Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First MH17 crash report due in the next two weeks

Pay particular attention to wording and dates-

Dutch air crash ( not shoot down?) investigators said Tuesday an initial report into what brought down flight MH17 in Ukraine will be released "this week or the next."

"We don't know exactly when the interim report will be released but it will be this week or the next," said Sara Vernooij, spokeswoman for the Dutch Safety Board (OVV).

Vernooij stressed the findings will be a "first report, an interim report."

"The final report will be published later, hopefully by the summer of 2015," she told AFP
Air crash investigators returned to The Hague from Ukraine in early August without being able to visit the crash site
Without being able to visit the crash site? Really? Not credible.

Or simply choosing not to visit? Because the parameters were set, the limited search was over and the 'searchers' chose not to go to specific areas of the crash when they could of.


Limited MH-17 Search Has Run It's Course- Nothing to do with fighting, it's done
The search for human remains at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine is winding down, with an expectation among the Australian search party here that they will be withdrawn as early as Thursday or Friday.
Including this headline
'We're not looking for teddy bears': MH17 search will be limited, AFP commander says

And this timeline?
 A day in the search?

-The convoy took all of three hours to cover the 90 kilometres from their base to Rassypnoe on Wednesday morning, where the searchers mustered for a briefing.
-The Australian and Dutch investigators then milled in the street while OSCE conflict monitors went into the village, distributing Russian-language flyers asking for possessions or information about where the possessions might be.  After a time, people started to emerge.
-At 2:30pm local time, the convoy was attempting to make its way to the smashed cockpit section of the Boeing 777, but gunfire prevented it from continuing.
-A deal struck with the rebels to allow OSCE conflict monitors to approach villagers with fliers seeking information about the flight produced little for investigators.
-Apart from a few small parts of the aircraft, the only personal item handed in was a small silver necklace which a villager said he had found in his potato patch.
-At 3pm, the convoy was allowed to proceed. But instead of continuing to the cockpit site, the convoy headed north to its base at Soledar.


  1. I see there has been another beheading- I guess the Foley one was too scam like, too obviously a psyop- if at first you don't succeed lie, lie again!

    MH17 trumps bogus beheadings!

  2. Yep, they're working overtime to change the message on the shooting down of the flight It did crash after it was shot down, I can see the spin from here. Russia bad and Amerika and it's Ukraine Nazis are Good.

    Yep, if these are real beheading it's just how the death squads in South America worked and the were trained by the same Amerikan govt. criminal cia

    1. Notice how long until the final release? Summer of 2015 if at all.....

      Looks to be the same MO as Foley- no beheading- no proof of beheading
      oh and the same voice over, different voice
      guess the brit accents was sufficiently terrifying or what ever they were going for

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  4. There have also been statements made that the form of the report and its contents have to be approved by all parties involved - in this case it's the Malayans, the Dutch, The Australians and the government in Kyiv.

    Considering that the latter might well have been responsible for downing that aircraft, and certainly was responsible for its flight path over the Ukraine, it should not have a right to veto any part of the report.

    You are correct in stating the tragedy of MH17 has had its effect. It has permitted the Kyiv cabal to take the moral high ground, and have that echoed by NATO and the EU. EUkraine is the injured, yet cooperative, party in the crash. Even should the report state that a government AA battery was to blame, at this stage, poor, suffering Ukrainia - invaded for the Nth time by Putin's red horde - (maybe for real this time) will take it's place among the debtors to the World bank and the IMF.

    All that needs to be done now is to con the Ukrainians into taking less in the hope of getting more down the road. And to "liquidate the colorados", of course.

    The dead are the dead, mere props in the screenplay.

    1. Hi popsiq!

      "There have also been statements made that the form of the report and its contents have to be approved by all parties involved - in this case it's the Malayans, the Dutch, The Australians and the government in Kyiv."

      I heard someone, somewhere talking about that- which is interesting because it pretty much guarantees the report will never be released

      original source


      originating source via translate


      "As part of the four-party agreement signed on August 8, the Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and Australia, information on the investigation into the disaster Malaysian "Boeing-777" will not be disclosed.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, at a briefing in Kiev said Speaker prosecutor Yuri Boychenko. In his owls, the investigation continued examination and other investigative actions - the results will be announced upon completion of the investigation and with the consent of all the parties who signed the corresponding agreement"

      It looks as if the IMF is willing to indebt the Ukies even more, I saw some news this am about it.

      What a mess!

  5. Here's a little more on this subject.


  6. Penny, I tried to post the following at Saker's open thread on 9/2. Couldn't get past the captcha gotcha. I know Saker is working on it. The DSB announced officially today that the preliminary report will be released 9/9 at 10:00 AM Amsterdam time. I have links supporting the statements below. Here is the attempted post:

    This is the week when the Dutch Safety Board might release the preliminary report about MH17. Or not. It remains doubtful that the report will be released this week. The content will surely be a disappointment. Consider the evidence:

    July 25 the DSB said it would release initial factual findings by the end of the following week. Nothing has been released.
    July 28 DSB said it won't release any information until the black boxes are fully analyzed in the context of other information sources.
    Aug. 6 DSB said no preliminary report will be released until sometime in Sept.
    Aug. 7 Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine and Australia agree that all must concur with any information about MH17 that is released publicly. There's no chance that the reported cause of the crash will be anything other than a ground to air missile.
    Aug. 12 DSB said the preliminary report will be released early Sept. and information sources will be the cockpit voice recorder, radar analysis and satellite photos.
    Aug. 14 DSB said only their analysis of the information will be published. The public will receive no independently verifiable raw data. Report sources will include the black boxes, transcripts of conversations between the crew and flight dispatchers, and satellite imagery. This was the only time when the DSB said the report would include communication with air traffic control.
    Aug. 21 DSB said is wasn't clear when they would release the preliminary report. Report sources will be the black boxes, satellite and other images and radar information.
    Aug. 30 DSB said the date of the release of the preliminary report remains unclear.
    Aug. 31 DSB said the preliminary report will be released early next month and a final report will be released next year. Analysis of black box data won't be given until the final report next year. Conspicuously absent from the list of report sources are conversations with air traffic control.

    Although the fighting on the ground is more than 20 km away and Ukie air power is seriously diminished, no attempt has been made by the DSB to send investigators back to the debris field.
    The preliminary and final reports will contain little if any new information, and will give no new information that can be independently verified by the public.