Thursday, October 23, 2014

US planning to bomb Syrian infrastructure (oil pipelines) to halt jihadists' funding

The oil pipelines are Syrian infrastructure. And ISIS provides the pretext needed to destroy Syrian and Iraqi infrastructure.  I have discussed this very topic on a number of previous ocassions!

-The US is considering bombing pipelines in Syria
-The $2m-a-day (£1.24m) that the extremist group is believed to be making from the sale of fuel is one of the US' "principal concerns" and "air strikes are a viable option”,

The US 'believes' that ISIS is making money from the sale of fuel. Like believing in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.

Therefore- bomb Syrian infrastructure. 

-The American-led coalition has already carried out a limited number of air strikes on small-scale refineries.

Now bomb pipelines.
This is a war on Syria. This is the war on Syria.

I'm curious- the pipelines set to be bombed would these be the ones for the derogatorily named "arab pipeline". A pipeline that may be in the process of being rerouted to more acceptable nations.

The Arab pipeline was first mentioned in this post in 2011: Assad's "Four Seas Strategy" Damascus converges with China

Most recent mention of the pipeline was just a month back:  Remember " War against Iraq, Syria & Iran? " ISIS wants Saudi Arabia?


  1. I will have a bit more on pipeline diversions later-

  2. So, it appears that the Israeli defense minister publicly admitted today that his country and the Zionist West are following the Yinon Plan.

    Looks like they have given up trying to hide it. NOW can the world start dismantling the apartheid genocidal state of Israel?

    1. From where I'm sittin' J Sorrentine, taking into consideration the psyop in my country yesterday, things are going to get a hell of a lot the middle east, but, not for Israel

    2. Yes, the nonsense up there would be laughable if it didn't have such serious ramifications. A big "tell" in all of this horseshit is that the uber-Zionism of Harper and the rest of the Western traitorous whores is NEVER called into question even though one MIGHT think that if "radical Islam" were REALLY a legitimate problem this might be more of a factor, huh? Nope.

      Instead, through the deft utilization of the propaganda spewed at us, the actions - no matter how ludicrously staged, etc - of the "crazy jihadists" - nudge, wink - are used to only STRENGTHEN our ties to the apartheid genocidal Zionist state and its minions as we all get to wallow/share in a farcical "victimhood" that is transparently then used to further their murderous wars of aggression.

      It's all just so effing clever.

  3. fyi
    from Nils Van Der Vegte:
    A guide to lazy Russia journalism
    October 17, 2014 at 5:04pm
    I wrote this article some time ago, but I will repost it here after receiving multiple requests..A SHORT GUIDE TO LAZY RUSSIA JOURNALISM

    So you’re a Brit or an American who wants to become a Russia journalist? Once you get past the self-serving bluster, it’s really a very safe, well-paid, and rewarding job – but only on condition that you follow a set of guidelines. Inspired by a post at the blog Kosmopolito on lazy EU journalism200, I decided to provide a similar service for work ethic-challenged Russia journalists. Enjoy!

    1. Mastering and parroting a limited set of tropes is probably the most important part of your work as a journalist in Russia. Never forget to mention that Putin used to work for the KGB. Readers should always be reminded of this: The «former KGB spy», the «former KGB agent», etc. Other examples include (but are not limited to) «Putin destroyed democracy», «The Russian economy is dependent on oil», «There is no media freedom», «Russia is more corrupt than Zimbabwe», «Khodorkovsky is a political prisoner and Russia’s next Sakharov», «Russia is really weak» (but also a dire threat!), «Russia is a Potemkin village» and «a dying bear» that is ruled by «a kleptocratic mafia.»You get the drift...

    2. Not sure who is doing what? Not sure how Russia works? Just make a sentence with the word «Kremlin». Examples include «this will create problems for the Kremlin», «the Kremlin is insecure», «the Kremlin’s support of anti-Westerndictators», etc.

    3. This «Kremlin» is always wrong, and its motives are always nefarious. If it requires many signatures to register a party – that is authoritarianism, meant to repress liberal voices. If it requires only a few signatures to register a party – that is also authoritarianism, a dastardly plot to drown out the «genuine opposition» amidst a flood of Kremlin-created fake opposition parties.

  4. consider:
    Senator Rand Paul @SenRandPaul 20m20 minutes ago
    Americans want strength & leadership but that doesn't mean they see war as the only solution ‪#‎ConservativeRealism‬
    So...Paul wants a strongman! now russia has 'strength & leadership' thanks to Putin, and americans complain this is dictatorship.!

  5. a chip off the old block
    Scott Horton
    Canada shooter's dad was one of Obama's **GOOD** mujahedeen in Libya in 2011! …

  6. interview with a candidate for the coming elections in ukraine...very interesting comments by her on the political scene there
    ukraine crisis: Fighter against the Oligarchs
    Part 1:
    Part 2: