Monday, December 15, 2014

Sidney Crosby & Numerous NHL players have the mumps- Vaccine connected ?

This post is not about the NHL. Or Hockey. I can't decide if it's about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of vaccines? All depending on what the desired outcome really is? 

Sidney Crosby

Keep in Mind!:  These guys are vaccinated as much as possible. And then some- These guys are money making machines gliding along on skates. No money grubbin’ owner or league, depending on the star power of some players, would take a chance on lettin’ their wealth generators sit out.

CBC news
Sidney Crosby, was according to his doctor “well protected against this disease". Which means he had all his shots! And then he had some more of them!

"It came as a bit of a surprise," team doctor Dharmesh Vyas said. "Every indication was that he was well protected against the disease."
 The Penguins have aggressively tried to prevent the disease from spreading, having players and staff undergo testing earlier in the month (checking for antibodies?)


The Penguins captain had childhood vaccinations and a booster before going to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Other Olympic attendees  have mumps- You know recent vaccines recipients.

“Crosby is not along among Olympians stricken. Canada's Corey Perry and Team USA's Ryan Suter have had it, as well as New York Rangers forward Tanner Glass, the Anaheim Ducks' Francois Beauchemin and Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson of the New Jersey Devils”
The NHL is dealing with a widespread outbreak of the virus. Crosby is the 13th NHL player to get the mumps, joining Corey Perry, Francois Beauchemin, Clayton Stoner and Emerson Etem of the Anaheim Ducks, Ryan Suter, Keith Ballard, Marco Scandella, Jonas Brodin and Christian Folin of the Minnesota Wild, Tanner Glass of the New York Rangers and Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson of the New Jersey Devils.
Crosby received a booster shot against the virus before travelling to Russia for the Winter Olympics in February and initial tests done a couple of weeks ago indicated Crosby was not in any danger.

A booster shot in February before going to the Olympics. A booster shot just 10 months ago.
Initial testing indicating he was not in danger? Well that was a clear fail! And no ‘herd immunity’ either?  Oh dear ? But then "heard immunity" is after all, only a THEORY, A THEORY that has been accepted based solely on repetition of the meme as opposed to any solid or valid evidence. This recent outbreak of mumps in the NHL handily disproves the THEORY

Digression- Herd immunity does appear to be a selling point created by pharmaceutical corporations as a way of promoting a product. As vaccine failure appears to be a real, but, under reported issue

The Untold story of the failure of the measles vaccine

Measles outbreak traced to fully vaccinated individual

Hmmmmm - measles outbreak traced to fully vaccinated individual?  Makes one wonder if it was the recent vaccination that is responsible for the mumps outbreak in the NHL?

An aside the so called doctor who was surprised by the diagnosis was actually quoted saying this-
"Crosby had no major symptoms, pointing out the swelling that usually accompanies mumps is present on both sides of the face. Crosby only had swelling on one side."

"He did not have a classic presentation of mumps," Vyas said.
 This doctor is an idiot. Mumps doesn't have to present on both sides of the face and it never did have to! If one does the most rudimentary search on mumps, presentation on one or both sides of the face comes up, every time.

Mumps basic symptoms-
Some people infected with the mumps virus have either no signs or symptoms or very mild ones. When signs and symptoms do develop, they usually appear about two to three weeks after exposure to the virus and may include:
  • Swollen, painful salivary glands on one or both sides of your face (parotitis)
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain while chewing or swallowing
The primary — and best known — sign of mumps is swollen salivary glands that cause the cheeks to puff out. In fact, the term "mumps" is an old expression for lumps or bumps within the cheeks.

I would have thought a doctor with basic medical training should be aware of that?

Just a brief update!

The pharmaceutical supporting media is attempting to spin this demonstration of vaccine ineffectiveness (also disproving herd immunity theory) as fast and hard as possible into :
 Get more vaccines! Seriously They didn't have two vaccines. Just one won't do it. WRONG!
They did. Sidney Crosby certainly did. Many of the other players did also
They are offering up additional vaccines to players... Like putting out fire with gasoline!
Oh and it is now 14 NHL players with mumps- Likely all well vaccinated because they are paid to play not sit out games! The stupidity is mind numbing


  1. Good observations, Penny. I don't get vaccinated anymore after getting the flu a few times shortly after getting the flu shot. Remember what happened to Pierce Morgan? He was pro vaccination and allowed himself to be vaccinated just to prove his point...well, he came down with the flu and proved himself wrong.

    1. Hi greencrow- yes, years ago I got the flu vaccine and within 24 hours was ill- chills, nauseated, feverish etc

      And that was the last time I took a flu vaccine- haven't had one in over 15 years and have lived just fine...
      I didn't know Pierce Morgan did that?

    2. btw I was on CBC- the cognitive dissonance when you point out the facts
      vaccine adulation is certainly very cultish

  2. Hi Penny:

    Here's the link...It's actually quite a sad way:

  3. Thanks greencrow

    It's sad that people do not realize what a wonderful wonderful built in system for wellness we have within our organism- our body.
    A system for wellness that has sustained us for a very, very, very long time
    In fact had we not has such a strong ability to survive diseases our species would have been wiped out long, long ago-

    The reason, I believe, we are seeing an increase in disease despite vaccination is because our immune systems have become so compromised due to filthy water, filthy food, excess prescription drug use and so many other horrid abuses we are heaping on the planet that our expressing themselves in our general unhealthiness
    including excessive vaccination- much of it contaminated
    And what is so frightening in my opinion is the disconnect and cognitive dissonance humans display when faced with the reality of the failure of something they believe in, in a cult like fashion.

  4. Very good piece Penny. I too have noticed the speed at which the cult comes after you when you display any kind of logic wrt vaccines on the CBC. I honestly didn't think they could possibley get worse - but hey! They have!! It's so bad there I cannot hardly stand looking any longer. That kinda stress is bad for me, and avoidable.

    Someone should let Crosby know. Poor bugger. Can't mumps make men sterile when they catch it as adults? That in itself should wake a few of them up.


    1. hey buffy, yah I think it it does greatly increase his risk of sterility
      It's weird when I was young, the only ones that had mumps were us children
      And measles and chicken pox
      Not one adult I knew of had mumps and here we have a bunch of well vaccinated men with mumps and it's expected to spread
      and the msm is suggesting more vaccination as the solution
      How does that make sense?
      When your house is on fire is the solution - gasoline?
      This is simple profit making as the priority instead of human health and I shudder at it, I really do!