Thursday, September 11, 2014

Syria: Air defence back door ? Reinforcing 9/11 & much, much more.

  How the mainstream media can blather on endlessly about nothing, when there is just so much real news to get to, I don't know?

News roundup

1- Syria's Air Defence

Administration officials so far say they have done nothing to coordinate attacks against Islamic State with Damascus and have no intention to do so in the future.

Syria’s air defense system is so weak along its northern and western borders that U.S. authorities are brushing aside Damascus’ demands that it must sign off on any U.S.-led airstrikes within its borders.

A knowledgeable administration source also points out that the Assad regime will have a hard time controlling what the U.S. does in the northern and western areas of the country, Islamic State strongholds, because its air defense system there is weak and basically non-operable.

Since the uprising against Assad began in 2011, some Pentagon officials and military analysts have cited Syria’s extensive air defense systems as a reason to think twice about launching an air campaign.

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, last year said the U.S. has the capability to defeat the system but it would be a bigger challenge and require more resources than U.S.-led forces encountered in Libya in 2011 because Syria has five times more air defense systems with a much higher and longer range.
Did they defeat the system? Or are they blowin' smoke?

And speaking of American blowhards?

2- Insane McCain is claiming he can give Obama targets in Syria- I am sure he can, since he embedded himself so nicely with the ISIS gang

 3- Germany and Britain nix bombing Syria?
Berlin:  The foreign ministers of Germany and Britain said on Thursday they would not be taking part in air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State militant group.

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier told a news conference in Berlin that Germany has not been asked to take part in the air strikes and would not be participating. "To quite clear, we have not been asked to do so and neither will we do so," Steinmeier said.
4-  Perhaps Britain  hasn’t quite given up on the idea?

5-Russia says air strikes in Syria would be act of aggression without U.N. vote

U.N vote? The US don’t need no stinkin’ global approval (not that I am a fan of the UN)

6- John Kerry 'surprised' at Russian stance on Syria

"In view of events in Ukraine" ..... Which is of course a reference to Crimea. But Kerry and company have always completely ignored the fact that Crimeans voted to leave Ukraine, of their own volition

7- Is John Kerry issuing a veiled threat while taking potshots at Mr Putin?
In an interview Thursday evening with VOA in Saudi Arabia, Kerry said, “I would hope that Russia will come to see that ISIL really represents a threat to them, too.
 "There are problems through many of the countries around Russia and near Russia and even in some of the parts of Russia," he said, referring to its experience with Chechnya. "There are terrorists, many of whom will take an example from ISIL and what is happening [in Syria and Iraq]."
 Gee, I think Russia is aware of that? Don't you?
Consider Kerry's words along with the info in this post? Redrawing the Map of the Russian Federation: Partitioning Russia Kerry said those specific words for a reason
"I think over time Russia will see that the real need is for them to be more cooperative and stop supporting a guy like [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad], who kills his own population, and to help bring about a political solution," he said.
Kerry, classic psychopath- evil- Pushing that regime change agenda!

7- China responded cautiously on Thursday to a call by U.S. President Barack Obama for a broad coalition to root out Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, saying the world should fight terror but that the sovereignty of countries must be respected.

8- Obama's strategy- Fight ISIS to weaken the Assad government- Just like I told ya!
“One of the many things the president didn’t answer is if we attack ISIS (Islamic State) what are we going to do with Assad,” said Kori Schake, a research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Destroying the Islamic State “will make it easier for Assad to retake ground in Syria. The president needs to have a two-front war in Syria that destroys ISIL (Islamic State) and creates an alternate government,” Schake said.

9- Saudi Arabia to host training camps for moderate Syrian rebels

There are NO moderate rebels- only the media created perception of moderates

10-Expanded US strikes are 1st in a long, (long) campaign
Douglas A. Ollivant, a retired Army officer who was director for Iraq on the National Security Council in the late stages of the Iraq War, said U.S. airstrikes in Syria would be designed to support the ground war in Iraq and make Syria less useful as a support base for Islamic State forces. But that approach has its limitations.

"We're under no illusions that doing airstrikes alone in Syria is going to kick them out of Syria," he said.

In the longer run, more fundamental shifts could create a "new map of Mesopotamia," according to Bing West, a retired Marine officer and author of "One Million Steps, a Marine Platoon at War."
A new map of Mesopotamia..............

11- Obama & very questionable legal authority to wage war/ kill people

Obama is relying on questionable legal authority in his pursuit of terrorists, but that never stopped George W. Bush.

If truth is the first casualty of war, law is apparently the last, at least for President Barack Obama.

Obama came to office declaring his determination to reimpose legal limits on the American effort to defeat al Qaeda. He swore to close Guantanamo Bay, abolish torture, tighten rules for the treatment of terrorist prisoners and rein in the broad executive power President George W. Bush had claimed in the global hunt for terrorists.
Obama, changed nothing, not because his hand was forced but because he LIED and he chose to continue on with the usual American foreign policy plans

Obama is also choosing to reinforce the 9/11 lie via his authority to bomb Syria

Obama claims he has authority to bomb ISIS in Syria under the Sept. 14, 2001 authorization from Congress following the 9/11 attacks. In the call with reporters, Obama’s senior administration official said, “We believe that he can rely on the 2001 AUMF [Authorization for Use of Military Force] as statutory authority for the military airstrike operations he is directing against ISIL.”

That joint resolution gave the president the power to “use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”
That isn't the only reinforcement of 9/11/trauma mind control-

Obama chose to give his speech on the same  RED carpet that GWB delivered his from prior to attacking Iraq Red- think terror warnings

Obama delivered his remarks standing on the royal red carpet that stretches between the State Dining Room and the East Room in the central part of the executive mansion.
 In 2003, Bush spoke from a different spot on the same carpet to deliver an ultimatum to Saddam Hussein that he had 48 hours to leave Iraq.
 Some may recall that the Bush administration, via the use of heavy duty propaganda and meme reinforcement, actually had the American populace believing that Iraq was linked to 9/11

Clear trauma reinforcement as mentioned very succinctly in the approximate 1 and 1/2 hour presentation from Jan Irvin. I highly, highly recommend that presentation!Gnostic Media presents “9/11 & Cyclical, Fear-Based Mind Control in the Media”

The last three posts today really do work together and are linked within this post
Or if you are so inclined
1-  Redrawing the Map of the Russian Federation: Partitioning Russia

2- Gnostic Media presents “9/11 & Cyclical, Fear-Based Mind Control in the Media” 

Not to forget-  more lies from the psycho elites  AGW? Tell that to Calgarians- Two summer snowfalls- Global cooling


  1. I have blogged my heart out today. :)
    Very concerned for the Syrians, hate the 9/11 reinforcement and want everyone to break free of that mind control in order to have a better world
    Just tired, I guess.
    Open for comments, unmoderated for a short time
    good night!

  2. Then with all the perfectly time scary talk on 9/11 that trusted three letter govt. org announces why Amerika cycle-0-paths have to bomb Syria. The Amerika public has once again been lied to but the sheeple don't care because of the well timed beheading has them scared of their own shadow.

    1. Hi jo
      fear is what makes the American and Canadian people malleable, dumb and dull
      that's why I put up that talk from Jan on the 9/11 mind control
      It's the reinforcement of fear that makes people so dam stupid!
      Hope you listen? Hope everyone listens?

      Recall in this post?

      I rehashed the point that stress- caused by fear very often makes people dumb

      " recently heard an interview with an author of a book, he spoke at length about how detrimental stress is to brain functions. What caught my attention in the interview was the discussion on how stress causes us to only use our lowest brain level, and dulls the higher functions.

      Stress hormones erode higher-brain networks, inhibiting you from succeeding fully at life. Chronic stress means the stress response system is turned on nearly full time, releasing toxic hormones into your system.

      Stress hormones shrink higher brain networks, [1]
      switch our mood set point to negative,[2]
      impair the immune system, ruin the cardiovascular system, and damage chromosomes producing cancer cells and prematurely aging you , [3]
      kill brain cells, [4]
      and will eventually kill you, if you ignore stress.

      Think of how beneficial it is to the powers that should not be that you are kept in a constant state of fear and stress?"

      Once people get that idea... they can be free of that manipulation

  3. Thanks again for all your hard work, Penny. Your site makes it a lot easier for all your readers to understand the daily barrage of "news."

    1. thanks WP
      Your site helps with that too :)
      Back from one day enforced break- sometimes this gets emotionally draining


    ‘Syria strike could be a game-changer for worse’ retired American Air Force Col. John Warden told daily Hürriyet yesterday in an interview. “Of course it would change the game if the U.S. or NATO or anybody else made an air attack on Syria. That’s a significant change in what is going on [in Syria]. It changes the game, but then the question comes: Is that change in the game better for anyone?” he said. “And in fact, it has the significant probability of making the situation worse for everybody.”

    Regarding a U.S. air strike on Syria that nearly occurred after a sarin gas attack outside Damascus in August 2013, Warden said, “It would definitely [have] changed the game in Syria, but not for the better.”

    1. I am just not that certain that the US doesn't want exactly that
      Everything to get worse
      Order out of chaos

  5. Don't ya' just love the empire's ability to stick to a plan? " Assad must go" remember that one? It'll happen, no matter what. The evil empire has a plan. It has the time, it has the money, and it owns most of the world's megaphones to spread disinformation. Let's all hope the BRICS nations can mount a challenge.