Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"More of us than them and we could drown them in our urine"


  1. More of us THAN them, not, then them....

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    1. I would love nothing more then to see the absolute perfection anonymous trolls have on their own blogs and sites- but, oh yah, it will never happen

  3. Hi Pen,
    I wonder if Lionel's surname is "Horowitz" or "Bernstein"? The man comes across as a con man. Whenever I am faced with someone who is so physically animated when talking, I am wary because serious con men use this animated action to distract people so they don't follow the logic or no-logic closely.

    Lionel also flattered James Corbett so much it was cringe-worthy to me. It was obviously over the top and, again, is a common tactic of con men.

    Of the 49 minutes of the video, I'm guessing that Lionel talked for 40 of those. I think I could have condensed his verbosity down to 5-10 mins. Most of his talk was fear focused with no dots linked by causality, no meaningful picture of what is going on except that they obviously want to control us. It was just a long list of things that have happened and things that will happen. There were no solutions except the vague 'we outnumber them by a huge factor'. We already know this. What we need is specific ways to make use of this numerical advantage. Demanding change does not work. The example of gluten free food came about not because people assailed their supermarket staff or the manufacturers. It happened because people withdrew co-operation by simply not buying the gluten products and buying gluten-free instead. It would have been useful to talk about non co-operation instead.

    To go back to the long list of woes and wrongs without causative links/reasons and no solutions, we see this pattern all the time in the alternative media sites such as CounterPunch.

    This propagation of fear without a meaningful context together with no meaningful solutions is disempowering. It leads to the very "learned helplessness" that Lionel himself talks about. And I don't think it is ironic.

    1. Hi james

      See, I didn't find him propagating fear- I think his over the top verbosity is just his style- that said there was a few reason I posted this without comment

      1- He pointed out how the masses are willingly participating in their own enslavement- willingly, by choice. I know that does not occur to most people who put their entire life on face book and drag their stupid phones everywhere with them

      I thought that was very important. People need to realize they are the problem and that a surveillance state cannot exist without their compliance.

      james "It happened because people withdrew co-operation by simply not buying the gluten products"

      Yes, he mentioned that gluten free products came to be because people rejected the gluten containing products- going gluten free and the market grew- this is (2) the power of the people in action- he did in fact give us the very example we need everyday- stop participating in our own enslavement. In our own surveillance
      shun it.

      I also thought (3) the intellectual property use was very interesting- everything is going to be intellectual property and you are going to have your phone shut off, your internet denied, your services denied
      for "intellectual property'
      And what is intellectual property but a spell cast on the masses?

      Overall, I thought he raised a number of interesting points and even a solution- now what are people going to do about it
      choose their own slavery or choose to break free

      I have been thinking quite a bit about this subject
      the smart grid, which is just the invisible fence for the human herd
      total control
      and I am perplexed why the masses can't see it

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    If I have time there will be a new post later today.

    reno work- etc.,

  5. I'm of the Eudora Welty school, in that, editing/spelling/grammar corrections are of the UTMOST importance.

    Editing is good. Sometimes there are assholes though. This one is not. No offense.

    1. Believe me I try, but, time, time, time is not on my side.. Often
      Nor do I have the luxury of an editor and it's hard to spot ones own error.

      It's odd in that troll like persons who threaten to 'out me' chastise my spelling as a way to distract from the solid info- As the blog has gotten more readership the trolls work to discredit you that much harder

      Yet. Yet, they never take msm and it's big advertising money lying to everyone to task

      If you ever saw the troll file I have saved along with IP's you would be truly shocked and disgusted