Friday, September 19, 2014

Moving the goal post- Attacking ISIS. Attacking Syria- US training ISIS!

Of course, attacking Syria was always the real goal. 
The ISIS illusion was just the smoke and mirrors to justify the initiating actions. Today we can really get a sense of the goal posts being moved. Or the smoke clearing? Whichever?

Memes or mind viruses that have already invaded your consciousness are being reactivated

1-Syria & chemical weapons
Israel believes Syria kept 'significant' chemical arsenal
Intelligence official says Syria has held on to combat-ready chemical weapons despite giving up relevant raw materials • Using chemical weapons against Israel, even on a small scale, "wouldn't be a game-changer, it would be a game-ender" for Syria.
US: Assad broke chemical arms agreement
US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday accused Syrian President Bashar Assad of breaking the terms of a global pact on chemical weapons by unleashing chlorine gas this year.
OPCW document: Syria had ricin program 
Syrian authorities have declared that they once had a program to produce the deadly toxin ricin, according to an official document of the global chemical weapons watchdog.
Plenty of claims, no substance. Old news rehashed in a timely fashion.

 2- Syria colluded with ISIS
Syria played “footsies” with ISIS
 If Assad's forces indeed do decide to focus on ISIL significantly, which they haven't been doing throughout this period, one of our judgements is there is evidence that Assad has played footsie with them, and he has used them as a tool of weakening the opposition
Readers here know that is not true. Readers here know that Kerry is LYING, as usual
In fact just yesterday......
Syrians strike Islamic State stronghold, killing scores
Syria’s government sent in helicopter gunships against a town held by Islamic State terrorists on Thursday, killing at least 15.

3- Syria had/has nukes? Allegedly?
* Many IAEA board members abstain from vote on proposal
VIENNA, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Western states defeated a Russian proposal on Friday to remove Syria's alleged past nuclear activities from the agenda of meetings of the U.N. atomic agency, diplomats said.
Russia most likely wanted this quashed because it was as obvious to them as it is to me that this is spin being used to justify an attack on Syria

4- Kurds are fleeing?
Iraqi Kurdish president urges international community to "use all means" to protect Syrian city
"I call on the international community to use every means as soon as possible to protect Kobani," President Masoud Barzani said in a statement.
Every means as soon as possible......................

1st UPDATE-Saxby Chambliss: Some Syrians will flip
Saxby is selling a lie. He knows, as you and I know, that the US is arming and training ISIS!
Sometime in the future this will again be spun as 'blowback' and incompetence.
The logical fallacy of “blowback”. Intoxication with the blowback mind virus
Don't believe it, arming ISIS is the plan. Arming, supporting, creating, aiding ISIS has always been the plan!

"Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Saxby Chambliss on Friday said he expects some of the Syrian rebels the U.S. will train to defect to other groups, possibly even the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
“I would guess you’re going to have to assume that some of those folks that we train will ultimately will be flipped to another group — maybe ISIS or maybe somebody else,” he said of the rebels on MSNBC"
 France is bombing in Iraq now
France launches first strikes on Iraq
“This morning at 9:40 am our Rafale jets launched a first strike against a logistics depot of the terrorists,” President Francois Hollande’s office said in a statement issued shortly after the raids.
France will take their bombing raids, along with the US, into Syria.

Got this from J. Sorrentine. You all might like it.
BTW, we were talking about hiding in plain sight the other day. 
You may have seen this CSPAN video from around 1990 about "ISIS". ;)

Nice, huh?
Nice, indeed! Thanks JS!

This background info will come in handy- A Monroe Doctrine for NATO


  1. Assad could fight for decade

    US more arms to lebanon as the rush to arm up pushes ahead as more border town deaths

    Something is brewing in Lebanon especially considering all the hype around Golan. Return to premise about the Saudi aid followed by the aggressive US moves in Lebanon? Why? Coordinated? Adversarial?

  2. Thought you'd enjoy that, Penny!

    BTW, although as you know I'm a big proponent of people viewing the current events in the ME as the continuation/realization of the Yinon Plan/Clean Break I do think that people who think that this it is the US that's really pushing the balkanization of the ME solely for it's own ends - e.g., the Biden Plan, etc - need to think about the ramifications of the success of said plans.

    Let's say that the Zionists/Israel are successful and Iraq, Syria, KSA, Lebanon etc are all broken into sectarian satraps each with their own messy factions and internecine squabbles etc.

    How does the US - filled to the Establishment gills with geopolitical ignorance - think it's going to keep a handle/control all of those factions so that, for example, their oil supply is not interrupted/endangered?

    That's right, the apartheid genocidal Israelis who - do to said balkanization - would then have their already ostensibly subservient superpower at their beck and call as the US will ultimately strategically NEED Israel's intelligence concerning said balkanized mess.

    Pretty clever, huh? Think of the potential for Israeli/Zionist shenanigans a la groups like "ISIS" going forward.

    Instead of dealing with an Assad, Hussein, Qaddafy etc NOW the US will HAVE TO depend upon the Israeli middle men in all their notorious self-serving/backstabbing ways for information on the region which previously they DID NOT NEED.

    Thus, not only does the balkanization of the ME serve Israel's interest by eliminating any military threats in the region it also makes the US TRULY and ENTIRELY dependent upon the Israeli version of what's going on there and they obviously have a clear - insurmountable? - advantage in that regard.


  3. Penny I see that Canada will be Amerika in screwing over their on Nation with this trade deal. I'm a fan of DS. How sad for workers in every nation.