Friday, October 3, 2014

Yet, another ISIS beheading- just in time for the weekend media spin

Breaking news: Islamic State video purports to show beheading of UK captive Alan Henning
Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syria released a video on Friday which purported to show the beheading of a man identified as British citizen Alan Henning.
Reuters could not immediately verify the footage on YouTube, to which pro-Islamic State Twitter feeds provided links.
Reuters could not immediately (or ever) verify the footage on YouTube. Not that it matters.

Foreign Policy is running with this 'news'

British officials couldn't immediately verify the authenticity of the video, which circulated on social media

British officials couldn't verify the authenticity of the video. Not that it matters.

Henning, a taxi driver from Salford, England, was kidnapped in Syria in December while delivering aid to citizens in the war-ravaged country.

Henning. A taxi driver. Yah, sure.

Following the Islamic State's previous pattern, at the end of the video a masked killer shows the next hostage that the group promises to execute if the bombing campaign doesn't stop. That man is identified in the video as Peter Kassig, an American aid worker.
Like a preview for the next episode? Unless the network just cancels the rest of the season? Right?
Foreign Policy has been aware that Kassig was being held by the Islamic State but didn't reveal his name at the request of family members and U.S. officials, who have said that identifying him could encourage the Islamic State to kidnap other Americans and endanger Kassig's safety. The terrorist group has eventually beheaded all of the hostages it shows in the videos.
There is one more American believed to be held by the militant group, a 26-year-old woman who is an aid worker. Her death would mark a pivotal moment in the grim saga of Islamic State hostages because the group hasn't executed a Western woman on film -- though it has recorded beheadings of local women. Foreign Policy isn't releasing the hostage's name.
A woman! That will be the straw that breaks the camel's back! 

From this article 
The video was released Friday night. It mirrored other beheading videos shot by the Islamic State group, which now holds territory along the border of Syria and Iraq.

 The video then shows the executioner, standing behind Henning, saw quickly at his throat with a knife as the video fades to black.  The next shot is a left-to-right pan of Henning’s lifeless body, with his severed head placed on top of his back.
Yup. Same. Same. Which means there is no proof of an actual beheading taking place.
It's just implied. You are supposed to assume it happened. Whatever, however you wish to fool yourself ?

Keep the facts below in mind when you take in the above nonsense and believe it to be true

FBI director: We know the Americans fighting in Syria with ISIS 

That's right the director of the FBI is telling you- from his lips to your ears- that the FBI is exactly aware of the identity of Americans that are fighting alongside ISIS to destabilize Syria and kill Syrians.

Comey says he is aware of about "a dozen or so" Americans who have joined ISIS, but can't discount there may be more. Of the ones he knows, he says he will do everything in his power to monitor them should they return to the U.S.  
 Cleary he knows who the Americans are fighting alongside ISIS because he is going to monitor each and every one of them when they return to the US. He is going to keep track of them!

But, he isn't going to arrest them. He isn't going to incarcerate them. He didn't say that. 

I guess he has to know where they live when they return from mission, accomplished.  So, US taxpayers can provide wages, pensions & medical care for them afterwards.
"Ultimately, an American citizen, unless their passport is revoked, is entitled to come back," he tells Pelley. "So someone who has fought with ISIL, with an American passport, wants to come back, we will track them very carefully."
 Support the troops

Update:  Hostage's killing underscores need to destroy ISIS militants: Cameron

First-  The tape like all were unverified the first one was verified fake

Second- the tapes have never shown any beheading and this one is absolutely no different. 

Third- Who benefits?  Why of course those who benefit and profit from war!
Obviously, the war making nations that collectively call themselves NATO: the global tyrant army. This includes Israel. The bankers. The military industrial complex. Big multinationals conglomerates


  1. Yup, just your mild-mannered taxi driver hanging out in a war zone, doncha know!

    At least this time TPTB were smart enough to NOT have the video discovered/released by the radical Zionist group SITE. Oh well.

    Also, building upon the revelation that ISIS was really what the Mossad called themselves in English I find it interesting that they had a name change from ISIS to ISIL during the nascent rollout. Hmmm, summon see the CSPAN video we did?

    Similarly, recently Establishment gatekeeper and purported "anti-Zionist" Max Blumenthal - the one who dissed Atzmon and admitted to being a closet Zionist - has started labeling the apartheid genocidal state of Israel as JSIL - the "Jewish State of Israel in the Levant".

    Now, while all the fake lefties are patting him on the back for such a clever stroke, I believe that the truth about the Israeli roots/support of "ISIS" is starting to take hold - slowly - and that this move on Blumenthal's part is just another loyal Zionist doing his part to deflect attention AWAY from Israeli involvement.

    Just forget about ISIS/Mossad everyone, it's ISIL - I mean - JSIL now!!!

    A similar technique was used by the Mossad/IDF a number of years ago when the 9/11 Dancing Israeli story started to pick up some interest. At the time - it's like this now once again, btw - if you Googled "Dancing Israelis" you would get sites that spoke to the Mossad agents that were arrested celebrating the WTC destruction back in 2001.

    However, if you remember, all of a sudden a video started circulating of some IDF soldiers dancing to a Lady Gaga song in Gaza or the WB. Suddenly the search term "dancing Israelis" no longer brought up the 9/11 topics but rather the innocuous videos of the IDF - what cards! - dancing.

    Obviously, it's only a temporary fix but as these criminals are totally down with the reality-creation business I don't take anything for granted especially anything that deflects attention away from the country that has time and again shown how much power it has over the US government.


    1. Ooopsie doopsily, why, it looks like from the links below that SITE DID indeed release the latest beheading video!!! This hadn't been mentioned in the earlier reports I had seen. What a freaking joke.

      What a ridiculous embarrassing yet murderous Zionist sham the ISIS phenomenon is as I, Penny and others have been pointing out since the beginning.

      Watch as the case to frame the Saudis continues to build to a crescendo.

      Remember, the Yinon Plan does call for the partitioning of the KSA at some point.

  2. My apologies, I have tried and tried to embed that video and blogger is just not cooperating!
    It's watchable, just view it in full screen
    sorry :(

  3. The latest 'beheading' tape was FOUND by MOSSAD asset Rita Katz, whose found pretty nearly all these beheading videos and all those Bin Laden videos, even after he was dead!

    JEW MOSSAD Agent Rita Katz Releases Another FAKE Beheading Tape

    1. 'JEW MOSSAD' has a very ugly racist tinge to it
      its enough to say Mossad

  4. why has nobody noticed that this company producing these fake vids, is in the us of a, not where the gruesome executions are purported to be done

  5. I notice with these 'beheading victims' there's always a fair few 'private' photos of them that I assume their friends and family have sent to the MSM outlets, at elast to my eyes anyhow.

    Foley -


  6. Consistent Branding/Marketing of beheading vids is on par with the best of Madison Avenue. Always the chopper on the right and choppee on the left. Same orange jumpsuits, same empty desert background. Same British chopper with same black suit. Same elocution, same framing of video, same dull blade.