Monday, December 29, 2014

Turkish FM: Russia & Iran should not be excluded from Syrian Peace Talks?

I could have put this in the previous post- Moscow Syria Peace Talks- Cairo Colludes with NATO opposition etc., etc., but, I felt this news deserves it's own special mention.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Is this a first for Turkey? 

 Does this have anything to do with that recent deal made between Russia and Turkey- A very sweet deal for Turkey. Oil at $40 a barrel- Russia and Turkey make an energy deal ???

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Russia and Iran should not be excluded from talks aiming to reach a political settlement in the Syrian crisis.
MOSCOW, December 29 (Sputnik) – Russia and Iran should not be excluded from talks aiming to reach a political settlement in the Syrian crisis, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Monday.

"The Syrian crisis can only be settled by political means. No one should be excluded from its settlement, neither those in Syria nor those from the outside. The latter refers to Russia and Iran. We have different views of the Assad regime, but if we want Syria to prosper, our talks on it with Russia are natural and will be continued,"


  1. Hi Penny:

    Reading your post, I thought about Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's recent speech to a Russian Government body (November 22, 2014) wherein he said the following:

    "...According to its doctrine of national security, the United States has the right to use force anywhere, anytime without necessarily asking the UN Security Council for approval. A coalition against the Islamic State was formed unbeknownst to the Security Council. I asked Secretary of State John Kerry why have not they gone to the UN Security Council for this.

    He told me that if they did, they would have to somehow designate the status of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Of course, they had to because Syria is a sovereign state and still a member of the UN (no one excluded it from UN membership). The secretary of state said it was wrong because the United States is combating terrorism and the al-Assad regime is the most important factor that galvanises terrorists from around the world and acts as a magnet attracting them to this region in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian regime...."

    IMO this answers your question why Russia and Iran are not involved. The First Principle of the Satanic forces occupying the US/Israel/NATO are that you never talk directly to the fact you act as though it (already) does not exist.

    They have shown this over and over on many issues...witness how they never speak to or acknowledge 9/11 truthers.


    1. " The First Principle of the Satanic forces occupying the US/Israel/NATO are that you never talk directly to the fact you act as though it (already) does not exist"

      excellent point GC, excellent

  2. Penny,

    Turkey is in a civil war of sorts. Erdoghan et al. against the Gulen/Langley crowd. The secularists don't care for either, but the ones who appear in the foreign media are part of the Western complex, and thus want to get rid of Erdoghan.

    And the war in Syria has always come down to the reality on the ground. The Syrian army has been doing rather well, and this means that deals in Moscow are more about face-saving for the losers than anything else. Any areas that the Syrian army can't control won't be given up. However, if Russia and Turkey do actually sign the pipeline deal, one can imagine that the support for the insurgents would end, and the Syrian army would gradually take over almost all of the country.

    A common theme in Turkey is that Erdoghan is feeling deceived by NATO over the recent backing of the Kurds, and threatened by some of the moves there. He originally wasn't so keen on getting rid of Assad by force, or so many argue. Once his prestige was on the line, though, he at least was consistent in wanting Assad gone at any price.


    1. Hi Eurasian

      and thanks for that comment- Yes, I have had to correct myself with regard to Turkish involvement in the Syrian situation- from Erdogan and company being fully participant to the fact that the Turkish army is really part and parcel of the entire NATO complex and, I knew this myself, why it didn't click in earlier is beyond me?

      I had written posts on the subject of the external supports and control of the Turkish military.

      Erdogan may have felt compelled to go along with the Syrian thing..
      Considering the history of coups in Turkey??? I could see the impetus to go along.

      Yes, I am aware that the Syrian Army has been doing well on the ground-

      I differ from you in that when Russia and Turkey make a deal, the support will not end- because much of the support is really beyond the control of Erdogan and company.

      thanks again

    2. Somewhere on here a few years ago the comment was made Erdogan was caught between a rock and NATO.

      Turkish foreign minister made a very interesting comments last week to the effect that relations with all its neighbors have improved.

      Also this:
      Turkish main opposition to ‘bring back rule of law and give Central Bank independence’

      Where have you heard that before...
      Hungary maybe?

      Now Croatia?

      Spurred by the demise of Russia's South Stream gas pipeline project, Croatia has revived a decade-old idea of building a liquefied natural gas import terminal at the deepwater oil port of Omisalj on the island of Krk.

      And does this latest Obama "carrier landing" mean the absurdity of the Saudi oil meme (& long game) is dead? Now back to that US buildup in Kuwait, the Palestine UN resolution, Iran/Pakistan border flaring (and 2012 stories about Mossad imitating US agencies) and Hez calling for immediate energy offshore drilling to thwart Israeli claims to Lebanese resources.

      From previous post:
      Summary: A massive PR campaign appears to be afoot across the Saudi-Iranian divide. Does it reflect a massive schism inside the Kingdom? Next Gen vs. next gen? The Saudi oil war meme is a joke kind of like the Citibank Prince suing Forbes for downgrading his net worth. Saudis marginal cost is counted on 1 hand. There is a reason Saudi has been cracking down on the media (social media). Are the Saudis blissfully unaware of the Hez / Iran /other claims about ISIS (especially after they threatened the fields). Was that blackmail? What about China, Saudi's biggest client? Their SPR is far from full and their imports increased last month. Saudi Arabia, Like Turkey, is caught in a pincer between internal factions and external affairs. If anything the Saudi Spin on lower oil impacting the shale is opportunism at best. If it says anything at all it is about the sanctity of the coalition of the willing. With Putin openly talking oil in rubles/yuan, the Egypt break and ailing leadership giving way to a next gen, the old rules no longer apply.

  3. Terre @terbleu 4h4 hours ago
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    Navstéva retweeted
    Terre @terbleu 4h4 hours ago
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    1. Navalny at henry jackson society, big surprise- NOT
      Navalny is a Yale boy, I will be bringing him up here as a refresher very shortly..
      ty brian