Thursday, September 4, 2014

Syrian Rebels (NATO's mercs) Offer to Serve as Ground Troops for US airstrikes

Had this one saved from yesterday, but, didn’t get it posted- Still relevant today!
Very relevant.

As you read the Bloomberg piece below you should understand how the lines between ISIS/FSA blur, so much so that they have become indistinguishable. Despite the spin of the NATO media
Because there are no moderate rebels in Syria. There are only NATO backed Islamist fighters, of one regiment or another.  Promoted under varying brand names- ISIS being the latest updated AQ rebranded marketing launch 

First a couple of digressions, always related, always thoughtful

Flashback!  The AQ franchise get's a rebrand because it is 'diffuse'
 But the September report by Kagan’s Critical Threats Project argued that “Al Qaeda affiliates have evolved and now threaten the United States as much as (if not more than) the core group.”
ISIS is being sold to us employing the global threat meme as promotion with actual complimentary products to reinforce the 'menace' so ISIS can be everywhere-  Isis Hoodies and T-Shirts For Sale Online As Islamist 'Brand' Goes Global- because this is the insane world that has been created for us to believe in, if we choose to do so. 

I choose to not believe the global threat meme, nor get caught up in the mind paralyzing fear/stress response being created and reinforced  to keep humanity dumb and down

Brief digression to an older post- Using Stress to dumb you down and control population?
I recently heard an interview with an author of a book, he spoke at length about how detrimental stress is to brain functions. What caught my attention in the interview was the discussion on how stress causes us to only use our lowest brain level, and dulls the higher functions.
Stress hormones erode higher-brain networks, inhibiting you from succeeding fully at life.  Chronic stress means the stress response system is turned on nearly full time, releasing toxic hormones into your system.
  • Stress hormones shrink higher brain networks, [1]
  • switch our mood set point to negative,[2]
  • impair the immune system, ruin the cardiovascular system, and damage chromosomes  producing cancer cells and prematurely aging you , [3]
  • kill brain cells, [4]
  • and will eventually kill you, if you ignore stress.
Think of how beneficial it is to the powers that should not be that you are kept in a constant state of fear and stress?

Don't get sucked up into that mind game!. It's just a trap, set and baited for you.
Digression over, onto the news!

A U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group said it would act as a ground force to back up any airstrikes against Islamic State fighters controlling eastern areas of the country.

“If there are airstrikes against Islamic State, the Free Syrian Army is ready on the ground,” (Yup, the FSA is on the Ground with ISIS) said Khalid Saleh, senior spokesman for the National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces in an interview in Istanbul. “FSA brigades are engaging Islamic State fighters in different parts of Syria and they need much better support.
The U.S has provided covert training, equipment and money for the FSA since 2012 ( longer then that) in the hopes that group would be able to topple the regime of President Bashar al-Assad as well as provide a bulwark against Islamist groups that have flourished in Syria over the past two years.( providing a bulwark against Islamists was a later narrative, promoted to create a perception of western distance from the brutality of their  islamist merc)
Some members of Islamic State are former FSA fighters (how many?  The whole lot  of them! talk about obfuscation)who defected to the militants as they advanced through northern Syria toward Iraq, Saleh said. It is not clear what, if any, territory in Syria remains under FSA control.
Bait and switch FSA = ISIS. FSA morphed into ISIS. 
The Obama administration has said it is re-examining its policy toward Syria, although it has been wary of increasing its support to the FSA. President Barack Obama received the opposition leadership in May, and said that the U.S. remained committed to removing the Assad regime. Last month, he appeared to denigrate the FSA as a group of “doctors, farmers, pharmacists, and so forth,” and said it was “fantasy” that its fighters were capable of defeating Assad.
The fantasy is promoting these cutthroats as anything but hired killers. What ever they were prior to their present engagement is irrelevant to that which they are engaged in presently- Terrorizing Syrians
Saleh blamed the FSA’s poor performance on the lack of support, and U.S. policy of “containment” that has prevented a heavier intervention in Syria. U.S. air strikes in neighboring Iraq have had the unintended consequence ( ‘unintended consequence”- lie, utter and despicable lie) of causing “militants to flee over the border” to join the fighting in Syria.
“There has always been a reticence on the part of outside donors to equip the FSA due to uncertainty about” whether the weapons would end up in the hands of jihadi movements, Philip Stack, an analyst at Maplecroft, a U.K.-based global risk forecasting company, said in an e-mail.
There was no reticence, only claims of such, outside donors were more then happy to pour arms into the area. Including the US, who trained ISIS in places like Jordan


  1. ISIS has now threatened Indonesia, Malaysia , Thailand, Pakistan and Russia
    AQ threatened India this am in the ongoing tussle between US-China-Russia
    The Philippine UN peacekeepers slipped out in a daring night escape from the IS
    Shell lands in Golan; Drone shot down in Golan area (after Iran shoot down from a drone flying form the most likely Azerbaijan - their FM visited Israel last year in historic trip); Israel warns on Golan intrusion; Israel launches yet another strike in Syria as Debka touts a major Syrian counteroffensive. Didn't the Rebels offer to trade Golan for weapons a few months ago? Then another ISIS beheading of a duel citizen to close the circle.
    Jordan signs a nat gas deal with Israel for the Leviathan field in wake of Egypt export deal
    Lebanon govt remains in tatters and the energy auctions are on ice forever...

    All Coincidence?

    1. Russia and India defense drills ongoing employing BUK and S400

    2. Malaysian plane mystery: Direction, fuel load & range now lead some to suspect hijackers planned a 9/11-type attack on an Indian city. Strobe Talbott

    3. all coincidence? can't be

      The 'rebels' offered to trade Golan for an Israeli no fly zone
      I relinked that a couple of days ago
      I saw something about Israel possibly making a move on Golan via Janes
      Interesting about the plane-

      btw- the kurdish ghost tanker showed up outside of America
      fully loaded with oil
      strange or maybe not so strange?

      A “ghost ship” oil tanker carrying approximately $100 million of disputed Iraqi Kurdish crude oil has reappeared on satellite imagery near the US coast Monday, after disappearing for several days. The tanker seems not to have offloaded its oil.

      According to the US Coast Guard and Reuters, the tanker, United Kalavrvta, is still 95 percent full and has not yet unloaded its cargo. The vessel was anchored Monday in the Galveston Offshore Lightering Area, close to its previously known position.

      The Iraqi government has deemed this shipment of Kurdish crude oil illegal. Baghdad filed a lawsuit in the US in June, preventing any purchaser from unloading the Kurdish shipment.

      When Iraq’s government initially filed the law suit, US District Judge Nancy K. Johnson ordered the seizure of the tanker’s $100 million payload, but only if the tanker entered the territorial waters of the US.

  2. Yes, it is all a steaming pile of horsecrap and has been from the very beginning. The difficulty many seemingly intelligent people have is NOT paying attention to the incessant and detailed narrative building that is necessarily associated with these fairy tales.

    Look at every sector of life in the war criminal US - foreign affairs, the economy, sports, entertainment, etc - and you will find THOUSANDS of very well paid people whose sole job is to keep providing - 24/7/365 - nonsense detail after detail, talking point after talking point, historical curiosity after historical curiosity etc all for so that the accretion of said nonsense will appear to form some sort of substance in the eyes of the populace.

    Similarly, there is no need to look any further than the Zionist US/Israel to figure out ISIS as was exactly the case with Al-CIAda.

    Nearly anything more than broadcasting this above fact is falling into the trap - as you state - laid out by TPTB and which seeks to deflect attention away from the real culprits.

    The same can be said exactly for the Ukrainian situation. Yes, it's interesting to note this or that storyline in the overall narrative but in spending time debating/following these narrative tributaries the overall war criminality/guilt of the Zionist US is diluted and almost forgotten by even the most conscientious of people.

    Unless people - like you and others do consistently Penny, thanks - are speaking directly to the war criminality of the US and Israel then they are necessarily part of the problem as they are helping the criminals massage their crimes into the forgotten past.

    We don't need more essays from the fake left poobahs explaining what are the reasons for this situation or that when it's all been staring us in the freaking faces for decades.

    1. HI J Sorrentine
      Thanks and besides me getting the word out, it helps if people like you spread it around

      Did you catch in the above article the 'unintended consequence' reference
      REally? Are there seriously people who will believe that the US didn't exactly intend for that to happen- Cause they did. I could see it coming a mile away- And who am I ?
      A person who loves the ins and outs of internations intrigue via the msm
      and I could see that one coming a mile away- for anyone to believe in unintended consequence or blowback as always presented- one would have to be moronic

  3. First the US government tells us we need to fight these terrorist groups and then we find out we are joining forces with them. It is like watching the good guy, bad guy fakery on professional wrestling. But millions of Americans fall for professional wrestling, don't they?

    1. "But millions of Americans fall for professional wrestling, don't they?"

      Sadly they do. I guess it all comes down to the nonsense people choose to believe