Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015- A Happy New Year? A Year Humanity Takes Charge!

2015- what will it bring?

I admit to having not good feelings about 2015. Plenty of situations ongoing.
Ukraine, Turkey Pt 1Pt. 2 Syria.  Oil Prices.  Russia.  Banks.  Bail ins.  NATO global tyranny. Etc.,

Rather then focus on the negative, let’s look at the positive aspects the worsening global situation is bringing to fruition.

I've definitely come away with the impression that global awareness of the psychopathy of those we have allowed to lead is has grown, greatly!  Humans are realizing a predator is stalking them. The human species is now moving into the action stage of this awareness. Humankind is ready do what is required to free themselves from predation.

Because if you don't make the change who will?

Enough of the human family have become aware that despite our numbers, presently,  we are becoming greatly endangered. Attacked on many fronts. Through toxic food. Heinous medical interventions. GMO’s. Injections and injunctions. Perception Management.  Nuclear Energy. Factory farming. Corporate eminence and trade agreements that actually enslave the regular folk.

This awakening is very good. Don’t bury your heads back into the sand. We all have to get out and talk to our friends, family, neighbours about the steps that need to be taken, necessary changes,  to free ourselves from the slavery we have learned to love for far too long.

Get that boot outta your face! The health and well being of future generations rely on all of us taking action, right now.  In our own way. Do it! Do it now. Do it for  your children, your grandchildren and the rest of the human family.

"Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man. "
Benjamin Franklin

Barring anything really earth shattering happening, there will be no new posts for a couple of days. I have left lots to read. And will of course be participating in the comment section with all my great participants - All the best to everyone :)

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  1. All the best to you for 2015 too, Penny. I feel that the predation will only end when humanity goes on a massive "strike" and refuses to co-operate with the predators in any more working, buying, watching, or condoning...that is what it will finally take. gc

    1. It's going to happen greencrow, it's going to- when it comes down to survival- those that want to survive will make the changes to enable them and their loved ones to survive

      and those that don't will be destroyed it is really as simple as that
      I have always, always suggested and do practice non participation and jamming up the wheels- and talk every chance I get, to anyone. Plus, just look at the learning curve at the blog, it's huge.
      And everyone who has read here over the many years has learned right along side me- what a great experience that has been :)

      Happy New Year GC :)

  2. Penny, wishing you and yours a better new year. Thanks for all you do to oppose the BS spread by the Empire and it's minions..ben

    1. Hi ben :)

      You're welcome and thank you for reading and opposing alongside me!

  3. washingtonblog offered 7 reasons for
    * Why the “Bad Guys” Keep Winning* ?

    here's no 8th, its the *progressives* stupid !

    while uncle sham is committing genocides on a daily basis, where'r the murcun *activists* ?
    well they fly all the way to beijing to protest against china's *genocide railway* ! [1]

    at a time when murkka is appropriating unesco certified natural treasures in japan, sk, italy, philippines and turn these pristine paradise into god damned military bases , where are the murcun*enviromentalists* ?
    hmm, they are busy agitating the nacaraguans against the chinese sponsored canal project ! [2]

    during the uncle sham engineered color rev in hk, guess what do prominent murcun *progressives* like dave lindorff got to say about his country's latest imperialist skulldruggery ?
    * we as Americans should be doing is demanding that China stay out of Hong Kong's business * [sic, sic, sick ]
    yeah right mr progressive, beijing should fuck off and let your cia/ned/usaid have a free hand yeah right*

    with *progessives* like these.....

    *On Friday, three women from the United States, Canada and Britain were detained after unfurling a banner at Beijing's main train station reading, "China's Tibet Railway, Designed to Destroy."

    Others planned to protest Saturday outside Chinese embassies abroad.*
    recall that the only olympics tarred with the label *genocide olympics* was the 2008 event in beijing, uncle sham sent a gift to china for good
    measure, the bloody riots in llasha. !

    *chinese out of nicaraqua* !!!


    1. hello penny,
      and here's reason no 9...
      *progressive* washingtonblog censored my comment on ebola !

      smoking gun eh ?
      *The history of Basson’s project is surrounded by profound mystery. As he himself stated in front of the Supreme Court of Appeal: “CIA agents in Pretoria threatened me with death in two steps from the US embassy entrance on Schoeman Street, they demanded me to keep the details of our studies a secret.” According to an article published in 2001 in New Yorker, the US Embassy in Pretoria was fairly terrified by the prospect that Basson could reveal the role Washington played in Project Coast.*

      god damn , the !@#$%^& have 11 bioweapon labs right inside ukraine !

    2. Really- washington blog? hmm... I never read there anyway
      I looked at the article and it's not that big of a deal, not outrageous, personally I see any number of times the US attempted to bring in all manner of bioweapons to Africa or anywhere as a reality
      did they give you a reason? Or just not published?

  4. Hi denk and first of all, all the best to you

    re: the progressives or the 'left'- my old crew- but that's long gone
    just a part of the problem!

    All they do is spin the problem from another angle
    present it in another light
    dress it up in different clothing

    but underneath the finery- the stink is the same!

  5. 2015 will suck here in Amerika the repugs will be out to finish off Main Street and the demodogs and potus will be more than happy to help. The Amerikan budget is an accident waiting to happen.

    Then again if we the people can't over come what RP writes about here

    The world is screwed.

    Other than that I hope for those of us that are watching the slow motion train wreck can stay out of its way the best we can. A big Garden for 2015 might be the answer.

    Stay safe the both of you:) Thanks for all of your time Penny

    1. Hi jo, a big garden is definitely a must have any time- better quality food, more work, yes. but are we worth it?
      I think we are-

      Perception management is being broken free of- It happened for me, for you for ben, for denk, for anyone else who reads here- follows and passes the information along- we have all broken away from our managed perceptions

      We will stay safe here and same for you and yours jo!
      All the best

  6. Happy New Year, you are right 2015 is going to be the year that humanity will change as forecast by the Mayans the Long Count. The important dates are 20 March, 4 April, 13 and 28 September. These dates are Blood Moon eclipses, all fall on major Jewish Holidays of Passover and the Sukkot, the Chabad-Lubavitchers are in final stages of resurrecting their Khazar empire, so far Putin has put a damper on their evil designs, especially wrt to Crimea. See chaos starting in Hungary, the final solution to Kurdistan.

    1. change for the better, though, right hans?