Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Syria: Israel Helping "rebels" in Golan-prep for war expansion

 These Islamist mercs are the boots on the ground, support for the air campaign Obama is selling.

Israel aiding the "rebels" aka Islamist mercs at Golan is nothing new
Israel has been assisting these killers for years now. That FACT has been covered on numerous occasions here at this blog over the past couple of years....
-Flashback!- Sept 23/2013: Israel Sides with Syrian Jihadists
-Flashback! November 2012: Who loves Islamists? Israel loves Islamists! Israel & FSA work together

Israel still loves the Islamist mercs. Israel assists their killers because Israel is intending to be a big beneficiary from the destruction of Syria. May Israel and her killers fail spectacularly!
" Speaking to reporters in the UN Security Council hall, at the UN's New York headquarters, Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari warned Tuesday that the “Israelis are playing with the fire, they are escalating the situation.”
"He was referring to the rebel Syrian Al-Nusra Front’s takeover of the UNDOF Bravo Line on the Syrian side of the Golan.
Amb. Ja’afari went further and claimed Israel had actively helped the Al-Nusra fighters.

“As you know, Jabhat Al-Nusra fighters, terrorist fighters, as you know according to the Security Council resolutions, an offshoot of the Al Qaeda, affiliated to Al Qaeda... these terrorist fighters of the Al-Nusra Front have succeeded with the help of the Israeli side, and the Qatari intervention, and assistance and involvement... succeeded in occupying almost all the Syrian side of the of the line of demarcation, meaning that the terrorists have replaced, so far, the UNDOF forces on the Syrian side of the Line of the Demarcation.”

As seen in the embedded video, (below) Amb. Ja’afari referred repeatedly to the “DPKO,” or the United Nations’ Department of Peace Keeping Operations.
In essence, Syria appears to be alleging that Israel, Jordan, and Qatar and the United Nations are conspiring to enable Israel, in Amb. Ja’afari’s words, “to fight a war of attrition against Syrian forces,” similar to that which Israel fought against Lebanon during the 90’s"

Ja-afari is 100 percent correct & accurate in his claims- This is exactly why I call the UN- Useless Nations- The UN is merely a front, the humanitarian face of NATO, and nothing more.

Additional info
URGENT: UNDOF Abandoned Positions in Syrian Golan and are Stationed on the Israeli Side [Link]
Israeli-backed al-Nusrah ousts UN Peacekeepers from Syrian Golan [Link]
Israel’s Cue: Syrian ‘Rebels’ Occupy Golan Heights, Seize UN Weapons and Vehicles [Link]


  1. Umm, Penny, I think you know better than to speak to the clear advantages and gains the apartheid genocidal state of Israel is making during all of this ISIS nonsense. ;)

    Rather, I think you should temper your commentary with asides as to just how "incompetent" and "stupid" the Zionists/US are as they somehow ONCE AGAIN blunder along in direct accordance with/to plans that they themselves laid out decades ago.

    It's much more satisfying for the blogetariat.

    On that point: I think a major key in the propaganda battery of the Zionist West is the hiding of their plans/motives in plain site. Thus, in giving away their motives/plans - e.g., Yinon, Clean Break, etc - TPTB thus deprive lay-observers and analysts with the "AHA!" moment that they believe MUST be part of figuring out the nefarious machinations of our overlords.

    Thus, the following scenario:

    Observer 1: Why, this ISIS nonsense sure all looks like the continued culmination of the Israeli/Zionist plan to balkanize the ME that was clearly stated in Yinon, Clean Break etc going back over the last two decades, huh?

    Observer 2: BORRRRRING!!! I've just uncovered some NEW information from some guy living in Syria that has been corroborated by Juan Cole who shows how ISIS is really an Islamist neo-Sunni crusade that is based upon the work of the grandson of Nuon Chea!!

    Observer 1: Um, but the facts don't support that conclusion.

    Observer 2: Hold on a second, I just got a tweet stating that ISIS is now REALLY the brainchild of a mysterious former Guantanamo inmate who was released early but who was the cousin of the Tsarnev brothers!!!!

    Observer 1: We're doomed.

    1. "Umm, Penny, I think you know better than to speak to the clear advantages and gains the apartheid genocidal state of Israel is making during all of this ISIS nonsense. ;) "

      Oh dear me... no sense stating the obvious right? Better to obfuscate the facts so some can feel very self righteous and also to be politically correct ;)

      "On that point: I think a major key in the propaganda battery of the Zionist West is the hiding of their plans/motives in plain site'

      I would agree with the hiding in plain site- Isn't that the best place to hide?

    2. Yeah, I just read your back and forth with b at MOA. Wow, that's pretty bad but par for the course in the nonsense that passes for analysis these days in the popular blogosphere.

      For a second helping of unadulterated horseshit/analysis go check out - if you can stomach it - naked capitalism where fake left narrative peddler Matt Stoller tells all his good fake left listeners just what ISIS is really all about.

      Hint: it's TOTALLY the Saudis and it TOTALLY involves the - wait for it, Penny - THE MISSING 28 PAGES OF THE 9/11 REPORT!!!

      This is a fricking narrative roll-out if I have ever seen one. 9/11 has always been the 3rd rail of "polite" discussion in the Western world and now we're seeing - especially in popular fake left venues more and more talk of it just being the Saudis, Israel no where in sight.

    3. Also, I think it really odd that b would take that stance especially he was all over the Yinon Plan etc. in 2006.

      But NOW it's really not the Zionist US/Israel?

    4. So JS, did the Saudis organise an Arab in a cave in Afghan to shut down the 1/2 trillion$ US air defenses with his laptop? Have his 22 L pilots board planes without being on any passenger list, (CNN), therefore without boarding passes, get them counted for takeoff? Arrange that they go through locked cockpit doors, overpower burly ex military pilots with boxcutters, then fly to little known areas near the Canadian border with no radar coverage to switch off their transponders? Trained them to fly back, do perfect full speed descents, their first time in 150 ton airliners, without the necessary continuous radar talkdown, so to arrive at their destinations at the right height. They couldn't even see Twin Towers or Pentagon at top of descent?

      Did the clever Saudi scientists cause the debris of teh 2 WTCs to be removeable 4 hours instead of taking up to 4 years? When a building collapses, the remains should be approx 20% of the height of the original. This would be 2 piles of rubble, each 100M, consisting of millions of tons of twisted steel girders, concrete, glass, plumbing, wiring, sanitaryware, office furniture and equipment, and 3000+ humans. Not forgetting, the 500M high massive steel central cores with the lift shafts, as the towers apparently pancaked. That plus another 300 anomalies that defied the laws of physics, and common sense.

      Nothing to do with the yids eh?

    5. Hi Thomas T!

      Pinning 9/11 on the Saudi's is not J Sorrentine's point of view
      J Sorrentine is pointing out that at this moment it looks as if their is a narrative being created to pin blame on the Saudi's- Completely omitting the Israeli involvement.... And is using sarcasm to do so

    6. J Sorrentine: You're killing me with this crap. lol

      Because Qatar funds muslim brotherhood and the Saudis fund ISIS
      that's extremely simplistic

      Even claiming that ISIS is totally Sunni is not credible- I have no doubt whatsoever and have ample evidence sprinkled throughout this blog that ISIS is just chock full of Uighers, Pakistanis, Chechens etc
      Never mind the UK, US, Canadian participants
      So is he going for the simple thoughts for simple minds type thing?

      "ISIS, like Al Qaeda, is an armed and trained military group. Guns and training cost money, and this money came from somewhere. There are two Gulf states that finance Sunni militants — Qatar and Saudi Arabia"

      "ISIS got its start in Syria as part of the Arab Spring "

      "The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States is the most important diplomatic and military relationship that we have. The Saudis are the slush fund for whatever the US wants to do when it doesn’t want that activity on the books"

      Contradicting what he said in the above quoted excerpt

      and then there it is 9/11 and the Saudi's sans Israel?

      This is also obfuscation..

      " Saddam Hussein became the designated bad guy "

      But Saddam was a Sunni- same as the Saudi's so why would the Saudi's who Mr Stoller has just told us is all about the Sunni's want to take out Saddam?

      And sorry, but, that's all the free time I have for that stuff!

    7. b believes it makes a differences what ideology the hired killers espouse?
      Why? I have no idea?
      Syrians end up just as dead.
      Civilians end up just as harmed, raped, maimed, robbed
      Syria ends up just as destabilized
      regardless of the indoctrination that roped the dupes in
      and he suggests "simple minded thinking" LOL

    8. Yeah, this new 28 page report roll-out and all of the sudden attention vis a vis the blogosphere/MSM STINKS STINKS STINKS. No one has dared mention ANYTHING but that which corroborates the official 9/11 fairy tale but NOW everyone is using this redacted info to put the KSA in the crosshairs? Um, no.

      BTW, we were talking about hiding in plain sight the other day.

      You may have seen this CSPAN video from around 1990 about "ISIS". ;)

      Nice, huh?

    9. Well what do you know?
      Is this perhaps why the US admin is always calling them ISIL?

  2. ...other than the ovens, apparently it's the only option according to Jesus.



  3. Islamic State Brings Saudi-U.S. Ties Into Line After Discord

    The whore(s) at Bloomberg are out pushing the ISIS is bridging US and Saudi interests. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US is in the midst of engaging Saudi in an oil war circa the USSR/80s.

    So why is the US led Spain collective so opposed to Libya intervention considering the recent US rendition and the US backed general's campaign (as Hillary ramps up her own 2016 campaign - cleanup?)? The US recall intervened back in March to thwart rebel blocking the ports for oil export as the US embarked using fracking/production and return of Libya oil to collapse the Brent spread. So far so good.

    So who is selling the Libyan oil by the good militias? Swiss traders like Kurdistan? The same traders who are selling the smuggled ISIS petro? Swiss Traders of the marc rich ilk? Remeber tonby hayward - who ran Genel in Kurdistan after the BP outster has just taken up residence at Glencore.

    But Saudi just said they will cut production (OPEC) and the threat to take more Libya offline risks making good on the 150 oil call made by the legendary "king of the pits". What would that do to the US economy and the whole no inflation mantra the Fed and its sister banks are selling to justify their expropriation policies? Destroy what thin veneer of logic is left?

    The 'God' Of Oil Trading Warns America's Shale Boom Will Fizzle And That Oil Prices Will Hit $150

    Back to the UAE and Egypt and those strikes? The US and France have reportedly been lobbying Algeria for overflight rights (just like back in the Mali campaign whereby France finally cracked Algeria for overflight). Was that US transport crash in Algeria related? Was the recent Algeria plane crash in the desert? etc.

    Air Algerie cockpit voice recorder unreadable

    No drones for Algeria

    While US opens 2nd Niger base

  4. So who is it exactly that has an interest in returning Libya oil to the market (Jihadi airstrikes?) and who is it that benefits from a slow trickle of oil to market?

    Which comes back to the reports about Bandar (sometimes dead sometimes alive). Those Russia threats via Chechnya have the same ring as recent ISIS threats and Putin (creating a long tail of instability in the near abroad; no doubt the expansion of the SCO to Pakistan (witness the latest AQ "naval" operation inside Pakistan as the mysterious Imran Khan says the country is heading to war) and Iran hasn't gone noticed in Foggy Bottom). So was it the sometimes dead Bandar who threatened the Russians heading into the Olympics after his reported death in 2012 or was it someone else with designs on Russia instability? Pure disinformation to thwart an emerging bloc? Was that arrest (oligarch) yesterday another case of Putin preempting an attempt to foment insurgency? Here is what the sometimes dead sometimes alive (per the FSB) Berezovsky said back in 2005:

    "Nezavisimaya Gazeta) compared the March 26 demonstration with the overthrow of Askar Akayev in Kyrgyzstan and commented that, just as Kyrgyzstan was the "weakest link in Central Asia, ... Bashkortostan, judging by everything, is the weakest link in Russia”."

    His Strange death:

    Is he alive:

    Follow the Money (laundering proxy)?

  5. Egypt just took in 3,5B of weapons after Sissi (irony of name alone raises questions) looped around Turkish airspace (his visit to Russia came days after visiting the Saudi King). Is there a Russia-Iran-Saudi-Egypt axis of convenience/reality? Is that why the US felt so compelled to step up the Iraq operations as Maliki was about to deploy the Iraqi air force (aka Russian fighters?).

    This is an economic war first. The kinetics are merely collateral damage. But for how long? As for the Saudi suddenly waking up, they may be overindulged but they are not stone stupid.

  6. And finally it speaks to the US rush to arm up in Lebanon vs. the Saudi move to arm up the army? It looks less like a cooperative effort than a fight for the very soul of the Lebanon army? Or was that army raid on the border a calculated move to inflame tensions and justify the NATO creep? Or was it a legit Saudi move to send a signal to the ISIS malignancy? Qatar is after all leading the hostage "talks." Is that the real tell?

    What happens to the Syrian grant to Russia for offshore exploration as the Syrian war drags on and NATO gets involved?

  7. ISIS has ballistic missiles?
    Spain to Station SAM Systems in Turkey

  8. Russian Observers Suspect 'Special' Voting Technologies in Scotland RIA

  9. Turkey calls for buffer zone again

    Now a drone over aleppo
    Drone Reportedly Belonging to US Spotted Over Aleppo Syria

  10. anonymous! thanks for all the links, there is some really good reading there
    ISIS doesn't have ballistic missiles, not that I have ever read?
    I would assume this is for Syrian army...the real target.

  11. oh and the info on Boris B
    I saved a pile of stuff when he was found dead or whatever?
    thanks for that- I am going to add some to my file