Monday, November 3, 2014

"Freeze" the Syrian Conflict? Here's that truce I mentioned so many months ago

We are walking back to August 28/14. A stroll down memory lane, if you will?

To a blog post entitled ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria
If you didn't read it then, you may want to now? On that date, I made these statements and wrote them down for all the readers here

"Here is how I see events falling into place based on the information at hand-

-The US will launch airstrikes into Syria.
-They are and have been laying the groundwork for sometime now.
- Creation of the petro state Kurdistan-
-Soften targets for an onslaught of Islamists, Kurds, Turks and whoever else they have holed up in Northern Iraq
-It is possible, once they have the territory for Kurdistan cleared of Syrians, they will then offer Syria a defacto truce that will be nothing of the sort

The US launched the airstrikes, as predicted, well before they began.
It appears Kurdistan may be in the making- Bad news for Turkey, but, that's a story for another post
Of course, there are Islamists and Kurds holed up in the north of Syria- likely Turks and Turkmen
too.  Turkmen were solidly embedded with the Kurdish Peshmerga in Iraq, (Iraqi Kurdistan recognizes Turkmen language), and fighting in Syria

So as I stated in August, three months ago,  the US bombing aided in the dissolution of Syria...
Who ever will do the dirty work present and paid for.  Now for the possibility of a truce being offered up? A truce that will not end fightingA truce that will be nothing of the sort. 

Syria: UN envoy proposes new plan to ‘freeze’ conflict, promote political solution


Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. 

Which is why the UN isn't even calling it that! Instead using the term "freeze" the conflict.  This offer to freeze the conflict will benefit NATO and had to have been suggested by NATO leadership aka the US

3 November 2014 – "The war in Syria must be “frozen locally” on the ground so that the growing threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) may be fully confronted, a United Nations envoy said today, suggesting that a peace introduced in increments would also provide all stakeholders with a better understanding of how to bring the three-year conflict to a definitive conclusion.
In an interview with UN Radio, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, described “a feeling of despair and of tiredness” in the Middle Eastern country from which he recently returned, adding that the strongest message he received from people on the ground was an appeal to “stop this carnage” and “give us some light.”
“That was the strongest message I got and that’s why I’ve been so keen in trying to find some entry points to make that difference: not through a conference, not through a seminar, but through something tangible for them,” Mr. de Mistura said.

Asked about his “new plan” for Syria and the region at large, Mr. de Mistura said the besieged city of Aleppo provides the best example of where the conflict could be frozen locally, as fighting between opposition and Government forces had ground to a stalemate amid the steady advance of ISIL militants.
“If we can freeze that and show that at least Aleppo can become an area where we can provide some better life for citizens, then the focus can be, as it should be, on [ISIL],” he continued.
The “new plan,” first presented to the Security Council last Thursday, would initially seek to freeze the fighting and create an environment whereby humanitarian aid could reach the beleaguered population in Aleppo. Additionally, it would also provide visible proof that the on-the-ground narrative can be shifted from a military one to a political one.
“If that can be replicated,” Mr. de Mistura said, “then we may have a formula to cool off, if nothing else, the environment in Syria and lead to a political process, as everybody claims should be the case, rather than simply saying it but nothing happening.”
The Special Envoy added that he would soon be returning to Damascus for further consultations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad where the specifics for bringing the plan to fruition would be discussed.

 Recall this post from Sept 25/2014 ?

Remember " War against Iraq, Syria & Iran? " ISIS wants Saudi Arabia?

A war strategy develops
Obama and his advisers, led by his special envoy, Gen. John Allen, have focused on five main lines of operation against the Islamic State: direct military action; counterterrorism operations against foreign fighters; disruption of financing; humanitarian assistance; and media activities to “de-legitimize” the extremists.

Military action is the centerpiece. The U.S. will lead air attacks on the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. Perhaps more important, the U.S. will train and assist Iraqi forces and the amorphous Syrian “moderate opposition.” Obama wants most of the trainers to be overt, uniformed U.S. military personnel, operating under standard Title 10 legal procedures, rather than troops detailed to the CIA under Title 50 “covert action” authority. The White House believes the coalition will work better under these more transparent rules.
Deja vu!
Throwing good money after bad, the US plans to do exactly that which they have done previously! Including using the same planners and trainers to do the job. What's the definition of insanity?
I actually do not consider them insane. The chaos only appears insane to people like me and you.
This planning worked for them and they are simply continuing what works. Cause if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
I will highlight the policy continuation and relink the posts that reference these very same past endeavours

Previous posts:

ISIS- A US created "stay behind" using Iraqs plundered wealth.

Al Qaeda + "Awakening Councils" = ISIS
“The Iraqis to be trained will include members of the existing military that collapsed so ignominiously in Mosul. The U.S. will also lead the training of about 10,000 Sunni “national guard” troops, drawn from tribal fighters. These Sunni forces will act as a local gendarmerie, to keep order in their home regions once Islamic State fighters have been cleared. Training camps are already under construction in Jordan and northern Iraq, and are expected to be ready in three to six months”

The U.S. military will also lead the training of Syrian forces, but this will take longer because the opposition there starts from a low base of readiness. The hope is that by sometime next year, a well-vetted force of at least 5,000 Syrians, trained in Saudi Arabia and other countries, will be ready. It will move into areas in southern and northern Syria where the Islamic State and al-Qaida affiliates are now dominant. The big Syrian ground battles may be a year away.Obama has tapped Maj. Gen. Michael Nagata to head the training mission. He's an Army special forces officer with many sensitive combat assignments, as well as a stint commanding U.S. military activities in Islamabad, Pakistan. Like Allen, a retired Marine who helped oversee the “Sunni Awakening” in Iraq, Nagata has experience in tribal cultures such as those where U.S. trainers will be operating.
The same plan undertaken previously in Iraq. The same Sunni awakening groups. The same trainer. Expanded to Syria. Guaranteeing easier overthrows should they become necessary in the future.
As we saw with the recent pushing out of democratically elected Maliki, in Iraq, whose removal was  completed just a couple of months back. So we understand the terror states of US,Israel,UK are planning for the future- No incompetence. No blowback
 A "truce" or a "freezing" of the conflict?  Whichever label you want to give it, doesn't matter.
As I made quite clear to readers here, back in August, the truce has nothing to do with peace. It is not being done out of concern for the very war weary Syrian people. Some of the bravest people on this planet- No this truce/freezing of the conflict is being proposed so the NATO nations can undertake training their "Syrian  Awakening" Councils to make easier their final strike on the Assad government and deal the final blow to Syria as they did to Iraq!

This is going to be a long drawn out process. That said, if I can tell you all what the plan is, you can be dam sure the elected Assad government is aware. Same for Iran and Russia. We have seen this before.  


  1. You do have great insight that's why your blog is one of three that I look to get good info that is trustworthy. Unfortunately because of only three some days I get nothing to read. Thanks Rae

    1. Thanks Rae- that is quite a vote of confidence :)
      I do try. Really, I do.

  2. You do very good work Penny. Thank you

  3. Bashar Al-Jaafari: “There is moral problem with how the UN Secretariat is dealing with terrorism in Syria”

    I don't think so that the SAA will agree to a truce, the Aleppo example he used , he forgets to mention that majority of the "rebels" were Syrian, now majority are foreign rats, Iran, China, Russia know that if a truse is agreed then the rats will attack one of them.

    1. There is a moral problem with the UN dealings regarding the terrorists in Syria because the UN is an immoral institution.

      It's a illusion created by certain elites to promote their agendas and nothing more- the sooner more people understand this, the better.
      The world does not need the global governmental structure/bureaucracy that the UN is. The UN has done nothing for world peace, or the betterment of the planet or mankind because it was never designed to.