Monday, October 20, 2014

Kiev Missile(s) Fire on Chemical Plant in Donetsk ? Ceasefire breach


“I was approaching my apartment building, when I heard a strong explosion,” another local resident, Irina, told RT. “Thing is that for the past two weeks there has been non-stop shelling day and night – we are used to that. But today there was that was such a strong blast that I have not heard before. I even sat down on the ground, probably, because of the blast power and from fright.”


A huge blast has rocked a chemical factory in Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, the city council says on its website. The blast wave reportedly shattered windows in houses in a radius of several kilometers.
The explosion reportedly took place at 12:10pm local time.
#UKRAINE: Blast rocks chemical plant in #Donetsk, militia claims Kiev fired tactical missile
— RT (@RT_com) October 20, 2014
Local militia has said that the plant was targeted by a tactical Tochka-U missile (SS-21 Scarab).RT’s team in Donetsk is trying to verify this information.

When RT’s team arrived at the scene, they found a crater “about 10 meters (33 feet) deep,” he said.
“We were caught up in sniper fire – there were at least three snipers working at the time,” RT’s reporter said. “We had to sit in that crater for about 15 minutes until it was safe for us to leave.”
crater found by RT team

It appears Kiev broke the ceasefire in a very big way!!!
Likely that explains the lack of media coverage thus far.

 According to the RT reporter Kiev has been quiet on the attack- Perhaps they have to concoct an official conspiracy?

The Independent

A huge explosion has rocked the rebel-held city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, smashing windows over a radius of several kilometres and sending a vast mushroom cloud up into the sky. The blast occurred at a rubber processing factory full of chemicals, with numerous videos taken in the aftermath of the initial explosion showing further, smaller bursts of flame.
The plant lies in a rebel-controlled area on the outskirts of the city Not much in the way of western media coverage...... Like I said, maybe Kiev has to get it's official conspiracy in order. Or wait until the State Department gives 'instructs' them on how to spin this.


Kuwait Media- Check this headline out?-Ukraine hits Donetsk with ballistic missiles - Russian TV alleges

Russian media doesn't allege anything- They are reporting what has been told to them
"Local militia has said that the plant was targeted by a tactical Tochka-U missile (SS-21 Scarab).RT’s team in Donetsk is trying to verify this information."
 Looked and sounded like one hell of an explosion with a huge crater produced.
A lack of western mainstream media news articles is very noticeable
Are they, the lying corporate warmongering media, waiting for their talking points before reporting on this? It will be interesting to read how this is reported on.

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