Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ukraine and Russia agree to ceasefire? Bullbiscuits! Narrative Creation

This  so called news looks to be coming straight from Kiev. And I do not believe it. What it appears to be is a set up for yet another narrative going like this "bad Russia/victim Ukraine
So, I think this news is nonsense
The ceasefire announcement is straight from Kiev/ President Petro Poroshenko - Telegraph
Russia and Ukraine reach a "permanent ceasefire" in eastern Ukraine, President Petro Poroshenko announces
Ceasefire regime agreement reached, Poroshenko says-CBC
Poroshenko can say whatever the hell he wants!  Putin has said all along Russia is not involved in the situation in Eastern Ukraine and has reminded Kiev time and time again to negotiate with the rebels

Russia backs truce but not party to deal

Russia backs a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine but is not a party to the agreement, the Kremlin says, because it is not involved in the conflict.

Russian and Ukrainian leaders have agreed on steps needed for a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, but Moscow cannot be party to any agreement as it is not involved in the conflict, a Kremlin spokesman says.
"(Vladimir) Putin and (Petro) Poroshenko really did discuss steps which would lead to a ceasefire between rebels and Ukrainian troops," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was quoted as saying by the RIA-Novosti news agency, after Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko announced he and Vladimir Putin had agreed to a permanent truce.
"But in principle Russia cannot agree on a ceasefire as it is not a participant in the conflict." Earlier, Poroshenko announced that Putin and he had agreed to a "permanent ceasefire" in fighting engulfing the east of the ex-Soviet state following a telephone exchange. Putin and Poroshenko had reached "an agreement for a permanent ceasefire in Donbass (eastern Ukraine)," the Ukrainian president's office said in a statement on Wednesday. The word "permanent" was later removed from his website, casting doubt on the whole agreement.
In Tallinn, US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday it was still "too early" to know what the ceasefire that Kiev claims to have concluded with Moscow in eastern Ukraine really means 

The ceasefire with Moscow means nothing, because, it does not exist
As far as I can tell we are all being manipulated!. Set up for more dramatics by Kiev and NATO


  1. hey pen,

    so.. i wanna know .. where are ruski tanks?
    long time no type..

    1. hey kikz

      good to know you are still about
      no ruski tanks that I could see

  2. The Ukranians used the last ceasefire to regroup and resupply, then immediately launched an offensive the minute it was over.

    What I'm reading is that the militia have no intention of giving up the initiative right now. Basically, the Ukranians can pull out of the Donbass or the fighting continues.

    The area south of Lugansk has been thoroughly cleared up and there is not much left of the Ukranian forces there. The militia reported the release of 23 settlements around Lugansk yesterday.

    Is Donetsk airport free of Ukranian army? For every report that it is, there is another that says it isn't.

    The situation on the H20 highway remains tense. the milita front line is narrow in parts with Ukranians on both sides. It will be good to see the boilers finally cleared so that the militia can focus on the front lines and not on breaking multiple Ukranian pockets.

    So much for Poroshenkos committment to peace. There are reports of a build of Ukranian armour close to Kharkov. I am 100% sure that any Ukranian peace offer will be abused. Hopefully the militia will not stop now. I don't see it.


  3. While playing a few rounds of golf 0 doubles down on the Ukraine.