Saturday, September 6, 2014

NATO agrees cyberattack could trigger military response

NATO looks for any excuse to justify their tyrannical existence.

Question- What two nations conspired and launched a massive cyber attack on energy producing facilities, possibly endangering the entire planet in the process?
The answer is- US and Israel. Two nations that conspired to release Stuxnet & Flame

Flashback to Stuxnet........

4-Stuxnet Struck Russian Nuclear Power Plant
3-Massive Targeted CyberAttack- mostly striking Iran- Flame 
2-Stuxnet, tested in Israel, developed with the aid of the US
1-Israel responsible for Stuxnet attack

Is NATO going to attack the US for that cyber attack? No
This stance- cyber attacks triggering military response is very dangerous for us all.
A NATO nation, like the US or Israel could launch an attack, blame another nation and wage bloody warfare against that nation- does that sound like anything less then complete psychopathy?
NATO leaders agreed on Friday that a large-scale cyberattack on a member country could be considered an attack on the entire U.S.-led alliance, potentially triggering a military response.

The decision marks an expansion of the organization's remit, reflecting new threats that can disable critical infrastructure, financial systems and government without firing a shot.

"Today we declare that cyber defense is part of NATO's core task of collective defense," NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a news conference.
In 2007, a series of crippling cyberattacks paralyzed much of NATO member Estonia in an apparent response to a dispute over the movement of a Soviet-era war memorial. Most Western experts suspected the Kremlin was responsible but Russia denied it.
No mention of Stuxnet in the article- Surprised?

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  2. what happens when a media actually challenges a White House talking head?

    White house press spokesperson: AP buying into Russian propaganda

    "Because I said so!" US State Department spokesperson Marie Harf expressed her annoyance over the “tone” of AP reporter Matthew Lee’s question about the creation of the NATO rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe and accused him of “buying into the Russian propaganda”.

    The back-and-forth between the Associated Press’s veteran journalist and Harf created sparks during Friday’s press briefing.

    Lee asked the State Department’s spokeswoman if NATO’s latest decision to set up a rapid reaction force in Eastern Europe was related to events in Ukraine.

    “And you don’t see that as in any way provocative?” he said.

    “No, we don’t,” was Harf’s response.


  3. Oh great, just another bogus reason for NATO's involvement in the business of other nations, at the request of the Western Oligarchs.

  4. The former American ambassador goes on to lament «the collapse of the Soviet order did not lead smoothly to a transition to democracy and markets inside Russia, or Russia’s integration into the West». In other words, Russia did not make a smooth transition that suited American interests.

    McFaul lays the blame for this lack of Russian «integration into the West» on President Putin, accusing him of being «an autocrat» and of harking back to the days of the old Soviet Union. McFaul’s invective against Putin is just slander, but what it barely conceals is that Washington is acutely disgruntled with how it perceives Putin’s Russia as not acting like a vassal state, as it was intended to be under Yeltsin at the time of signing the Founding Act between NATO and Russia.