Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Is it the "Guardian" of Judea or Observer of Zion? Lefty Censorship.

While reading at Gilad Atzmon's I stumbled across a post of his, linked below. After reading through I knew the article he referenced was linked here when it was first published! Although it dealt with a previously covered topic it was nice to see the subject get such a prominent mention in a more broadly read outlet then my little blog. Sadly, that article cost it's author Nafeez Ahmed his job, for daring to point out the simple fact that Israel covets energy wealth that belongs to Gaza.
For Shame!

Gilad Atzmon
"GA: Being the subversive mind who coined the above observations, I wasn’t surprised to read the following expose by Nafeez Ahmed. I urge you to read this superb piece of Journalism.  The Guardian is clearly a mere symptom of the colossal ethical bankruptcy of the ‘liberal’ and whatever is remaining of the Left.  It is a glimpse into the Kosherization and the corrosive impact of Zionists in our midst."

Nafeez Ahmed 'Palestine is not an environment story’

How I was censored by The Guardian for writing about Israel’s war for Gaza’s gas

"After writing for The Guardian for over a year, my contract was unilaterally terminated because I wrote a piece on Gaza that was beyond the pale. In doing so, The Guardian breached the very editorial freedom the paper was obligated to protect under my contract. I’m speaking out because I believe it is in the public interest to know how a Pulitizer Prize-winning newspaper which styles itself as the world’s leading liberal voice, casually engaged in an act of censorship to shut down coverage of issues that undermined Israel’s publicised

Gaza’s gas

I joined the Guardian as an environment blogger in April 2013. Prior to this, I had been an author, academic and freelance journalist for over a decade, writing for The Independent, Independent on Sunday, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Scotsman, Foreign Policy, The Atlantic, Quartz, Prospect, New Statesman, Le Monde diplomatique, among others.
On 9th July 2014, I posted an article via my Earth Insight blog at The Guardian’s environment website, exposing the role of Palestinian resources, specifically Gaza’s off-shore natural gas reserves, in partly motivating Israel’s invasion of Gaza aka ‘Operation Protective Edge.’ Among the sources I referred to was a policy paper written by incumbent Israeli defence minister Moshe Ya’alon one year before Operation Cast Lead, underscoring that the Palestinians could never be allowed to develop their own energy resources as any revenues would go to supporting Palestinian terrorism.

Gas resources exist off Gaza’s shore

The article now has 68,000 social media shares, and is by far the single most popular article on the Gaza conflict to date. Contrary to the conventional wisdom, Israel has seen control of Gaza’s gas as a major strategic priority over the last decade for three main reasons.
Firstly, Israel faces a near-term gas crisis — largely due to the long lead time needed to bring Israel’s considerable domestic gas resources into production; secondly, Netanyahu’s administration cannot stomach any scenario in which a Hamas-run Palestinian administration accesses and develops their own resources; thirdly, Israel wants to use Palestinian gas as a strategic bridge to cement deals with Arab dictatorships whose domestic populations oppose signing deals with Israel.

Please continue reading the article by Nafeez at the link beside his name 

This article that unbelievably caused Nafeez to lose his employment at the "liberal" Guardian was used by myself in this post from July 10/2014 IDF's Gaza assault is to control Palestinians Gas. And so much more In that July piece I had relinked older posts on the same topic to demonstrate that what Nafeez had written was widely known, having been covered by others elsewhere, without dispute.

However in an alleged news outlet such as the Guardian, with many readers, this factual truth must have just been a bit too much for the "Guardian of Judea" (I just love Gilad's observation) Lefty/Liberal  censorship when it comes to Israel is equally as subservient as that practiced on the Righty/Conservative side. No facts. All politics. Sick.


  1. Yes....the closer writers get to the truth...the "fewer hits" they get to their posts...and other forms of censorship. It's pervasive.

    1. Oh, I know it greencrow,, I know it!

  2. The spoils of war (gas, oil natural gas) will all flow from Gaza to Israel with much help from Russia and Putin who sure seem to be playing the same game as the US and Europe.

    Censorship or abuse of truth seeking people is disgusting.

    1. People who use vile name calling have no right to speak of disgusting abuse. Keep that in mind.
      Because I do keep an eye on you!

      "Silvan Shalom proposes multi-million euro idea to fellow energy ministers in Rome; project would reduce EU dependence on Russia"

      Some articles have Russia cooperating. Some have Russia being cut out of the gas. I suppose much will depend on the upcoming destabilization of Russia and the hoped for Western privatization of Gazprom-

      An in your face fact you always skirt in your railing against Russia

      Another fact -If Israel wasn't stealing Gaza's oil, no one would be buying.
      Another fact- If Nafeez had not written about this fact, he would still have a job

    2. If Russia is cut in the case of losing a bid to an Aussie company, it is not for lack of trying nor for lack of willingness to do business with Israel in the theft of Palestinian gas. So Russia is all in if they are invited. Complicity.

      PS I am keeping an eye on the money, following it..........and it always shows Russia to be the same as NATO and Europe in hypocrisy, lust for oil, war toys and crackdowns on its own citizens.

    3. As usual you skirt the issue of the targeting of Russia by NATO and the push to privatize Gazprom by the west along with all the covert operations taking place in Russia as promoted by western NGO's

      And why is that? Doesn't fit the agenda you're promoting?
      Which appears to be pretty typical of what is ongoing these days via the msm

      " So Russia is all in if they are invited" Yes, they are. But then Russia isn't always invited are they?

      Again you skirt that fact- While grinding your axe?

      After you left bogus links and links to KavKaz (roll eyes- NATO backed terror front) to prove some point your credibility went out the window-

      Then when you called me such lovely names your credibility fell away even more.....

    4. In fact when i come to think of it..... your entire participation here hinges on attacking Russia, for lack of a better term, and nothing else.

      Personal or Professional