Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hong Kong Protests: Water, food, masks & medical supplies materialize

"Pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong have been receiving donations of food, water, masks and other medical supplies as they continue their demonstration that has brought large parts of the territory to a standstill"
"The supplies have been set out in an exceptionally organised way. There are even buckets with water-soaked paper towels in them, in case the authorities start to use tear gas and pepper spray again."
That's the entire BBC article- Those two quoted paragraphs
From who or where are these donations originating? It's not mentioned. All those goods cost money?
Wasn't the BBC reporter the least bit curious? Or are we supposed to believe/assume this support is coming from others within Hong Kong, hence the lack of detail?
Is that the idea the BBC is trying to implant in your mind? I suspect that's the idea BBC is hoping to give you as you read that story. 
But then I recall images such as this-

U.S. Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland offers food to pro-European Union activists as she and U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt (R), walk through Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine.
And have a pretty good idea that the magically appearing supplies in Hong Kong were put there by some NoGoodOrganization, at the behest of the US, through any number of it's grasping tentacles.
And, the appearance of the supplies don't have a single thing to do with any broader support from within the general populace


  1. I feel my gag reflex may cause me to vomit soon.
    Not very enlightening or productive to the conversation, is it?

    Sorry, that's all I got.

    Thanks, Penny. I lurve you.

    1. lurve? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Hopefully it's something nice?
      As for your gag reflex,, I feel like that often when I go through the news...
      the nauseating feeling of the same lies with minor tweaks being passed off as substance

    2. 'Lurve" is a youngster meme that's popular these days. Maybe it's even too 'yesterday'. I don't know.

      It's a meme-humorous way to say LOVE these days.

      I love you, Penny.

    3. I can't even listen to the lies anymore. It's awful. Thank you again, so much.


    4. I'm not sure that I have earned such devotion? But, it's nice and thank you.

      As for listening to and reading lies- just dismiss the garbage for what it is

  2. Hi Penny,
    As the #OccupyCentral movement seemed to 'spring' from nowhere, whilst at the same time, being extremely well organised, I had the same knee jerk reaction as you and smelled a rat.
    I found this great article which details how the US State Dept. essentially birthed the Umbrella Revolution, and shows the level of sophistication used.
    Quote "It should be no surprise to readers then, to find out each and every "Occupy Central" leader is either directly linked to the US State Department, NED, and NDI, or involved in one of NDI's many schemes. " One thing to note with the #OccupyCentral movement is that it only supports the status quo, as defined by the Basic law.

    Laughable that David Cameron would chastise the Chinese Government about democracy, with the Tear Gas used on protesters being made in the UK, not to mention Hong Kong people being ruled by Whitehall for 156 years, headed by a Governor appointed directly by the ruling British monarch.
    I am emboldened to see so many politically engaged youth in the HK protest, whose parents would hardly dare speak so freely. However I am cynical that neither side has these kids best interests at heart, and they are being used solely for optics. Images evoking memories of Tiananmen Square are the last thing the PRC wants and they should not underestimate the students this time. Remember the average age of the Red Guard was only 17 years old.

    1. Hi anonymous- thanks for the link to landdestroyer
      I hadn't read it- but will take the time to do so

      Yah, I noticed the 'umbrella' theme and that seemed quite contrived, yeah it's good for photops,but what the point unless it's raining?
      The sudden coverage? The abundant coverage?
      And then the BBC piece, what?
      it was clear that want the reader to jump to specific conclusion but if that was truly the case the NATO/war mongering media would happily tell us there was broad support for the movement- but they didn't
      the media just wants to reader to assume such is the case,but, it doesn't appear to be
      anyway thanks for the TC piece