Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gilad Atzmon- The Jewish "left" is not the solution. It's the problem.

 Quite an interesting interview...

Jewish Left Is Not The Solution, It Is The Heart Of The Problem

Walid Darab & Gilad Atzmon
#Israel #Zionism #Palestine #Jewishness
We spoke about the deceitful nature of the Jewish Left (Chomsky, Mondoweiss, JVP etc'), The Guardian of Zion, The corrosive impact of George Soros, ID Politics and the damage it inflicts on society. Very interesting 


  1. Yeah, this is a good interview, Penny.

    BTW, do you read the niqnaq blog run by another ex-MOA dude, Rowan Berkley? He usually puts up some interesting content especially concerning Ukraine/Russia.

    I was catching up with some of this posts and this one stood out:

    Israelis Captured on Film Preparing Incendiary
    Devices During the Odessa Massacre.

    Nice, huh?

    1. I don't read there as a matter of course, no.

      Rowan get's deeply offended when you spell his name wrong, as you have and makes a very big deal of it in a childish manner.. I learned that the hard way at MOA- though it was an honest error on my part, as it is on yours, I am sure.

      Since he also told me to "F*ck off" at MOA along and his overblown offense at my mistake .....I am not overly fond of him, personally.

      However, I will look at the two links as they seem to be an interesting reading.

      thanks j sorrentine and glad to know you are still lurking around

    2. Yikes, sorry for bringing it up, Penny! Yeah, he was a bit touchy at times.

    3. It's ok JS
      It's just puts one off of that individual that's all. Sort of like b @ MOA telling me I am 'simple minded' ... really? I write this blog and read all the news items and stories in order to make an almost daily post for 7 years now- starting my 8th year in just a few months and does this place look like the work of a simple mind?
      Of course it doesn't!
      That's just b being dismissive of any opinion that doesn't fit his ideal- I think you understand that?

  2. Also, although I wholeheartedly agree w/ Atzom's conclusions, I wouldn't stop there - i.e., w/ the "Jewish" left as the ENTIRE LEFT is nothing but a transparent cat's paw for TPTB and has been for decades in the Zionist West. Every single "lion" of the left is an Establishment stooge through and through no matter how much they may seemingly denigrate the "system". Just as you cannot both subscribe to leftist principles AND be a Zionist, you cannot subscribe to neoliberal economics and be a leftist. That's why I used to rail against the fake left in the Zionist West because in their hearts they all believe/thrive in a system that should be antithetical to their theoretical tenets.

    "Third Way" type of thinking - as it's been adopted by the fake left - means the abandonment of principles and an allowance of vile, inhuman thought systems - e.g. Zionism, etc - a place at the table. No good.


    1. " the ENTIRE LEFT is nothing but a transparent cat's paw for TPTB and has been for decades in the Zionist West".

      Can't disagree with that!

    2. The best opposition money can buy!