Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Psychopaths to run country after Armageddon? Clearly Armageddon has passed.

Because most of the political leadership, globally appears to be psychopathic.

No moral code- Check!
No feelings- Check!
No moral code- Check!
No empathy- Check!

My bad, I sad no moral code twice. Oh, dear me.

 Obviously the elites have no moral code. Look at the wars they wage? The elite child molestation rings? The human trafficking covered up in all the high places, like the UN?  ( I call bullshit on the "unintended consequence" excuse) The plunder of the masses for the enrichment of the scum that has plundered it's way to the top?

Secret documents proposed to let psychopaths run the country in the aftermath of an Armageddon.
Documents released by the National Archives office reveal how the Home Office had planned for the rebuilding of the country in the aftermath of a nuclear strike in Exercise Regenerate.
The 1982 operation trained staff for a spoof nuclear attack and issued wartime guidance for regional councils on how to govern post-strike.
One document by Jane Hogg, a scientific officer in the Home Office, suggested that psychopaths were put in charge in the worst hit areas.
She wrote: "These are people who could be expected to show no psychological effects in the communities which have suffered the severest losses. They are very good in crises, as they have no feelings for others, no moral code, and tend (debatable) to be very intelligent and logical.
Her boss did not agree with using psychopaths, claiming they would have "bad judgement" and lack "humanity".
A note scribbled next to her ideas read: "I am not at all sure you convince me. I will regard them as dangerous whether or not recruited into post attack organisations."
A spokeswoman for the National Archive Office said: "It is unbelievable they suggested using psychopaths after an Armageddon. We were very surprised to see this."


Stefan Verstappen Interview – “Defense Against the Psychopath

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