Thursday, October 9, 2014

One MH-17 Passenger Wearing Oxygen Mask- Why?- Updated!

Saw this earlier and had been scratching my head as to why this passenger had put a mask on?
The body of an Australian passenger on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was found wearing an oxygen mask, Dutch prosecutors say, raising questions about how much those on board knew about their fate when the plane plunged out of the sky above eastern Ukraine in July.
Interesting, no?
The passenger did not have the mask on his face, but its elastic strap was around his neck, said Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch National Prosecutor's Office which is carrying out a criminal investigation into the air disaster.

De Bruin said Dutch forensic experts investigated the mask "for fingerprints, saliva and DNA and that did not produce any results. So it is not known how or when that mask got around the neck of the victim."

De Bruin said no other bodies recovered from the wreckage were found wearing masks. He said he did not know where in the plane the Australian victim was sitting.
Engaging in speculation here of course, but, no more so then the Dutch prosecutor did by suggesting the mask wearing passenger was "raising questions about how much those on board knew about their fate"  I am going to throw some thoughts out and see what comes back...

What if this passenger was sitting near a window? Awake? And not staring at a screen?
Could he have seen another plane that was more or less, at the same altitude as MH-17 and also flying a bit too close for comfort?
I have difficulty believing he would have seen a missile from the ground. However, the male passenger seeing a plane flanking MH17 seems a very good reason to put an oxygen mask on, if they had dropped down enmasse. But why did no one else have their mask on?

 Also from the linked article it's quite clear that the evidence is going to be made to fit the agenda-
"The head of the criminal investigation said the most likely of possible scenarios being investigated is that the Boeing 777 was shot down from the ground"
Sounds to me as if the rebel shootdown scenario is the predetermined outcome being "investigated"
Which means no real investigation.

Dutch official criticized for disclosure
Frans Timmermans, the foreign minister, mentioned the discovery of the oxygen mask late Wednesday during an appearance on a popular Dutch television talk show.

 Wim de Bruin, a spokesman for the Dutch national prosecutor’s office, expressed dismay about the disclosure on Thursday. He confirmed that forensics experts had found a yellow plastic oxygen mask around the neck of a male victim among the bodies that arrived at Eindhoven Air Base a week after the crash
George Bibel, a forensics expert and professor of mechanical engineering at the University of North Dakota, said that normally, in the case of a rapid decompression of the aircraft cabin, the plane’s oxygen masks would deploy automatically.
“I can imagine a mask remaining around the neck as described,” Professor Bibel said. “The plane ripped apart, some of the oxygen masks deployed, somebody managed to put one on.”
But he also acknowledged the possibility that the mask was placed on the victim’s body after the crash
 George Bibel is suggesting it's possible not all of the masks deployed and only one managed to put it on- Then throws evidence tampering out as a possibility?
Gotta be honest- I see absolutely zero reason for anyone to do such a thing.

As Greg Bacon says below "the only truth we know is that the USA and Kiev has lied from the start about this tragedy"


  1. "However, the male passenger seeing a plane flanking MH17seems a very good reason to put an oxygen mask on."

    That statement does not make sense because the oxygen masks do not drop down until the plane depressurizes. The black box revealed that the plane was normally pressurized up until the catastrophic event (missile strike) so it would be impossible to put on a mask before that occurred.

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    2. Because the Kiev fighter-jets made their first pass and machine-gunned Flight 17, but when that didn't bring it down, they returned and blasted it with an air-to-air missile.

      The bullets would've brought on depressurization, dropping the masks.

      As for the truth, who knows, the only truth we know is that the USA and Kiev has lied from the start about this tragedy.

    3. Hi Greg- thanks for the comment- I prefer named commenters to anons not because anons are bad necessarily,but, too much trolling makes one leery.

      "As for the truth, who knows, the only truth we know is that the USA and Kiev has lied from the start about this tragedy"

      That's for sure- It's been lie, lie and lie again

      I see there is even a NYT's article suggesting someone at the scene stuck the mask on the man- which seems such a stupid thing to say, why would anyone bother? absolutely a retarded statement imo

    4. rewrite-

      When the masks drop, people do have to put them on themselves... was this the only man on the entire plane to do so? That just seems so implausible. Realizing it was a plane crash but out of all those passengers just one man....

  2. More likely, all the bodies had masks on and the tampering was to remove them. As we know, there is very little footage of bodies to prove either way. Did they miss one?

    Alternatively, if the Dutch were really 'dismayed' by this disclosure, it could be an attempt by the foreign minister to signal a little bit of truth about the incident. Why would masks even deploy if there was an immediate missile strike blowing the aircraft out of the sky? It's all highly suspicious!

  3. Haarerz few days ago israel pushing tory that intel hub on golan was russian manned. "Recovered documents".

    Lebanon weapons deals are progressing with fury. 1980s replay? Iran rhe latest to offer a package.

    Massive yemen bombs day after houthi said hey would take the straits.

    Attack in the russian ruble is furious. With HK and the Brazil frontal ongoing can recoil be far?

    Ukraine looks set to go full metals with lavrov blasting nuland yesterday.

    the russians yesterday inagurated a chemical weapons special unit after discussing growing risk of biological and chems war. Message in there?

    The nato moves in georgia only irritate the situation. That country looks to have a leadership split between the pm and the president hanks to salkaash. And then there is the bio research facility in georgia that he russians complained about last year after ending nunn lugar.

    The indian space probe into mars looka like space diplomacy in vie2 of the russian phobos fail and allegations around us high powered radar.

    1. anon 5:08- saw the news about the intel hub being taken and had no time to look into it- Ukraine set to go full metal?
      lavrov blasting nuland- this I have not seen or read at all
      but by full metal- do you mean start fighting again or ramp up fighting?
      If so, i would agree and actually think that was a given-
      what with the US sending in counter insurgency operatives

      "The Pentagon has dispatched eight military personnel to Kiev this week to provide tips to Ukrainian security forces on counterinsurgency and military planning tactics"

      anon would you have any links handy on the Georgian situation?
      would save me some digging and I would appreciate it greatly
      thanks :)

    2. Chechen IS Leader Threatens to Invade Russia: Reports

      Romania may nationalize Russia’s Lukoil refinery — media Interfax

      US Arms Supplies to Ukraine Would Harm Peaceful Settlement: Moscow

      Nuland's active involvement in dialogue between Kiev, militias will not be useful — Lavrov

      Threat of Chemical, Biological Weapons Use Remains Prevalent: Russian Defense Minister

      New Chemical Defense Regiments Formed in Russian Armed Forces
      NATO Presence in Georgia Could Threaten Stability in Caucasus: Russia

      Moscow calls for urgent plan to destroy Libyan chemical weapons Interfax

      From 2013:
      US Lab in Georgia at Center of Storm Over Biological Warfare Claims

  4. Hi Marie
    who would have missed a mask? Not the antifascist rebels- I just see no reason for them to remove masks- Once the deceased were shippped out, upon receiving the deceases perhaps then masks were removed to enable what looks to be a cover up
    Is that what you mean?
    Regarding the disclosure, there does seem to be a rather obvious attempt at damage control

    "Why would masks even deploy if there was an immediate missile strike blowing the aircraft out of the sky?"

    I don't know? I am not understanding this aspect of this as well as I should.
    The whole narrative has reeked since the get go!

  5. The oxygen mask story has been spun from the moment it slipped out. The slip was at a Dutch talk show the night of Oct. 08 hosted by Jeroen Pauw. The host questioned Dutch Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans about a statement Timmermans made to the UN Security Council on July 21. Timmermans imagined the horror felt by the passengers "when they knew the plane was going down" and wondered "Did they lock hands with their loved ones, did they hold their children close to their hearts, did they look each other in the eyes, one final time, in a wordless goodbye? We will never know."

    Jeroen Pauw asked Timmermans if his July 21 statement to the UNSC was credible. After all, the preliminary report from the Dutch Safety Board gave no evidence that anyone on board was conscious in the seconds that immediately followed the attack. Timmermans got tense and said, "“They did not see the rocket coming, but you know someone was found with an oxygen mask on his mouth? He thus had the time to do that. We cannot rule it out. There is nothing we know now, from which you can draw the conclusion that it could not have happened so.”

    When Timmerman spoke these words he formed his right hand into the shape of an oxygen mask cup and placed it over his mouth for emphasis. You can see this gesture clearly at about 6:50 in the video at

    Almost immediately afterward the story was spun by Timmermans and others, saying that the oxygen mask cup was around the victim's neck. That makes a huge difference, suggesting it was just a fluke. In contrast, a cup over the mouth would be the result of a deliberate action by a passenger who was still alive and conscious after the cabin depressurized.

    The Professional Pilots Rumour Network has a MH17 thread that has followed the evidence from the beginning. Somebody there nicknamed suninmyeyes wrote "The cabin altitude during the cruise would have been about 6000 feet. The masks will deploy when the cabin altitude reaches 14000 feet. Within a few seconds of the missile strike the cabin altitude would have increased to the aircraft altitude of 33000 feet and the masks would drop. So within 5 seconds of the cabin being pierced the masks would have dropped, probably more like a couple of seconds." You can read the balance of the post at

    The sequence of events was (1) missile fragments or cannon fire caused the cabin to depressurize, then (2) within about 2-5 seconds the automatic system deployed the oxygen masks, then (3) at least one passenger, a male from Australia, deliberately placed a yellow oxygen mask cup over his mouth with the elastic strap behind his head.

    The authorities say they don't know where this passenger was seated. I think that is a lie because they apologized to this victim's family before they apologized to the other families for the anguish caused by this slip. They know the victim's name. Surely they know his seat assignment. Although he could have been out of his seat at the moment of depressurization, the odds are high that he was in his assigned seat. Once again the authorities are withholding information.

    I'm not surprised by the lack of discovery of oxygen masks on other MH17 victims. The same forces that stripped many of the bodies of clothing surely would rip off an oxygen mask with no difficulty. Fire on the ground also could have destroyed evidence that masks were worn by other passengers. If we knew the seat assignment of the male victim from Australia then we might understand how he became the exception.

    1. Thanks singing sam- I started reading and will go back a bit that's a 69 page discussion, and looks interesting

  6. I just wanted to make a point which has been completely overlooked when discussing the culpability question. The so called Separatists when they found the black boxes willingly and in good faith handed them over to the authorities before the international media. This event was widely televised. So if the Separatists had really been guilty of downing the plane the question is WHY should they incriminate themselves? They could have pretended not to have found them, they could have destroyed them, they could have handed them to the Russians. If they had done so we would most likely already have known its contents.

  7. For more information on the downing of MH17 please visit my blog Contraviews (

  8. thanks for the comments contraviews- when I have a chance I will stop on by :)