Thursday, December 18, 2014

Vice News: IDF Aiding THEIR Terrorists in Golan

The IDF invites a, very friendly, alleged journalist to the show "In part one of a five-part series, VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky gets exclusive access to an IDF special operation, highlighting an unusual relationship they (IDF) have with their Syrian enemies across the border."

Of course the spin is these "Syrian fighters" are Israel's enemy. Readers here know that is a blatant, huge LIE. These fighters are Israel's fighters. And they have been for many years now.
Most of these fighters aren't even Syrians! They are a united nations of killers.

Get your barf bag ready and please ignore the perception management/spin/mind control as the IDF  evacuates their irregular army from the war zone

I have covered repeatedly the reality of Israel's backing of these terrorists in Syria.
VICE is just another lying media outlet masquerading as something hip. It's not hip. VICE is not cool. VICE is more of the same- Repackaged.

Time of Israel 

I will not be putting up the entire 5 part series. One part is all that is needed to understand the lies, the spin, the obfuscation, the perception management that would be contained in all 5 parts

A partial list of what must be dozens of  posts regarding Israel supporting the killers of innocent Syrians and the destruction of Syria, long before VICE got the special invite to spin Israel's wheel of  propaganda :

Flashback Dec 7/14: Israel attacks Syria aiding their takfiri (Kurds and others) Netanyahu hints in advance

Flashback- September 17/14: Syria: Israel Helping "rebels" in Golan-prep for war expansion

Flashback Sept. 17/2103- Ambassador Oren: Israel has wanted Assad ousted since BEFORE Syria war began

Flashback September 11/2013: Diplomacy on Syria is not what Israel wants!

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  2. Vice Media has named former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco as their newest Chief Operating Officer, the company announced Sunday evening.

    roflmao- pathetic, especially when you read this later paragraph?!

    "“We operate on a kind of free-flowing-quasi-hierarchical-non-traditional-management structure that just sort of happened over the years. It's essentially a cult, and thus a nightmare for most status-quo managers,” Smith said in a statement"

    That's a stinkin heap of excrement!
    VICE is the same as all the other CIA infiltrated state department/NATO media

  3. The majority of Kurds is not takfiri nor do they fight the Syrian gouvernment. They are located along the border with Turkey and not with Israel. Close with Israeli occupied Golan are living Druze people and Arabs.

    1. Israel and the Kurds have cooperated/colluded for decades.
      While the majority of them may not be considered 'takfiri' some of them are.

      "Close with Israeli occupied Golan are living Druze people and Arabs"
      I realize that.

    2. "The Kurds" did not cooperate with Israel. There are certain groups which are. And there are more groups which are not: PKK, PYD, YPGs and Iranian Kurds. Many Kurds are Sunni. So there are extremists between them like in any other population. You cannot blame that on "the Kurds". There are Druze in the (Israeli) IDF. And there are important Druze in the (Syrian) SAA. Use the same logic.

    3. "While the majority of them may not be considered 'takfiri' some of them are"

      I already stated that it was not all the Kurds- You admit some Kurds are cooperating "There are certain groups which are."

      So what is your issue exactly?

      Most Kurds are Sunni. And most takfiri mercs that collaborate with Israel are Sunni also- that ain't a coincidence

      I am not blaming the "Kurds" as whole for anything. However.... there are entire segments of the Kurds who have long cooperated with Israel.
      as you acknowledge

      And in case you have missed it Israel positively loves the idea of the Kurdish people and Kurdistan
      why do you think that is?
      Because Israel is virtuous? Or because Israel is plotting?
      You know the answer to that-

      read that posts and all the posts embedded in there

      Therefore we are on the same page. It's no different for the Kurds as a whole then it is for Canadians and American- duplicity reigns supreme

    4. And btw?

      Do you believe the Kurds in Iraq ,so many years ago got a no fly & autonomy, in the process for Kurds in Syria- no fly zone is present, autonomy looks inevitable, out of the goodness of NATO's love filled heart?
      Is that what you believe?

    5. "most takfiri mercs that collaborate with Israel are Sunni also"
      ALL takfiri are Sunni extremists by definition.
      The Kurds in Syria will get nothing if not from the Syrian gouvernment. "NATO" for the Syrian Kurds means Turkey and they are supporters of IS. The Kurds of YPG are close to PKK Kurds which are opposed of Turkey. The attempt to turn them in the downfall of Kobane region failed obviously. The YPG Kurds of Hasaka province work together with Syrian gouvernment troops. What you state is only true for a single group, the Barzani Party in Iraq (opposed from the Talabani group in Iraq which has similar strenght).
      I believe that the Israeli game will be as successful as it was in Lebanon.

    6. "The Kurds of YPG are close to PKK Kurds which are opposed of Turkey"

      The Kurds of YPG and PKK are for all intents and purposes the same.
      And yes I noticed there were some Kurds in Syria that were not impressed with the more militant groups

      "What you state is only true for a single group, the Barzani Party in Iraq"

      I truly do not believe it is only the Barzani group- & have read and written enough about that to support that it is more widespread then just one bad apple

      I also believe that the PKK/YPG is affiliated with NATO and has functioned as a "stay behind" army- Using terror to keep Turkey in line.

      The fact of stay behinds operating in Turkey is documented And there is no doubt the PKK has engaged in terror tactics along the same line and for the same purpose as has a stay behind.

      I understand there is division amongst the Kurds and have in fact written on this-
      I hope you are correct wrt Israel. I hope they fail in all their evil plans.
      Israel was placed in the ME to do exactly what it is doing. It is time for all that to stop

      As for the Kurds- sometimes a deal with the devil aka NATO/Israel comes at a higher cost then should be accepted.

    7. The "stay behind" Group in Turkey is closely associated with the army of Turkey. Many coups in the past proof that. They are opposed to the Islamist idea and oppose Erdogan. Erdogan tried to associate the Kurds with his religios agenda but failed mostly. He is more close with IS as everyone could see. The country Turkey was closely associated with Israel but not officially. Check the cooperation of the Turkish army and the IDF.
      PKK is illegal in the countries of EU and you could be sentenced to prison terms for just being member. There is no sign of Support thought there are European countries which ignore their presence.
      YPG are local self-defense units in Syria. They include all parties and tribes present in their 3 different regions (one of them Kobane). What you want to associate with PKK is the PYD. They are not the only Kurd party in Syria but the strongest.
      The fighting PKK groups in Kobane did not merge with the YPG. That should be a sign that they are not the same. For any more clear proof I'm afraid one has to travel there and see for him- or herself.
      Neither PKK nor YPG nor Iranian Kurds get any weapons or other support from any US affiliated country as the many groups fighting Syria. There is only rumour about small scale cooperation with the Syrian SAA.

    8. the stay behind can be what ever is needed
      And I agree the coups indicate the presence of stay behinds but that would not be their sole reason for existing
      particularly when one considers the reality of Turkey's army so called- which is anything but Turkey's army-- though Turks may serve in it
      It's control lies outside of Turkey.

      I used to think Erdogan was close to ISIS also- but now- I am not so sure.... think of the coups?

      Erdogan may have illusions/delusions of grandeur and is elected- BUT- so many coups make clear Erdogan will lead Turkey so long as external interests allow him to do so. And one those external interests want him out- he is gone. And the writing on the wall for that is becoming more apparent

      And yes, I erred on the YPG- It is the PYD- to many dam acronyms!

      I covered the cooperation between PKK and PYD at least once and probably more times then that
      but here is one

      " Originally from Siirt, he has been with the PKK in Turkey since 1991, but for the past two years he has been fighting against Islamist militants in Iraq. Six days ago he decided to join the battle against Isis in Kobani province.
      After several brief visits with PYD fighters across the border he is ready to go. He is waiting for nightfall in a small village close to Kobani. “PYD fighters will come to the border fence to help us cross,” he explains. “They know the safe spots.”

      So, yes we have the cooperation between PKK/PYD. And thanks for correcting me
      As for PKK not getting weapons via the US, I believe they have and think there is at least one post on that subject here at the blog
      Tough one for me to find- PKK cooperating with Peshmerga all being armed by the US. I will keep searching, cause it's here somewhere

      Minimally the US has thought about removing the PKK from the terrorist list- which is neither here nor there anyway

      It's herself. One of a few female political bloggers :(
      I wish there were more

      FWIW: I believe that at some level some of the Kurds and ISIS are cooperating operationally- Their whole relationship is very symbiotic

  4. Fake Isreal needs to disappear from the face of God's Earth they do not deserve even to be called the children of God.