Monday, December 29, 2014

Moscow Syria Peace Talks- Cairo Colludes with NATO opposition etc., etc.,

Lots of attention on the Ukraine, but, the situation in Syria is still ongoing. Russia is working on convening yet another peace conference. The Syrian government has agreed to attend along with some of the Syrian opposition groups- HOWEVER- Egypt is busily colluding with the Western backed opposition who have already rejected the Moscow Peace Talks.

Earlier this year the National Coalition and other opposition groups met Syrian government representatives in Geneva. But the talks collapsed as the opposition demanded Assad’s resignation, while the elected government insisted the main focus of the negotiations should be fighting terrorism, rightfully so!

Let's look at what diabolical plans have been being hatched  in Cairo
 Discussions in Cairo between Syrian opposition officials (Western Backed Flunkies and Junkies) are focusing on an ambitious proposal to form a transitional government and elect a president eligible for two four-year terms, Al-Mayadeen television said Sunday
Discussions in Cairo between Syrian opposition officials are focusing on an ambitious proposal to form a transitional government and elect a president eligible for two four-year terms, Al-Mayadeen television said Sunday.
The proposal also envisions an end to Baath Party control over state institutions, during a three-month period, and the cancellation of all laws that “restrict freedoms,” the report said.
Because Egypt is such a shining example of freedom restricting laws being cancelled...

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri said that Syria’s opposition had indicated its agreement in principal to attend meetings in Moscow, according to the Anadolu news agency, but did not mention the plan reportedly being floated.
“We should leave no stone unturned, especially if this will be in the best interests of the Syrian people,” Shukri was quoted as saying.
This is about the best interests of the Syrian people? Really? Come one who does this guy think he's fooling?

Also, the Egyptian Foreign Minister speaks with 'fork tongue' because the NATO western backed coalition of junkies and flunkies have outright rejected the Moscow Peace talks!

BEIRUT // The western-backed Syrian opposition on Saturday rejected moves by Russia to restart peace talks with the Bashar Al Assad regime, saying it was not a “clear initiative”, while Syria indicated that it was willing to take part.

Hadi Al Bahra, head of the Turkey-based opposition Syrian National Coalition, met the Arab League chief Nabil Elaraby in Cairo on Saturday and told a news conference that “there is no initiative as rumoured”.
Moscow, an ally of the Mr Al Assad, has pushed to restart talks that collapsed in Geneva in February.

The Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said this month that he wanted Syrian opposition groups to agree among themselves on a common approach before setting up direct talks with the Damascus government.
Since then, some opposition figures have suggested that a deal could see Mr Al Assad remain in power for a limited time.

The change in tone reflects growing concern over advances by Ilsamist rebels who have expelled more moderate opposition rebels from large areas.
 There is no change in tone. The western backed opposition is unconcerned with the Islamists, for obvious reasons, or they would be participating in the peace talks even if it means Assad, who was massively elected stays in power. But, this is not about Islamists. Since the Islamists are allied with the West! 

Meanwhile the elected government of Syria is willing, yet again to participate in peace talks.
Syria said yesterday it was willing to participate in “preliminary consultations” in Moscow aimed at restarting talks
 But the Western-backed opposition dismissed the initiative.
And an update to the claim that ISIS has a Jordanian Pilot?

Jordan DENIES Islamic state shot down one of their planes. The US dismisses militant claims.

"First indications show that the crash of the Jordanian military plane in the area of the Syrian city of Raqa was not caused by Daesh fire,"

 The US military has also dismissed the militants' claim to have hit the jet with an anti-aircraft missile, saying "evidence clearly suggests that ISIL (IS) did not down the aircraft".

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