Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Obama's bombing "ISIS" in Syria is just a pretext for regime change

WSJ makes this abundantly clear.

First the WSJ informs us that the NATO jihadis have been turning up the heat-

"In a span of weeks, the Islamic State has overrun military bases in Syria's east. In the west, the regime faces a coalition of rebels that threatens the heartland of Mr. Assad's Alawite minority and could alter the course of Syria's multi-sided civil war"
 These developments come as President Barack Obama prepares to describe on Wednesday his own plan to defeat the Islamic State, a Sunni-extremist group also known as ISIS or ISIL. Mr. Assad's troubles could complicate the fight against ISIS by worsening a power vacuum that has allowed the Islamist group to thrive in Syria and neighboring Iraq.

Then WSJ lays bare the plan for regime change, but, presented as the gift of a negotiated exit for the democratically elected leader of Syria- As chosen by Syrians

These same conditions, however, have also raised hope that pressure will drive the Assad regime to the negotiating table, tamping down the civil war long enough to concentrate efforts on defeating the Islamic State, a threat to both the regime and Syrian rebels.

Drive the Assad government to the negotiating table- for one reason and one reason only- Regime change
United Nations and Western officials hope to push tentative truce negotiations now under way between the regime and rebels. The idea is to persuade both sides—as well as their regional backers, Iran for the regime; Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey for the rebels—that no one can win the war, these officials said during interviews in Syria and Lebanon.
If the UN and the west are pushing negotiations it will be for minimally putting their terrorists in a position of power.  Or pushing the elected government completely out?  Sure, I could be mistaken. But the plan to drop bombs on Syria sure reeks of a pressure tactic


  1. Take a look at the rush to arm up the Lebanese govt. The US is delivering small arms and anti tank weapons. The same anti tank weapons that were just reported to be in the hands of ISIS.

    Why did the Lebanese Army choose to strike that border town and inflame tensions inside the country with the ISIS arrest at arguably the worst possible time. Shortly thereafter Hariri lands back in the country?

    Something stinks in Beirut

    "New batch of US military aid delivered to Lebanon. A source at the American Embassy had told The Daily Star that 1,500 M16s, more than 450 anti-tank guided missiles and 60 mortars delivered by the U.S. military last week were worth nearly $9 million:

    US delivers 90 Humvees to Lebanese army

    Circa 2007
    U.S. government has given the Lebanese military 20 Humvees, the first shipment of a total of 285 Humvees, according to the Defense Department

    Dial back to the Russians calling for a full scale investigation of the shipping crates of weapons found in the early days of the Syria escalation

    Lebanon Intercepts Arms Shipment To Syrian Rebels From Libya

  2. Well the criminal media was able to turn the Amerika sheeple into Yes lets attack isis and Syria in just a few months. It' amazing what a couple of staged beheading will do. It reminds me of the old days when George the lesser needed to scare the sheeple up pop crazy ben louden. I guess this is the hopism and changey thing the New Amerika deserves.