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Ukraine: An Impending Coup & Military Dictatorship?

Around September of this year I started to pick up bits and pieces of information in varying media accounts that led me to believe that there will be yet another regime change in Ukraine. This one will be another western backed coup same as the first one that forced out Yanukovych.  But, instead of the pretense of 'democracy' we will be looking at a full fledged fascist military coup backed by the Oligarchs- You know who these people are? They are modern day war lords, dual nationals (Israelis) and completely despotic.

It was a Daily Beast article from today that inspired me to finally finish the post I began a couple of months ago! I will link the DB article at the bottom.

Let's go back a few months to my first mention of this possibility:

Ukraine:Trident/NATO games. NATO arms. NATO military dictatorship planned?
 The future of Ukraine- A military dictatorship?

Fighters from the battalion told the Guardian last month they expected a "new revolution" in Ukraine that would bring a more decisive military leader to power, in sentiments similar to those of many Azov fighters
The jaw flappin fighers were from the Aidar battalion- They were expressing the same sentiments as the Azov battalion.

In October of this year, I tried again to broach this subject- but time ain't always on  my side, sadly
One of the participants here had noticed my September comment and left this

Also keep in mind that Bandar rumor floated ahead of Sochi and the Chechnya angle in view of latest bombing and your call on regime change in Ukraine which is gathering steam.
 I can't tell you how happy it made me that someone had actually paid attention to my writing AND remembered that tidbit from the month before.

Saved from my October file......

The appointment of a man, who could fill the role of Military Dictator quite nicely!
Notice I said, role?

National Guard chief Stepan Poltorak


National Guard chief Stepan Poltorak, one of Ukraine's most revered soldiers, was confirmed as defence minister.

 Poltorak told lawmakers in a brief but combative address that his top priority rested in building a reliable defence against Russia through a brand new army that Kiev hopes to equip with NATO weapons.
The new army of the coup-imposed government in Ukraine has begun training exercises outside Kiev. Although the National Guard’s roles are law enforcement and border protection, many in the country’s east fear the military unit will work against them.
The National Guard is designed to be 60,000-strong and completely independent from the country’s military and police.
Recruitment across Ukraine began on March 13, with around 20,000 people already joining the new uniformed service.
Most volunteers have battle experience. Most of them protected the rights and freedom of citizens of Ukraine at Maidan,” Stepan Poltorak, a commander with the Ukrainian Interior Troops,
 If Poltarak and his followers overthrow Poroshenko, killing him or not, it will be with the blessing & the weapons, provided by NATO.

Related: Poltorak and his 'defence batallions'   

NATO won't be alone in assisting this coup.  Help and money will be forthcoming from those oligarchs mentioned in the first paragraph above and one in particular in this previous post: US NOT Confirming Claimed Russian Incursion as Kiev says 200 Rebels Killed

Kolomoisky and his t shirt: Ukrainian Trident resembling the Jewish Menorah in the red-black colors of the Bandera flag.

Quoting from previous post:

The strongest Jew in Ukraine, perhaps in the entire world, may have already decided that he enjoys frontline politics and to stay on, to try and become the main power behind the scenes in Ukraine’s future. 
If Poltorak leads the coup, Kolomoisky will be the man in charge.

And finally from the Daily Beast............ Ukraine Militias Warn of Anti-Kiev Coup

The men behind Ukraine’s nationalist militias are looking to replace the fumbling government in Kiev one way or another.
The burly man with the close-cropped silver hair and his two companions ask not to be identified too closely when they talk to me in some dowdy offices near an ancient monastery overlooking the Dnieper River. They want to be described as “patriotic businessmen,” they say, and one of them, whom we’ll call Alexander, is a very, very rich patriotic businessman.
They have been funding Ukrainian self-defense militias.
 They predict the government of President Petro Poroshenko may not last another three months. “That’s optimistic,” says Alexander.
 Winter clothing for the 15,000 or so volunteers in 37 pro-unity militias is uppermost on the minds of their patrons—the temperatures here are turning sub-zero now and the first snow of winter flecked Ukraine’s capital this week
The winter clothing issue has just been taken care of by Canada-

 Yup Canada "donated" 22 million dollars worth of winter clothing- as people are homeless and cold on the streets..
Canada will send the Ukrainian army (the private army) more than $22 million worth of cold-weather gear, including jackets and boots, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson said Wednesday.
The donations come from surplus military stocks.
The green clothing dates from the late 1990s, said a Defence official, who also indicated that white camouflage winter smocks will not be among the donated items being loaded on a C-17 transport for a flight Thursday.
The Department of Foreign Affairs will follow up with an additional $5 million in non-lethal aid early in the new year, including a field hospital, tactical radios, night vision goggles and bomb-disposal equipment, Nicholson said.
That portion of the donation will be purchased directly from commercial suppliers and shipped by sea.
Digression over, back to the Daily Beast 

Alexander and his colleagues are looking to battalion commanders who have been elected to the new parliament to start forming a voting bloc to force through change.
They are talking about setting up a parallel defense ministry in the form of an NGO to provide greater command-and-control structure to the militias.
But in the end there is no substitute for government when it comes to war fighting.
“Poroshenko said in the summer that he needed a new parliament and government to get things moving,” says Alexander. “Well we have a new parliament and there are no excuses left,” he says darkly.

I despise NGO's. As readers know I call them "NO GOOD ORGANIZATIONS" because they are no dam good! They perpetuate an illusion to fool the masses

Expect the war on Russia to heat up .


NATO's Secret Armies in Europe; Interview with Daniel Ganser

Fort Carson Troops Will Deploy to Ukraine?

UN: Child trafficking on the Rise and UN intervention is at the heart of the problem!


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  2. Penny you are on the right track in terms of Ukraine, but wrong into why this coup will happen. Radical Zionist sect Chabad seeks to to move to Ukraine from the USA that the sect has already milked dry. We are talking about a revival of the Khazars, with their centre shifted to Dnepropetrovsk and, apparently, Ukraine as a contributor to the "city on a hill" - the new Jerusalem. You must look at the 9/10 century Khazar empire in your investigation. While you are at it, look at what the Vatican is up to, what treaty did it sign with Zionist Israel, what the Jesuit Pope is really doing.

    1. hans any links you can leave me to read would help greatly

    2. Hi Penny, here is a link you should read about Jesuits and Zionists
      The Vatican, Jesuits and the Zionists

      Warning, a bit long winded article but well researched.

  3. Penny,
    Yulia and 'her party' put forth a bill in the Rada ( Parliament) today to Impeach Poroshenko

    Poroshenko may lose immunity

    haven't done comments or links in awhile.. I probably didn't do that right.
    Will past the original w/o Yandex translate

    1. KARIN!!!!

      Where have you been?! I have thought often of you and missed your input greatly :) :)

      As for the information you left why would Yulia want him impeached?

    2. "As for the information you left why would Yulia want him impeached"

      LOL.. Penny, these are the craziest people on the planet. That fence they talk about building should be to keep them IN, not Russians out ;)

      She is an EU/ Germany puppet. Spends a lot of time there shopping and such with her daughter.( I think it is)
      Porky is 100% US pawn. So I guess we could take it from there.

      I've been lost in Ukraine and especially Donbas all this time. Got bad malware on my old computer and it quit on me. Had to get his new one and I still can't work it worth much. Too much like a damn cell phone instead of a computer. I don't have one of those other than a very old basic on that all you can do is use it for a phone which is what I thought they really were and not a virtual reality appendage. :)

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      I missed you too. I read here and post your articles from time to time on twitter still, and am glad to comment and add to the puzzle again.


  4. Kyiv, November 28. The draft law "On the procedure of impeachment of the President" made by members of the faction "Batkivshchyna", recorded on Friday in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. If the law is passed, the President will lose integrity.

    Bill No. 1097 "On the procedure of impeachment of the President" made the deputies of the faction "Batkivshchyna" faction leader Yulia Tymoshenko, Deputy head of the faction Andriy Kozhemyakin, Ukrainian media reported. However, the explanatory note to the document is not yet available on the website of the Parliament.

    Talk about the adoption of the law on impeachment of the President are conducted in Ukrainian political circles since the beginning of November. On the eve of the MP Andriy Kozhemyakin from the party "Batkivshchyna" in favor of the speedy adoption of the law.

    According to him, the mechanism of impeachment of the President is fixed in the code of criminal procedure, however, the law on impeachment for Ukraine.

    "In the criminal procedure code clearly written out who, how and in what manner attracts the President accountable, but there is no law to impeach", - was stated earlier, reporters Kozhemyakin.

    Answering the question whether there is confidence that the coalition partners will support the bill to impeach the President, he said: "I was not sure that my colleagues will support the Amnesty law. I wasn't sure that they would support the law on Prosecutor's office. I'm not sure of anything. But for this purpose it is necessary to work and to explain not only my colleagues, and society."

    However, on 10 November, during the second round of coalition talks, which were held as part of the five political forces that have passed in the Parliament, yet there was agreement about the need for the adoption of the law on impeachment of the President.

    According to the Advisor of the President of Ukraine, the candidate for people's deputies from "Block Poroshenko" Mykola Tomenko, not to take the law is impossible.

    "We talked about the fact that everything is doomed, if not today, then tomorrow, to make more responsible institution of the President. No matter who the President is. Therefore, prescribed by the Law on impeachment of the President," he said in an interview with Ukrainian "the 5th channel".

    He noted that "in fact, impeachment is the process of removing immunity". "We just need to write it, respectively, to receive and to do. And we, as "Block Petro Poroshenko, as it supported", - said Tomenko.

    Note that the Petro Poroshenko has not commented on the initiative of the deputies.

    According to the Constitution, the impeachment involves a rather complicated and lengthy procedure. And the direct exercise of power by the people may be exercised except by referendum.

    As noted in article 111 of the Constitution, the President may be removed from office on impeachment, if convicted him of high treason or another crime. Under current law initiative to impeach must maintain a majority in the Verkhovna Rada (VR), then in Parliament, a special investigating Commission. It included a special Prosecutor and special investigators. According to the results of the Commission's findings of 300 deputies of the Parliament should support the decision to bring charges against the President.

    WOW! and thanks!

  5. Hi Penny,

    If you haven't seen this, then please take a look as it is very relevant to this post.

    The interview with the Ukranian general was given earlier in the year, but he very concisely nails the interests behind the scenes in the Ukraine and their chief puppets at that time.

    Best regards,

    1. Anthony!!!!!
      Hello! Another missing person who is now found :)
      I will gladly read that post
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    2. Here's some more information:

      Who Controls Ukraine?

    3. ty no more myths, I will check it out!
      glad to see you around too :)

  6. @Anthony and Penny,

    I first saw that interview, which was done in late Spring, about 3 weeks ago on a you tube channel of a guy I trust 100% in motive.

    Yes, he does nail much of what is going on, I agree. Efforts have been made to debunk the video, but I have stood firm against them. It is said he is in Sevastopol, Crimea so he can't know what is going on in Kiev. I don't find that plausible at all.


    Ukraine has more twists and turns than just about any hornets nest I've gotten interested in. Sometimes I wish I had stayed clear of it. :)
    Now I'm so deeply caught up I have to see it to the end.

  7. You, and your readers might find this Interview quite enlightening. I've been hoping for the dam to break and some dirt to come out on Donetsk Republic since Minsk.

    This looks hopeful I will also post Strelkov's response to the interview.

    Interview is originally on which is still protected territory of genuine info and not bull. Anatoly Shari and Gennady Dubovoy keep It locked down and only they can post info there
    Interview at niqnaq ( who I take as usual w/ grain of salt ) But he can convert vids from you tube and is connected up w/ different sources. He also has more Russian language skills than I ( which is Zero ) :)


    Gennady's VK
    His You tube channel

    Anatoly's new news blog
    w/o Yandex
    They share that particular you tube channel.

    Russia Post has Strelkov input on the interview

    w/o Yandex


    1. thanks karin
      and as for niqnaq??? he may do some good work, I don't really know
      rarely, rarely read there
      but taking him with a grain of salt is probably a good idea. once bitten twice shy, ya know?

  8. Since bandar is mentioned the ukraine analog in saudi is notable. Prince son and head of national guard in us as fm is in russia making joint statement about market forces dictating oil prices. Then it leaks out a new stuxnet like virus snooping on russia and saudi. Dial back to that aramco hack and the kitchy american flag burning at the end. The saudi responded by warning in us german and israeli software. That was 2012. Hen comes a "russian" sub in swedish waters with another leak about chatter. The saudi capital flight, the shakey peg, and the stock market is getting smashed on lower oil. Between the isis threats to ksa and the us contractor attacks (a dane most recently) not to mention the saleh comments recently about the us sponsoring the spring and his removal (?) Give a better indication of the precarious state of he peninsula. The oman back channel punctuates the point. It is ironic that oman, the gcc holdout, figures So minutely in the latest gcc reconciliation, whatever it amounts to. The low cost provider and the nuclear forces of russia appear to be digging in for attrition. Us recently said they expected some of the syria coalition of he willing to drop out. Saudi 3...2...1..