Monday, December 15, 2014

Syria: EU Jet Fuel Ban & Syrian Army takes back territory north of Aleppo

EU jet fuel ban for Syria

The EU led by the UK is doing what it can to make the defence of Syrian territory from NATO’s terrorist mercs more difficult then it already has been! - Possibly readying for when NATO bombs kill Syrian civilians enmasse?
"Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood welcomes the EU’s agreement to a UK-proposed ban on jet fuel exports to the Syrian regime.
The UK has campaigned to take this step as jet fuel enables the Syrian regime’s air force to kill its own people, including with barrel bombs.

Minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood said:

Tobias Ellwood italicized
   “ We must do all we can to stop Assad killing his own people. ( Highly questionable, I would like the stats on that statement)  More than 200,000 Syrians have died and many more have been maimed or injured. (Thanks to NATO’s destabilization) A significant number (how many Mr Ellwood ?)  of innocent civilians – children, women and men – (how many have died at the hands of NATO's mercs whichever brand?) have died because the Assad regime’s air force has deliberately dropped weapons, including barrel bombs. This measure will ensure that no EU people or companies will be involved in jet fuel going to Syria. I urge all nations to ban jet fuel going to the Assad regime”

Like I said, this isn’t about saving Syrians. This is about making it easier for an eventual air campaign of mass slaughter with NATO's terrorists doing their worst, as they already have been, on the ground! The EU politicians are sickening beyond belief

Syrian army recaptures territory north of Aleppo in fierce fighting
Aleppo a beautiful city destroyed by NATO's global tyranny.
Syria's army seized an area north of Aleppo on Sunday and killed insurgents as fierce battles raged over the strategic territory

Syria's second city is at the heart of clashes between pro-government forces and a range of insurgents, including al Qaeda's Syria wing, Islamist brigades and Western-backed rebels.

The United Nations Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura is seeking a local ceasefire in Aleppo to allow badly-needed humanitarian assistance into the divided northern city.
 I would think Syria is attempting to secure the area enabling them to control supply lines ahead of that nonsensical ceasefire proposed by the UN.

Pro-government forces captured an area east of al-Malah farms outside Aleppoand is now aiming to secure parts in the west and cut off insurgent supply lines into the city, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Syria's state news agency said the army was tightening its "grip on terrorists in Aleppo after new advances."
It said pro-government forces had captured all of the al-Malah area as well as areas south and west of Handarat town in the countryside and reported that a "huge number" of enemy fighters had been killed.

Western diplomats have voiced concerns about the ceasefire plan, saying it could be used by the government to take full control of the city and force rebels to surrender.

The Syrian government. The elected government. Should do exactly as it is doing and keep the rats out of Aleppo as much as possible Because that’s what the ceasefire or 'freeze' proposal is all about- Getting more terrorists in and expanding the air campaign!

This nonsensical UN plan was discussed last time here on November 03/14

Freeze" the Syrian Conflict? Here's that truce I mentioned so many months ago 

 After it's first mention in August of this year. Yup 4 months ago!

 We are walking back to August 28/14. A stroll down memory lane, if you will?

To a blog post entitled ISIS = Smoke & Mirrors. Giving cover now for strikes on Syria
If you didn't read it then, you may want to now? On that date, I made these statements and wrote them down for all the readers here

 "Here is how I see events falling into place based on the information at hand-

-The US will launch airstrikes into Syria.
-They are and have been laying the groundwork for sometime now.
- Creation of the petro state Kurdistan-
-Soften targets for an onslaught of Islamists, Kurds, Turks and whoever else they have holed up in Northern Iraq
-It is possible, once they have the territory for Kurdistan cleared of Syrians, they will then offer Syria a defacto truce that will be nothing of the sort."

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