Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NATO- Global Terrorizer & Pepe catches up to Penny on NATO's jihadists Russian threat

It's NATO news day today! 

Updated with that much anticipated MH-17 report- scroll down

NATO accounts for most of the planetary military spending

-The stats speak entirely for themselves. For NATO to portray Russia as a threat is the height of absurdity. This narrative only serves one group and that is NATO

The article linked is from February of this year. Cuts to NATO spending will now be reversed, thanks to the Russian ‘threat’ meme pushed on the population for the purpose of management of perception, as peace becomes passe

 The combined defense expenditures of all NATO nations in 2013 amounted to $1.02 trillion. This figure includes research and development expenditures related to purchase of major equipment and pensions.
By comparison, the total of military budgets for all countries in the world was $1.745 trillion in 2012, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in Sweden.
- In 2012, China’s expenditures amounted to $166 billion
-Russia’s were $90 billion. -Iran trailed with just under $7 billion
By troop numbers, NATO also held a lopsided advantage over any other nation, with a total of 3,370,000 servicemembers in 2013, according to NATO’s statistics. This contrasts with Russia’s 766,000 troops and China’s estimated 2.3 million active-duty personnel,
“NATO still accounts for a clear majority of world military spending, over 60 percent, and a substantial number of other top spenders are American allies like Saudi Arabia and Israel,” Perlo-Freeman said. “In terms of military capabilities, the U.S. and NATO will remain absolutely unmatched for the foreseeable future.”

Now onto Pepe's latest @ RTNATO set to liberate ‘Jihadistan’?

"When the show seemed set for NATO to save Ukraine and Western civilization – at least rhetorically - from that evil empire remixed (Russia), the Caliph intervened with yet another “off with their heads” special.
And then, out of the blue, the Caliph proclaimed to the whole world his next target is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Was he channeling another Western darling, the recently ostracized Bandar Bush"
So I wasn't the only one who noticed how very NATO'ish that proclamation seemed????

September 3/14-  A very NATO/US sounding ISIS threatens Putin- God Willing- Updated

Pepe continues..........
If it were a thesis, everything could be settled as follows: the Caliph becomes a contractor to NATO; the Caliph beheads Putin; the Caliph quickly liberates Chechnya (not the usual, deeply embarrassing NATO quagmire in Afghanistan); the Caliph, on a roll, attacks the BRICS countries; the Caliph becomes NATO’s shadow secretary-general; and Obama finally stops complaining that his calls to Putin always end up on voicemail.
Ah, if only geopolitics was as simple as a Marvel Comics blockbuster.
Instead, the Caliph should know – even as he is largely a Made in the West product, with substantial input from GCC petrodollar cash - that NATO never promised him a rose garden.
So, predictably, the ungrateful Obama/Cameron duo – oh yes, because the “special relationship” is all that matters in NATO, the others are mere extras - have vowed to go after him with a broad, well not that broad “coalition of the willing”, with the usual suspects bombing Iraqi Kurdistan, parts of Sunni Iraq and even Syria. After all, “Assad must go,” rather “Assad brutality,” in Cameron’s formulation, is the real culprit for the Caliph’s actions.
 Excerpt 2

Get me to the Slavic Caliph

NATO’s outgoing secretary-general Anders “Fogh of War” Rasmussen was somehow rattled. After all, this was supposed to be the “crucial moment,” at the Wales summit, when NATO would be at its Cold War 2.0 best, rescuing “the allies,” all 28 of them, from the dark gloom of insecurity.
One just had to look at the replica of a glorious eurofighter Typhoon parked in front of the NATO summit hotel in Newport, Wales.
To round it all off, that evil Slavic Caliph, Vlad himself, designed a seven-point peace plan to solve the Ukrainian quagmire – just as Kiev’s appalling army has been reduced to strogonoff by the federalists and/or separatists in the Donbass. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko – who until virtually yesterday was screaming “Invasion!” at the top of his lungs - breathed long sighs of relief. And as an aside, he disclosed Kiev was receiving high-precision weapons from an unnamed country that could only be the US, the UK or Poland.
The whole thing posed a problem, though. What is NATO to defend Western Civilization from when all that threat embodied by “Russian aggression” dissolves into a road map to peace?
Etc., etc., read the rest @ RT

Don't Miss this from yesterday evening- Waiting for Obama to make it official 
Obama said to push Syrian no fly zone with prodding from the fox at the hen house,Turkey.

UPDATE! the MH-17 report- Much adieu about nothing

And the findings are not necessarily consistent with the official conspiracy. Because other situations could bring about the same conclusion. Like say a Ukrainian military jet?

"Its key conclusion is that the plane had no mechanical or other technical problem in the seconds before it broke up in midair likely after being struck by multiple "high-energy objects from outside the aircraft."

All of us that have been paying attention already knew this, just from reading multiple resources widely available to us and using our brains

 Oh and the media is making a big deal about this-

Transcript of final communications with from prelim report

But those are not the 'final communications'
Final communications would be the ones prior to the incident, where there is communications between the plane and Ukie ATC, and I have not seen those. Have You? Has Ukraine released them? If not, why not?


  1. Another alleged Syrian incursion into Golan with Israeli soldier injured. The pretext keeps building

    And another Israeli interceptor test which recalls the Sept 2013 fiasco where the US and Israel scrambled to coordinate their messaging after the Russians picked up launches

    Syria calls for a Russian Tehran alliance to thwart US strikes in Syria as Russia warns

    Wash insider leaker Gertz says russian bombers practicing missile runs

    US subs chased out of Russian waters

    Defense Ministry denies reports of Russian satellite's "explosion" over U.S. territory Interfax

    Russian denies buzzing Canada ship

    Bulova launch coming Sep 10

    All as the SCO is talking up expansion while China goes to Sri Lanka (where US is pushing mass grave investigation) while India PM is juggling US and China visits

    As an aside this is a very interesting story worth considering:

    China harassing families of MH370. Now why would China be harassing the family members (after the rumored China hack of Malay investigation officials?). Did they learn something? Is there a mapping mission being undertaken in Indian Ocean?

    "Chinese police beat and detain relatives missing mh370 passengers. "In the beginning, Beijing police had been protecting us, nevertheless their attitude has completely changed," said 38-year-old Cheng Liping, whose husband had been about the flight." I can't fathom why they're carrying out this. I really feel so extremely disappointed."

    US spy plane may have triggered Chinese jet interception by dropping sonar buoy

    1. http://online.wsj.com/articles/russia-says-it-chases-away-apparent-u-s-submarine-in-barents-sea-1407601335

    2. http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2014/09/syrian-rebels-natos-mercs-offer-to.html?showComment=1409854209761#c14923191368627630

    3. Obama speech at 9pm tomorrow. Airstrikes? Amissle launch russia warning a carbon copy of 2013

    4. and Russia testing Bulova again
      Russian Nuclear Submarine to Test Launch Bulava ICBM Within Two Days: Source

    5. Something else. Obama speech 9pm local NY DC time is 4am 9-11-14

      Libya strikes circa 1986 2am strike time local

    6. http://www.spaceflight101.com/kosmos-2495-re-entry.html

      In wake of the Germans leaking that radars went dark at time of MH17 a vintage Russian satellite returning telemetry ("Russian film-return reconnaissance satellite ") to earth comes down over NORAD territory?

      This latest development after all the recent Russian space fails (for which Russian lawmakers have accused US high powered radar especially in wake of the strange Urals meteor incident) and the US-Russia GPS fallout representing the culmination of the repeated GLONASS satellite fails going back years (Russia threatening to shut off US ground stations in its territory). Consider that recent space outage in view of Russian bombers off the coast of the US a few months ago which coincided with air traffic going down.

      Blamed on a U-2 overflight

      Weeks before that the Russian GLONASS Went dark due to a "glitch."

  2. Interesting leak out of German media about a radar blackout directly prior to the shoot down....

    The last minutes of the MH 17 flight were not recorded by radar and there is no information to confirm that the Malaysian Boeing was downed by a missile, German media have reported citing an official response from Berlin


  3. Howdee Ms. Pen, fpund this today and immediately thought of you and your troll policy.https://fbcdn-sphotos-a-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/10649977_1457254731221960_5530648590987010873_n.jpg?oh=9a260f0e506b6b7d93635238474f0d4f&oe=54A59151&__gda__=1418576699_059b4e589c56799f9f620fab77520ff5
    Oh well hope that link works,

  4. It's just sad watching all of this fake-ass ISIS narrative play itself out as if the Al-CIAda/9/11 narrative just never happened over the last decade+.

    Seriously, every normally intelligent site/commentator - not including you, Penny - to which one might go to to learn things about the world has abandoned every last ounce of their skepticism as they fall in line and chase after the latest morsels of "exciting" development from the very Zionist war criminals/MSM who are behind this whole operation in the first place.

    Everyone with two effing brain cells knows that this ISIS story does not make any sense so how hard is it - seemingly very - to NOT FORGET this fact when looking at how the Zionist war criminals are using this nonsense narrative to their advantage.

    The fact that ISIS is bullcrap nonsense should TRUMP considerations of just what strategy NATO is going to use etc because it is a problem of the US/Zionist OWN conscious design. If people forget that, then the false narrative is allowed to fester and grow and we'll be looking at ANOTHER decade+ of murderous shenanigans.


  5. Traitorous Zionist scum Dennis Ross - yes, the co-founder of AIPAC and current poobah at the Israeli WINEP - came out with a "strategy" for "combating" ISIS - nudge, wink - last week.

    Gee, I wonder how closely to Israel's plan for ISIS Obama's proposed plan for ISIS will be tomorrow night?

    Also, just so everyone knows EXACTLY what the ISIS narrative is that Israel and the Zionists are pushing might want to check out WINEP's 10 Things You Need to Know About ISIS infographic.

    Wow, thanks Zionist scum!!!

  6. thanks for all the comments everyone
    I will respond asap, and read, meanwhile more news to post- busy day