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Russian navy to conduct rocket fire off Cyprus while Ankara sniffs for oil

h/t Marie @ The Significance of R  And let me say Marie, this is a gem of news story!
 The back story to this recent news, and it's a big one, has been previously covered here at the blog

 Tensions are expected to soar when Russia carries out military exercises in the region as Turkey threatens to encroach in Cyprus waters to hunt for energy.
Ankara said survey vessel Barbaros will start explorations within Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone from Monday.
And at the same time Russia’s navy will be conducting a four-day rocket-firing exercise off the island’s northern coast. Nicosia has given the green light to Russian manoeuvres, Cyprus’ navy chief Constantinos Fytiris confirmed yesterday.
He tried to play down any link with the island’s energy row with Turkey.“The presence of the Russian navy is not connected at all with Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone. The EEZ is not linked with rocket firing...The EEZ is linked with economic activity beneath the sea.”  “The two issues – Russian navy and Barbaros – are not connected; let this be clarified so that panic is avoided.”
Nevertheless, any Turkish encroachment in Cyprus’ EEZ – as it has threatened to do - will only destabilise an already fragile situation.
And it can be no coincidence that Nicosia is allowing Russia to fire rockets while Turkey is trying to bully oil companies to desert Cyprus.

Turkey is, of course, attempting to destabilize a very fragile situation in Cyprus. As it has done before......No way is it a coincidence that Cyprus is allowing Russia to fire rockets at this time!

1974 Turkish Troops invade Northern Cyprus

Thousands of Turkish troops have invaded northern Cyprus after last-minute talks in the Greek capital, Athens, failed to reach a solution.
Tension has been running high in the Mediterranean island since a military coup five days ago in which President Archbishop Makarios, a Greek Cypriot, was deposed.
The coup led to fears among the Turkish Cypriot community that the Greek-backed military rulers would ignore their rights and press for unification for Cyprus with Greece or enosis.
Archbishop Makarios became the republic's first elected president in 1959 only after agreeing to give up plans for a union with Greece.
A Turkish armada of 33 ships, including troop transporters and at least 30 tanks and small landing craft, has landed on the northern coast.
Airlifted to safety
The bulk of the Greek fleet put to sea last night from the island of Salamis.
There are reports of clashes between Greek and Turkish warships near Paphos, a port in south-western Cyprus.
Greek Cypriot forces on the island have been defending the northern coast, around Kyrenia.
The capital, Nicosia, has seen most of the fighting. Turkish paratroops and tanks have been battling for control of the airport - but they have met fierce resistance from the Greek forces.
Shops and offices in the Greek sector of the capital have been deserted since midday yesterday as rumour of the impending invasion spread.
In some parts of the city there were traffic jams as residents tried to flee to the safety of the countryside.
More than 4,500 Britons and other foreign nationals have been moved to the safety of army bases and others have been airlifted to safety in specially-chartered planes.
So far there has been no indication of the casualty figure, but it is thought the Greeks have suffered most from air strikes.
Although Greek military reports from Nicosia claim significant progress has been made against the Turkish forces. Several Turkish planes are reported to have been shot down and "enemy forces" kept out of Turkish Cypriot villages in the north of the island
The Turks have made it clear they will not settle for anything less than the removal of the newly-imposed Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Sampson.
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  1. So much oil, such a nonelastic demand.

    In order to make room in the global marketplace for all the new product destined to be produced in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as in Mexico's, newly open to transnationals, offshore fields ($1 trillion of investment projected over the next decade) both Iran's and Russia's production will have to be shut in indefinitely. Instability in Iraq and Libya will need to be maintained as well.

    1. Creating scarcity- artificially of course to drive up prices, justify rations or tight controls- tied into Agenda 21 perhaps?
      A wider, deeper control of the human herd?
      Controlling other nations?
      and much, much more

  2. Russians just relo their destroyer sub hunter to the med. Nato just put another french recon ship into black sea while the us just ported a aegis in Georgia and announced more Romania exercise after base inauguration.


      October 7. /TASS/. Northern Fleet submarine chaser-destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov is bound for simulated action against attack by weapons of mass destruction in the eastern Mediterranean.

      The vessel has left Limassol port in Cyprus for a series of naval drills in air- and anti-submarine defense, fleet spokesman Vadim Serga said.

  3. ever wonder what a drone sounds like?
    biglies from the mouth of a drone: 'NATO is not a antirussian alliance..NATO is a security.....' ....NATO is a defensive remains a defensive alliance....'...theres no reason to think the expansion is a hostile or threatening move.'etc ..(I BET if russia did the same westward, this drone would be saying russia was threatening)
    this is side splitting comedy...SNL hasnt done anything better!

    1. NATO is an aggressive, expansive army aiming for global domination
      no matter what some lying mouthpiece claims

  4. Thanks Penny, you've written a lot on this subject. Just as a reminder to your readers, the 1974 invasion had the full BACKING and ASSISTANCE of the CIA!

    CIA Document confirms Kissinger’s involvement in selling Cyprus for 30 silver pieces (Source: Homeboy News Greece June 28, 2007)

    Excerpt: Most noteworthy is the involvement of Henry Kissinger in giving the green light to Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus.

    The recent release by the CIA of documents concerning the agency’s illegal surveillance of Americans and involvement in the assassinations of Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, Salvador Allende of Chile, and Patrice Lumumba of Congo, as well as assassinations plots against Fidel Castro, prove what authors and scholars have already concluded about the agency. Most noteworthy is the involvement of Henry Kissinger in giving the green light to Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus.

    The links between Kissinger and Turkey formed a long lasting relationship between Kissinger and the Israeli Lobby in the United States, particularly the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Turks, particularly the links between AIPAC and the American Turkish Council and individuals like Richard Perle, Marc Grossman, and Douglas Feith. That relationship was exposed with revelations stemming from information divulged as a result of the FBI’s firing of Turkish translator Sibel Edmonds and the concentration of the Brewster Jennings & Associates CIA front company on weapons of mass destruction and the Turkish nexus to nuclear materials trafficking from the former Soviet Central Asian states.

    When Turkey invaded Cyprus in July 1974, Kissinger was only concerned about the continued operation of U.S. intelligence bases in Turkey and three in the presently under Turkish military control and occupied north zone of Cyprus: Yerolakkos, Mia Milia, and Karavas. Eventually, these listening stations were evacuated in 1975 by CIA agents and U.S. Marines.


    P.S. I am toying the idea of with writing about the 1974 'war' from the perspective of my family. If anyone is interested to know what it feels like to run for your life from Turkish Paratroopers falling from the sky....

    1. thanks for the additional info Marie
      That Kissinger would be connected to death and destruction, everywhere and anywhere is not really a surprise- and yet, still when I read of yet another episode in the destructive life of Henry Kissinger, and try to grasp the death and destruction that man has wrought- I can't even imagine it.
      It's simply unfathomable to me.

      As for writing about the 1974 war from your family perspective?
      I would love to read it! If you can bear to do it?
      I would think some painful memories are involved?
      PLease, let me know if you decide to do that?

  5. Can someone please tell me what would happend if a North Korean, Russia or Iranian ship started in the United States EEZ?

  6. Marie

    there were three comments for the blog, I clicked publish and they disappeared
    Yes, I am sure I clicked publish- sometimes blogger has temper tantrums
    I read part of what you wrote about what is being reported on the news, but, not all of it
    could you repost it?
    Sorry about that Marie :(

    There was also an anon comment too?
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    thanks and apologies to you also

  7. The internet is playing up for me here too! Anyway, I so sorry but I don't remember what I'd previously written.

    However, local news update right now is that Cyprus will tomorrow (Tues) complain to the UN Security council, being one of the measures agreed by the ministers today, after the 6.30 am crossing of the maritime line by the Turkish Ship Barbarosa and it's companions, including a warship! But we should be cautious, as is always the case with Cyprus politics, a LOT can happen/change in just a few hours!

    BTW The Russians and the Israelis, with the agreement of the Cypriots, are going to conduct 'training' which includes the use of F16s on the 'Syrian' side of Cyprus!

    Politicians are getting hot under the collar tonight, with words about 'let's not upset things any further, we don't have the power to 'go to war!' - sorry I don't know the name of the Minister who said this but he is from the Socialist/Labour party.

    So tomorrow is going to be a mega crucial day. Although the Barbarosa ship has already quickly gone back to legal areas of the sea!


  8. thanks marie
    I still don't know what happened to the comments
    publish is the first button, so it's the easiest to click over to..
    thanks for keeping me up to date