Monday, September 8, 2014

From "cancer" to "House of Blood". NATO media is meme generating for yet more war!

A news round up

From the UN’s new Jordanian Chief human rights abuser

"It would be a harsh, mean-spirited, house of blood, where no shade would be offered, nor shelter given, to any non-Takfiri in their midst," Zeid added.

A Jordanian speaking of takfiris...... Rich!

What with all the training past and present in Jordan of those very same Takfiri.

“According to Jordanian intelligence sources, it is reported that the program is designed to create 10,000 fighters who will exclusively be a part of the ISIS group. ISIS is now responsible for the unrest occurring in Northern Iraq, and it would be quite ironic if the United States was actually responsible for the training that is now being used to destabilize the Iraqi nation”
It's not irony, it's a plan!

The fox guarding the henhouses

Well armed Turkey aided the rise of ISIS and yet NATO promises to defend

Gist of it?- Why should NATO defend a well armed Turkey from ISIS when Turkey aided the rise of ISIS. Forbes is selling you “blowback” Just another meme to misdirect.
Refresh-The logical fallacy of “blowback". Intoxication with the blowback mind virus

The author wishes you to believe that Turkey aided ISIS all on it’s own. Turkey didn’t.
Turkey aided ISIS in coordination with other NATO states. Including but not limited to the US, Canada, Britain, France and of course NATO Med partner Israel. Turkey did not act alone and there is no blowback


 I wonder what is the real purpose of the strikes around the dam in Haditha?
Dams are always vital infrastructure, but.... Haditha is a prime location for ....... pipelines!
“ISIS had not made it to the Haditha Dam, but had been advancing for several weeks”
Ok, they have been advancing? Towards the dam? From where?  Where was ISIS located at the time of the bombing?
Obama administration officials continued to insist, even after American warplanes bombed ISIS positions near several villages close to Haditha, that the United States had not expanded the mission beyond the limited goals set out by the president a month ago when he authorized
At Haditha a main pipeline branches off in 3 directions

older map
At Haditha we have now got  a pipeline into Jordan (beneficial to Israel)
Haditha is a major oil transit location

Iraq plans to build a new two leg pipeline from 1) Basra-Haditha (red, 680 km, 2.25 mbd) and 2) Haditha-Aqaba (blue, Jordan Red Sea port, 1000 km, 1 mbd).
[presentation] – pdf, Iraq Ministry of Oil presentation, December 2012

 Battle to “end” ISIS could take 3 years
The US Secretary of State John Kerry warned it could take three years to eradicate Isis. David Cameron refused to put a timescale on the operation, but said the world faced a “generational struggle” against extremist ideology.

Later today Obomba is going to give us his plan for dealing with ISIS in Syria. I am sure it will come as absolutely no surprise to myself or my readers.

Endless war for the warmongers. Endless misery for the rest of us, because we allow it. We believe in the system that empowers these psychos.— OK, not me and not my readers. But the masses are sufficiently stupefied


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