at the fringes of the United Nations meeting in New York on Wednesday. Downing Street sources said they expect Mr Abadi to request UK assistance for air strikes against Isis in his country.
The Defence Secretary, Michael Fallon, has strongly hinted that British involvement might be extended to air strikes in Syria.
“The government of Iraq is entitled to argue that it is under attack from Isil [Isis] forces in Syria or coming from Syria,” he told The Spectator.
“Iraq is under attack not just from terrorists inside its own borders but it is under attack from terrorists in the north of Syria and if Syria continues to be unwilling or unable to deal with Isil then at least the question arises as to whether we shouldn’t assist Iraq in doing so.” He added: “I hope Parliament now will have the courage shown by our armed forces already, [and] will  have the mental strength to take on this challenge, but we’ll see.”

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