Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ISIS transfers Peshmerga fighters to Syria- US drops weapons to ISIS in Iraq!

That is not the headline to the article. The post title is how I see this incident.
I have written more then one post on the symbiosis that exists between some of the Kurds and ISIS.
Yes, I get flak for it. Shrugs shoulders. Oh, well. I got to call it as I see it. And that is how I see this!
This transfer of fighters took place right around Christmas
( December 28/2014The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated, that the ISIS organization has arrested 70 Peshmerga forces members and transferred them from Iraq to the Shaddadi City, which is considered an ISIS stronghold located in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah city in Syria.

Moreover, well-informed sources said that the seventy men were seen blindfolded and transferred in cars. ISIS told the families that these were from the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who were arrested during clashes in Iraq.
I don't always believe SOHR, however I do in this case. This appears to be a message to those that need to know that 70 additional fighters have been taken into Syria, from Iraq.

Why would I even make the above suggestion?

  •  Wouldn't it be more sensible, if ISIS & (Peshmerga) Kurds were truly enemies,  these captured fighters would simply be killed? Particularly considering the brutality of ISIS when it comes to ordinary Syrians.
  •  If for some bizarre reason the ISIS fighters (aka western backed Islamists) wanted to spare the Peshmerga fighters, captured in Iraq, why not just hold them captive in Iraq?!

Instead ISIS transfers the Peshmerga fighters directly into Ash Shaddadi, in Syria?

Syria, the country that has born the brunt of a very brutal western backed destabilization.
Syria, a nation, the US/Israel/NATO nutters are working to build up a force on the ground to further brutally attack this nation and her people.

Location, location, location-

Ash Shaddadi is quite close, closer to the city of Deir el Azore, then to Al Hasakah city (at least that's the way it looks on the maps I saw today)

Deir el Zour, a city 80 miles south of Ash Shaddadi.
So, ISIS 'captures' Peshmerga fighters and transfers them to a city just an hours drive from Deir el Zour. Rather then leaving the fighters for dead or captivity in Iraq, ISIS transfers them into Syria at a most important time... Really making it seem as if the troops were being bolstered
Why am I suggesting this?

Just before Christmas fierce fighting had been ongoing in this very area and the Islamists backed by NATO aka ISIS/Kurds had taken many casualties

 Military troops kill over 80 IS fighters across Syria

 The Syrian troops on Wednesday killed as many as 81 fighters of the Islamic State (IS) militants in the country's northern province of al-Hasakah and the eastern province of Deir al-Zour, the state news agency SANA reported.

80 fighters killed on December 24/2014. On December 28/2014 ISIS transfers, oops I means captures Peshmerga fighters in Iraq,  and transports them to this very area?!?!

Is it any wonder I see symbiosis. Cooperation. Collusion.

Coincidentally- American just happened to 'accidentally' air drop more weapons to ISIS in Iraq. The other time this happened, accidentally of course, the weapons were dropped to ISIS in Syria.

American helicopters dropped boxes of weapons in Yathrib and Balad districts in Iraq’s Salahuddin Province, according to the fighters.
The report comes as the Iraqi army and volunteer fighters appear to be gaining the upper hand and making significant gains against ISIL.

Oh, well shit happens. It's just incompetence. Yup, more of that incompetence!
NOT! No way in Hell!!! And, I am not a coincidence theorist!

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