Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Battle for Kobani- Sideshow for broader war

Kobane(i) A sideshow. I've used those same words, here. How interesting?
Flashback to Wed. Oct. 08/14:  US carries out 90 percent of attacks on ISIS- Turkey not complying and much more

“The ISIS 'attack' on Kobane? Doesn't seem to be anything but a very half hearted attempt to take over a town. First question, Is this just some sort of sideshow for the cameras? Oh we have a flag on a rooftop! So what? Did some media outlet go a put it there then take a pic of it? Did they have one of their ISIS cohorts put the flag in place for the photo shoot? A flag stuck in the middle of somewhere doesn't necessarily mean a thing. And that type of staged photo-op would most certainly not be a first! Then we have all these bombs being dropped all this time with very little accomplished. According to the msm reports ISIS is an ever bigger threat and keeps carrying out alleged “beheadings”
Clearly,  I’ve been quite uneasy with the entire Kobane(i) narrative. It has felt too contrived from the get go. It seems my skepticism was quite valid
 NBC: Analysis
"The fall of Kobani to ISIS would be far more symbolic than strategic"
"While more than 150,000 people have fled the area around Kobani, no more than 50,000 people lived there before recent fighting intensified. The town has assumed importance largely because, in a war in which reporters have great difficulty seeing battles first-hand, Kobani is within shooting distance of news cameras. Those cameras — positioned along the Turkish border"
-Since Kobani is symbolic as opposed to strategic, it's fall or non fall, will be symbolic as well.

Symbolism can be sold via the media- Strategy is a bit more difficult

-If “no more then 50,000 people live in Kobani....”

Why is the 150,000 plus number always bandied around?

-The town is  important because of media accessibility- “Kobani is within shooting distance of news cameras”

Convenient for staged photops! Possibly including battle scenes and air bombings- Like a hollyweird war movie. And don’t forget the strategically placed flags!

Regarding the broader war agenda, mentioned yesterday- Kobane(i) Kurds 'thwart' ISIS- Deja Vu! The war expands

Kobane(i) and all it 'represents' to the media audience can be/will be used to further the agenda.
The battle for Kobane(i) is equivalent to any other PR campaign we have previously seen

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  1. Yup, I'm sure that we will be treated with LOADS of convenient photographic "evidence" of the terrible things that ISIS is responsible for in Kobane over the coming days. Stuff that just SCREAMS "ground troops" etc etc etc

    Why, maybe, there's an open gallery at Yad Vashem in which display them all, huh?