Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shooting at Parliament Hill in Canada- One gunman killed- Multiple shooters reported

This is way too convenient. Sorry. No offense intended.
This is a hard sell to push Canadians into the much lusted for, never ending, NATO war agenda
We have reports of shooters on the rooftops in Ottawa- This feels very "Maidan"
I would suspect the soldier standing guard outside was hit by sniper fire
Canada has very good snipers. Record holding snipers.

Shooter on roof of Parliament building reported
RT @OmarCBC: Police say shooter on roof of parliament and ask media to stay back. #ottnews
Tweets from here

RT @OmarCBC: Police say shooter on roof of parliament and ask media to stay back. #ottnews
— CBCOttawaMorning (@OttawaMorning) October 22, 201

Getting this all put here before it's gone. Scrubbed.
* Reduced to a lone gunman, radicalized in some way
* Expect this to be connected to the incident, yesterday in Montreal Ala Donald Rumsfeld- "go massive, sweep it all up" We have to get them before they get us will be pitched.
 I can smell the stench of a foul fear mongering campaign that is about to be foisted on Canadians from coast to coast

Soldier shot outside of Parliament, one gunman ‘killed,’ but ‘multiple shooters’ suspected


A soldier was shot at the National War Memorial by an unknown assailant Wednesday morning and there are reports of 30 to 50 shots of gunfire inside the halls of Parliament.

“Gunman at Parliament’s Centre Block has been shot and killed,” Conservative MP Bernard Trottier tweeted at 10:30 a.m. Tory MP Bob Zimmer also reported the same. Those reports are unconfirmed as police are still actively searching the area and say it is “not a secure scene” as there may be multiple shooters.
Two sources told The Canadian Press that Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms for the House of Commons and 29-year RCMP veteran, shot a gunman. In video taken within Parliament, about a dozen gunshots can be heard within the halls. 

Whose shots are we hearing? 

There are certainly a great many armed persons in the video

Images of heavily armed men abound

Despite the shooting of the suspect, police and soldiers continued a chaotic hunt, leading to speculation there was more than one suspect.
It was caucus day for the federal parties, so Members of Parliament and Senators were locked down in the hallways near the Commons

Which means no one was in chamber. No one was in the House of Commons.
So, if one was going to stage a psyop this was a good day and time.

*War memorial from afar- a shooting here can be spun as something sacrilegious

Parliament Hill attack: 1 gunman dead after soldier shot at National War Memorial

Police sources tell CBC there is more than 1 suspect.

 So far, we have one dead person, allegedly- The shooter. 
However, I don't see any images of the shooter's take down.

More: One shooter dead, search is on for another shooter

"Two sources told The Canadian Press that Kevin Vickers, the sergeant-at-arms for the House of Commons, shot an assailant"

 Was he in amongst all those men firing in the building, shown in the video, above? 


Update! : The soldier initially shot has died- Notice the headline? 

Soldier died standing guard at National War Memorial 

There isn't really anything to 'guard' at the War Memorial- It's a statue- And the soldier was likely there for the tourist photos- However: Oh, Canada we stand on guard for thee....

The Canadian Army had just resumed responsibility for guarding the Tomb on Monday, taking over from the Royal Canadian Navy as part of the National Sentry program. The Army is to be on duty at the monument in the days leading up to Remembrance Day ceremonies on Nov. 11.
The National Sentry Program “reinforces the Canadian commitment to remember and honour Canadians who served in both World Wars, as well as those who have contributed to Canada’s long standing tradition of military excellence through to the present day,” reads a description of the program on the federal government’s website.
“The sentries reinforce public awareness that the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is to be treated with dignity, tribute and respect.”
 Recall my comment earlier about the location of this shooting being spun as something sacrilegious?
The spun has begun-


JTF-2 is clearly in Ottawa

There ex head is downplaying their participation- BUT. They are there.
Watch the video. Look at the vehicle. Appears to be a more military vehicle

JTF-2 is a special ops unit

JTF-2 could have easily provided the snipers. Could have been the multiple shooters that were reported by witnesses. JTF-2 was present at the G-20 in Toronto.

JTF-2 has been mentioned at this blog on previous occasions

Report from a G20 protest attendee. Video footage.Where was JTF2

G-20 What's it really about?

JTF-2 Torturing prisoners in Afghanistan

Canada's Elite Secret Army

JTF2 is a hyper-secret, elite counter-terrorist and VIP security force of some 250 hand-picked volunteers who are super-fit and super-trained, whose identities are secret, whose budget is classified and who are our version of Britain's SAS and U.S. Special Forces.

JTF2 was created to carry out acts of terror- Sure they call it counter terror- but they create terror
That JTF-2 was present in Ottawa today, is very indicative of this being a 'counter terror' operation
Counter terrorism ops do include " Operations that include the offensive measures taken, allegedly, to prevent, deter, preempt, and respond to terrorism" And I would add, create the fear necessary to justify acts of war and government tyranny


  1. The post has been updated with more tweets and reports of multiple shooters
    By many persons including law enforcement
    An crime, perpetrated by one person, allegedly, is not a reason or justification for involvement in global war- never ending global war
    that will devastate the country- it will bankrupt the nation
    it will create debt slaves for many generations to come
    The perp is dead. It's over. If a hard sell ensues, as I suspect it will.
    Cui Bono?

  2. This stinks to high heaven.

    Why didn't the soldier who was supposedly guarding the War Memorial have a bullet proof vest on?

    In the car at about 10:15 or so is when I heard the first reports on CBC radio. They kept saying it was a man with a scarf, an 'arab' scarf... now I don't hear them saying that anymore.

    Also, they were going on and on about tourists taking lots of photos, but NO photos of this guy, who jumped the fence and then stole a car and drove to center block have emerged. If there were 'busloads of tourists' wouldn't someone already have tweeted a photo or two?

    Something really wierd is going on here. Plus NO mention this is playing out right by the US embassy??

    Prepare for a massive SPIN heading our way.


    1. Buffy, was hoping to hear from you so glad you stopped by
      Agree on the weirdness. Caught the scarf news, hadn't noticed it's disappearance, but, the scarf thing- is a definite meme

      MY mother in law heard on tv news, that the police took a bunch of people with their phones to the police station- she heard it once only being reported while she watched ongoing coverage and that was it

      I suspect they took images off the phones and returned them devoid of said imagery

      As for the US embassy..... spies are us- why not psyops are us
      I did see a m ention of this being near the US embassy, but, it wasn't played up- so it seems they didn't want that as a focal point

      Keep me updated if you hear anything else

  3. Well nothing at the Rideau Center and have heard descriptions of the dead perp being caucasian, though CBC let another person with a strong south african accent say - it was an arab with a beard...

    geez... ppl are all still in lockdown. Police are warning us not to go downtown. It's everything a war monger could hope for. I think you're right about all the tourists having their phones confiscated. Cell reception is being disrupted in the city core.

    It's crazy. It's fear on the radio for sure.


  4. Hey Buffy, yah I saw the pics on the news- He's definitely a white boy
    The news is already spinning the 'meaning' of the memorial, for Canadians
    Since I am not a war pusher, it means nothing to me.
    The US media is tying him to ISIS, lol.
    Cell reception, disrupted
    The rcmp is asking that no one post images to social media- why?
    why are they working so hard to control the narrative
    and btw- my blog is soooooo slow
    It's unbelievable

  5. I have had some very odd disruptions of service myself. This is so fucked up and not what they are saying it is. The CBC (local) has been spinning the arab/terrorist meme since 10 this morning. There is an agenda for sure.

    I am just shaking my damn head.


  6. Hi Penny, This is a very interesting post. Thanks for the info, I've linked your blog post at some other comments I've made today on other blogs. hoping people will see a fuller picture here.

    Anyway, I don't know if they goofed up "accidentally on-purpose", but Sky is showing a CBS video of the supposed 'Lone Gunman' LEAVING THE SCENE IN A CAR from the Memorial after shooting the soldier. At the same website, they're showing the video of the multiple shots firing INSIDE the parliament building which occurred AFTER the shooting of the soldier!

    So it's blatantly OBVIOUS there must be more than one shooter!


    1. Thanks Marie

      Sky news? I am going to search for that video- Leaving the scene in a car.
      Hmmmm... Reading a bio on him right now- odd thing being they are getting the entire story from a 'friend' in British Columbia
      Which again, is highly convenient, for the ptb's
      Because they can spin the story and have the 'friend' providing fodder for all the dummies here in Canada who won't even realize none of that shit would even be admissable in a court of law because it's all hearsay
      It's the equivalent of gossip, idle gossip.
      The only thing I have found so far is the man has a lifetime criminal record, petty crime after petty crime, theft, drugs
      Which likely makes him a junkie of sorts- extremely dependent and easily malleable

      "Zehaf-Bibeau was also in trouble with the law in British Columbia, after racking up a long criminal record in Quebec since the early 2000s for crimes as varied as drug possession, credit card forgery, and robbery. He was also charged with robbery in Vancouver in 2011, but eventually was sentenced to one day in jail after pleading guilty to uttering a threat"

      The man positively reeks of a patsy

      His "friend', the one that is feeding the narrative, is named Bathhurst- which is, a street in Toronto. And I am having a hard time believing that this is his real name

  7. Buffy- you been over at CBC today
    The censorship is running high, but, as usual the insults, name calling and insinuation is given a free pass

  8. His father was one of the RATS in Libya 2011, this is no mad nutter, this is a well choreographed false flag. However the Internet sleuths like you penny are too alert to be fooled. BTW 23 Oct is on us, expect to see rapidly increased tensions everywhere.

    1. Hi hans
      Yup I noticed the news his father had gone to Libya to fight
      and what is left out it what team he was fighting on, so I knew automatically he fought on the NATO team