Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kurd/ISIS Symbiosis: Maliki has evidence of Kurdish collusion when Mosul fell

For some unknown reason when I make posts about the Kurds and all the machinations that surround that situation. Kurdistan. Cooperation with Israel. Collusion with NATO. Reads and visits drop way, way down. To about 25 percent of what they usually are. It's as if the blog disappears?
So, I expect this post to do the same. It's almost as if certain search engines are trying to steer people away from reading about this topic. Too bad. I am just going to keep writing on the topic. It's also a topic that earned me some detractors. Shrugs shoulders. Can't make everyone happy all the time...
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Now let's read what Maliki is saying............... 

The Iraqi Vice President Nuri al Maliki1 636x480 URGENT: Maliki claims he has document on Kurds involvement in fall of Mosul
Nuri al Maliki

Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the Kurds of being responsible for the fall of the Mosul city under the control the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), referring he possesses a document stating that the Kurds requested the Iraqi Army to withdraw and not fight ISIS in Mosul.
Maliki, speaking of  the fall of Mosul, said, “ISIS did not come with a great force, but orders were issued for the present army element not to engage with ISIS who came to fight al-Maliki and the Shiites, not to fight them. The 3rd Division’s commander withdrew and fled.”
He added, “Kurds made public statements that this is not their fight, and everyone pulled back from the battlefield. The withdraw of 35-40% is enough for the collapse of the army.”
Al-Maliki said, “There was an operations room and a plan was arranged to give orders to the Iraqi Army in case ISIS progressed, but they withdrew without a fight,” stressing that the collapse happened due to the withdrawal and not the fighting.
He added that what happened was “premeditated” and a scheme that they had worked on for more than two years, and one of its aspects was the conspiracy that took place in Mosul.This came as the president of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani repeatedly said that he warned al-Maliki about the fall of Mosul, but the latter took no notice of it. 


The fall of Mosul. Who benefits and who does not. Updated!

From June 11/2014- Just throwing it out there- Maliki is weak, Iraq is divided. This no doubt creates a problem for acting in a much needed unified manner? Thinking about the control of some of the area by Kurdish groups? Considering that some of the more duplicitous players in Iraq, amongst the Kurds, may havve cleared the way for ISIS. Keep in mind some of the Kurdish groups are very chummy and heavily involved with Israel.

 Maliki is confirming that which seemed highly probable at the time of the fall of Mosul


  1. Few months ago daily star in lebanon did an expose on the mosul commander. Worth reading as adjunct to this article.

    1. I found the interview- have bookmarked it and when I have more time I will give it a good read as opposed to the scan
      However- upon quick reading- It does seem very much related
      It also appears we have a shiite scapegoat?

  2. I wonder if the Iranian government was promised some relief in sanctions during the last N talks in return for removing Maliki from power. It was the IRGC rather then the Iranian government which took the initial steps to fight the ISIS, even today most of the vocal support is by the commanders of the Iranian forces. Things are heating up in Yemen, having an Iranian friendly government will deter the Zionist state from using Saudi airspace for an attack on Iran.

    1. regarding iran and maliki's outing- no clue
      as for yemen, yes I see things are heating up there-
      perhaps the yemen issue is the reason we so so much going on in saudia arabia?

  3. It was never a secret that barzani was in bed with Israel. Since the fall of Saddam, the mossad/Israelis were the first ones to step foot into northern Iraq. Why do you think arabs are against the kurds??? because they are backstabbers. they try to paint themselves as victims. on the other hand, so far the Syrian kurds mostly PKK affiliated kurds want Syria to remain part of the state and not broken up like Iraq.

  4. The barazani's are a jewish kurdish tribe.
    as for Israel/Mossad in Northern Iraq, I am aware and have covered that previously
    so I get the duplicity

    As for the Syrian kurds?

    "so far the Syrian kurds mostly PKK affiliated kurds want Syria to remain part of the state and not broken up like Iraq"

    Some of them have wanted to stay in Syria, I agree
    but the plan to remake the whole area is way bigger then that crowd